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Ingrédients :

6 tournedoses of duck

6 small cutlets of raw foie
gras (6 x 40 g.

1 truffle

500 g of sliced thinly red

about fifteen sweet

4 slices of bread of crumb

2 cuil. in soup of (deepfrozen) chiselled shallots

2 cuil. in soup of powder
veal stock

4 cuil. in soup of Madeira

20 g of butter

salt peppers of the mill

Etapes :

Put cutlets of foie gras at room

Drain the truffle if it is in box, keep
the juice and cut it in fine slices.
In a small pan, get back without
coloring shallots with the butter, add
the veal stock, anchor with 50 cl of
water, mix and let reduce over a low
heat 15 min approximately, until the
moment to serve.
At the same time, plunge the red
cabbage sliced thinly in a hot frying
pan in which you get back shallots
sliced thinly in some butter, add the
sweet chestnuts without their shell,
count 10 min of cooking and reserve
for the warm.
Make grills slices of bread, cut them
in two in the diagonal, eliminate the
Make warm a thick frying pan. Seize
the tournedoses of duck over a brisk,
heat 2 min on each side, reserve
them for the warm. Deglaze juices of
cooking of the frying pan with
Make reduce a few moments over a
brisk heat. Seize cutlets of foie gras
from both directions in an
antiadhesive frying pan, 1 min 30 all
in all. arrange slices of bread in
preheated plates, distribute the
cabbage and the sweet chestnuts.
Put a tournedos in every plate, salt
and pepper them.
Surmount the tournedoses of a cutlet
of foie gras, salt, pepper, then of a
small strip of truffle. Surround with a
cordon of sauce and serve

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