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Hotel Name


Hilton Manhattan East

Standard Possible discounted
rate from 5Rate from 5-9
September 2016


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ONE UN New York

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Grand Hyatt New York

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Fitzpatrick Grand Central
New York
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We are informed by the Sales Manager that the
high rate in September is due to the fact that
Fashion Week takes place around this time. She
explained that the Hotel is usually fully booked
around this time, hence the reason for the
increased rate.

The UN rate $319 is offered with the conditions
that require OAI to sign a contract and to pay
on behalf of participants (at least 50 guests).
OAI cannot accept the conditions. Thus the UN
rate is not available
The rate indicated is a group (discounted) rate.
Group rate means seven or more rooms. Per
Sales Manager, rooms can only be held after
$346.60 (Group rate) payment is made. Since participants will be
paying individually, the group rate will not
apply, which means that the individual rate may
be higher
Regular rate from 5 - 9 September is $469.
However, for UN staff members, daily rate of
$459 will be offered during this period. To book
online, go to:
$459,00 Fill in Arrival
and Departure dates (5-9 September 2016),
click on Special Rates, select Corporate or
Group Code, enter code cr 06427, click on
Check Availability

The Roosevelt Hotel
Hampton Inn Manhattan
Grand Central
Club Quarters Hotel,
Grand Central
New York Marriott East
Dylan Hotel
The Gotham Hotel New
Pod 51 Hotel - New York

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Link to Hotel
Link to Hotel
Link to Hotel
Link to Hotel
Link to Hotel

With exception of Grand Hyatt, currently, there are no hotels in New York that offer United Nations rate

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