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Job Description and Person Specification
Job Title

Purpose of the Job

Job Title & Purpose

Railway Substations

He is in charge to manage all the Power Supply Design activity for the MRT2 project,
including Bulk Substation (BSS), Traction Power Substation (TPSS), Station Auxiliary load
center, HV distribution, … .
He will have to lead and manage design team (approximately 8 people). He will
have to lead and manage the PS activities, including planning, deliverables,
compliance, …
He will have to perform sizing document, specification of Power equipment and to
verify their conformity with standards, contract specification and client requirement
along the different steps in the project. He will have to check and validate the
documents done by the team.
He will have to ensure the coordination task such as coordination with facilities
contractor or civil work contractor is ensured.
Position in the Organisation
Organisational Reporting
He reports operationally and hierarchically to the Engineering Manager of the
Network & Links
He will coordinates its activity with the SCADA design manager, Installation design
manager and Interface Manager.
He will be in contact with the project manager, with suppliers for technical aspect
and coordination.
He will participate to technical meetings with the client or operator.

 To lead and manage the PS packsge for MRT2 Project.
 To define and check interfaces between PS package and others
 To Size and define PS equipment, and to be able to Justify technical data
 To coordinate PS activity with other contractors on technical aspect,
 To coordinate PS activity with other team within the consortium on technical
 To coordinate the interfaces between PS equipment with suppliers,
 To Inform the Engineering manager about all interface and risk to be managed.
 To provide technical support within the company
Its work will be evaluated according to the following points:
- Respect of the delay and technical constraints for the document realisation.
- Quality of the documents
- Capacity to involve in his job by learning new competencies
- Reporting
The number of revision to obtain a document validation could be used as an

Electrical Design Engineer


Job Description and Person Specification
Candidate Requirements
Educational Requirements
Engineer in Electricity or Electromechanical systems,
10 years of experience in Electrical or Electromechanical engineering.
5 years of experience in Design Management
Desired Knowledge / Experience

 Strong Experience in engineering or Testing of electrical system ,
 Experience in interface management,
 Professional experience with railways,

Technical Skills and Competencies

Motivated, initiative, interested in technical topics,
Knowledge in electrical network (low voltage and high voltage)
Knowledge of cable sizing and electrical protection sizing

Electrical Design Engineer


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