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“The easiest cash you will ever earn”(Version 2016)

Legal Disclaimer

This report has been researched and compiled with the intent to provide information for
persons wishing to learn about making a profit using various online resources.
Throughout the making of this consumer report, every effort has been made to ensure
the highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for the techniques suggested by the
author. The report may contain contextual as well as typographical mistakes. None of
the information provided in this report does not constitute a warranty of any kind nor
shall readers of this report rely solely on any such information or advice. All content,
products, and services are not to be considered as legal, financial, or professional
advice and are to be used for personal use and information purposes only. This report
makes no warranties or guarantees express or implied, as to the results provided by the
strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report. The publishers of this report
expressly disclaim any liability arising from any strategies, techniques, and advice
presented in this report. The purpose of this report is to educate and guide. Neither the
publisher nor the author warrant that the information contained within this report is free
of omissions or errors and is fully complete. Furthermore, neither the publisher nor the
author shall have responsibility or liability to any entity or person as a result of any loss
or damage alleged to be caused or caused indirectly or directly by this report. Income
results may vary. The author makes no promises to achieve the same success.
No part of this report may be reproduced in any shape or form without the written
permission of the author.

Terms of Service
1. Unauthorized refunds will result in a scam report.
2. Any attempts to leak, chargeback or slander my product will result in a scam report.
3. Refunds will only be given after you have tried the method for 30 days and You
need to have full proof that you haven’t made anything with this method.
4. I have the right to change my Terms of Service when I see necessary.
5. By buying this product you accept my Terms of Service

Well first of all you have to register here : http://bit.ly/2a0B6tN
With this site you’ll be able to get between 20$ and 35$ per hour of
Follow the instruction of the website and get your first 2$ in less then
5mins (by confirming your email).
Well it pay 0.5$-5$ for a 2 minutes survey or offer then how is it hard to
make money from this?
I have personally using this from like 3 months and had made more
than 15,000$ in just three months working INSANELY ! With Just 30
minutes daily of work!
Making 80$ Daily with completing easy surveys and offers + 150$-200$
Daily from referrals. (for referrals i’ll teach you)

That’s Approx 250$-300$ Daily! This is INSANE !!!

Sounds Good? Scroll Down!

Method # 1:
Making easy 30$/hour manually

Step 1:
Login and click on the “Offers” link

Step 2:
Now on that tab you will see 20-30 offers each giving 1$-5$ for an easy
3 minute task!


recommend using a USA Proxy/VPN/IP to MAXIMIZE your profits.

Step 3:
Pick up an easy offer and invest your 2-3 minutes in it to complete it.

Step 4:
If you are a lazy ass and complete one offer every 5 minutes then you
will make like 25$/hour

If you are a serious ass and complete one offer every 2-3minutes then

you will make like 45$/hour

Isn’t this Insane ?

Scroll down for an

AUTOPILOT method!!

Method # 2 :
Making easy 240$/Day on AUTOPILOT !

Download the MS Word Version

Replace the referral link in that .doc file with your referral link.

The best way now to spread our referral link is through distributing this
eBook for free. Do not worry you not have to manually send this eBook
to anyone.

Have you ever heard of www.scribd.com ? Basically scribd.com is a website
that allows people to share and download e-books for free. Make sure that
you upload the eBook with your referral link here. You will gain like 30-300
downloads daily if you upload the eBook with your referral here.

Another good website is www.slideshare.net. Slideshare allows you to
upload power point presentations. Open up your Microsoft PowerPoint and
paste all of the e-book information onto PowerPoint presentations. Save the
presentations and upload them on Slideshare. You will get like 30-500
downloads daily if you upload the eBook with your referral here.

A list of websites where you can share free eBooks can be found here
( http://goo.gl/bG1xGi). Upload the eBook in as much as sites as
you can.

Doing this you will start getting like 3000-5000 or even more downloads
daily to your eBook, and like 1000-4000 of the downloaders will join your
referral. If Even 1000 of your referrals make 10$ a day then this will make
you like 400$-2000$ daily (You will make more money if you use more time
to setup this Auto-Pilot)

Sit back and watch your money rolling!

Bonus Content – Making Extra cash!!
1. This website has a system in which you get paid 0.01$ to search
anything on its search bar, suppose if you make like 20 searches
every minute then you can make like 20$/hour from this :)

2. Use a USA VPN/Proxy/IP to MAXIMIZE your income, as there are
more easier and more amounts of offers available in US.

3. Not hesitate to use more than one method!

4. The only people who fail are the ones who give up. NEVER GIVEUP
and GIVE THIS METHOD A TRY, and you will see the results yourself :)

Good Luck !

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