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Two complementary leading events come to
Rennes in 2017

Very promising

Biogaz Europe
Staged in Western France, the most promising area for biogas
118 biogas units in operation
More than a third of French agricultural
and territorial projects, in operation or
under development
Half of the French cattle and pig rearing


Le Carrefour des Gestions
Locales de l’Eau

The leading event on local water
resource management

Natural links between technologies and
actors of the water treatment and biogas
Since 2014, biomethane injection from
WWTP's is authorised in France, and
supported through a dedicated feed-in tariff

One third of the French agro-industrial
sector in terms of employees and turnover

About 100 WWTP's are already equipped
with digesters, and several innovative
projects are ongoing

References: AILE, SINOE, Agreste

Half of the potential remains to be
exploited, i.e. about 1 TWh/year
References: ADEME, Réseau interprofessionnel
des sous-produits organiques (Rispo)

Two events together on 25-26th January

Biogaz Europe

Le Carrefour des Gestions
Locales de l’Eau

Exhibitors: 250 from all over Europe

Exhibitors: 350 from all over Europe

Visitors: 3-4000 professionals
Visitors will have free access to Carrefour
de l’Eau

Visitors: 9-10 000 professionals
Visitors will have free access to Biogaz

Visitor profile: energy and transportation
professionals, farmers, agro-industries,
policy makers, local authorities etc

Visitor profile: decision makers and technicians from local authorities

Programme: a rich programme, with several animations and conferences, some of which
will explore the synergies between the two topics

Website: - Email: - Tel: +33 3 62 27 61 56 / +33 9 74 74 78 68

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