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Cabillaud, mousse de fenouil et
coquillages aux kumquats

Ingrédients :

Back of cod of 500gr
· 400gr of hulls
· 400gr of clams
· 1 shallot
· 5 cl of white wine
· 300g of fennel
· 30 cl of single cream
· 2 cl of pastis
· 6 kumquats
· 100g of sugar
· 500g of water
· Peelings of fennel
· Flowers of fennel
· Olive oil
· Salt and pepper

Etapes :

Plunge your shells into a big vat
of water during several hours by
changing the water regularly to
clean them and desalinize.
Adorn the back of cod in four
portions of identical sizes. Salt
and pepper them and pour a
dash of olive oil.

Lock every pavement into a
pocket and make the space.
Dive 20 minutes into double
boiller to constant temperature of
55 degrees.
Clean the fennel. Slice it thinly
and finely, annoy it (without
coloring) in a pan with a dash of
olive oil.

Singe with the pastis then add
the cream.
Mix carefully the preparation,
pass in the Chinese and overturn
into a siphon.
Maintain in the warm in a double
In a pan, melt the sugar in the
water and bring to a boil.

Cut kumquats in slices of equal
sizes and plunge them few
minutes into this syrup.
Remove and put them on an
absorbing paper.
Chisel the shallot, annoy it in a
dash of olive oil.
Add the white wine and warm
until complete evaporation.
Add shells. Remove them as soon
as they open.
Reserve for the warmth.

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