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At, we pride ourselves on providing high
quality Brothers embroidery thread, computerized,
industrial and quilting sewing machines accessories.
We are selling craft and sewing tools and equipments
such as Brothers sewing machines (mesin jahit), nona
Yarns and threads, Senorita yarns and threads, Miyuki
beads, clays and real pearls and many more....

Wholsesale or Reseller Program
1. Kami menawarkan program reseller / dealer dan harga borong untuk barangan-barangan berikut.
Jika ada berminat boleh menghubungi kami di talian 0129289727 (En Rafizi)
2. Mesin Jahit Portable Brother dan Singer
3. Aksesori mesin jahit seperti tapak mesin jahit, extension table dan lain-lain
4. Mesin Sizzix dan aksesori berkaitan Sizzix seperti die, cutting pads. Kami ada pengedar sah alatan
Sizzix di Malaysia
5. Die mould MFT Die-namics. Kami ada pengedar sah die MFT di Malaysia
6. Barangan OLFA seperti Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat dan lain-lain
7. Butang-butang kraf seperti acrylic button dan lain-lain
8. Kain untuk kraf seperti kain felt, fleece, kain bunga dan akan datang kain Minky dan PUL
Diskaun yang menarik untuk reseller Kraf Ezee. Jika berminat bolehlah hubungi kami

Mesin Jahit Tepi Brother


Mesin Jahit dan Sulam
Brother Innovis NV955
Embroidery Machine + 1300
Embroidery Patterns

Mesin Jahit dan Sulam
Brother Innovis NV980D
Disney Embroidery Machine
+ 1300 embroidery Patterns

Mesin Jahit Tepi Portable OKURMA OKM-620F
OKURMA OKM 620-F Overlock Sewing Machine is an affordable overlock machine with good quality. The
machine is able to do normal overlock and also rolled hem sewing. The features of the sewing machine is as

One needle three threads overlock machine
Speed = 1259 RPM
Sitch Length = 1.1 - 4.0 mm
Stitch width = 1.5 - 5.0 mm
Snap on presser foot
Detachable expansion plate for free arm sewing
All knobs and lever are located at the operators left hand side
Build in narrow rolled hemming. Not necessary to change the
needle plate
With differential and stitch length knobs
Build in upper knife clutch device
Built in tension adjusting device
Built in looper threader
Built in sewing lamp


Mesin Jahit Tepi Mudah Alih OKURMA OKM 620-F ini adalah mesin jahit tepi yang murah dengan hasil
jahitan yang cantik. Mesin jahit tepi ini boleh melakukan jahitan tepi biasa dan jahitan tepi halus serta
jahitan tepi kedut. Ciri-ciri mesin jahit tepi ini adalah seperti berikut

About Us
We are a family based company that operates since December 2012 through our shop kRaf eZee at Bandar
Baru Bangi, Selangor, MALAYSIA and mobile online shop We offer a wide selection of sewing
items, sewing machines, crafting items, fabrics and many other craft and sewing supplies items.
Since our estasblishment we have grown our business and still adding many new exciting crafting and sewing
products to our offering in order to better serve our customers.

What we sell?
We are offering the best quality of crafting and sewing items in the market that are deemed value for money
through our shops. We are authorized dealers to the reliable Brother's sewing machines, the wholesome Sizzix,
the wonderful MFT's Dies, and Creative Drawing Embroidery Softwares, JACK sewing machines and many more
for you to explore at kRAf eZee. THANKS to our loyal friends & families (our special reference to our customers)
supports, our products and services so far have been the best. As evidence to our credentials, thousands of our
products and services have been reaching nationwide and some abroad demands.

No 30 Jalan PB3 Seksyen 9, 43650 Bangi, Malaysia
Phone: 03-33221652 |

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