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- Seven nation army (White Stripes)
- Umbrella (Rihana)
- All about that bass (Meghan Trainor) Amaj
- Drunk in love (Beyonce) Eb
- Oops I did it again (Britney Spears) Cmin
- Titanium (David Guetta/Sia) Cmaj
- Like a prayer (Madonna) Eb
- Talkin bout a revolution (Tracy chapman) A
- Chan Chan (Buena vista socialclub) Dmin
- Ain't no sunshine (Groover Washington) Amin
- Someone like you (Adèle) A
- As time goes by Eb
- Stir it up (Bob marley) A
- Get lucky (Daft Punk) Bmin
- When I was your man (Bruno Mars) Amin
- Round midnight (Thelonious Monk) Bb min
- Can’t take my eyes off you G
- Perhaps Amin
- Rise and fall (Craig David/Sting) Amin
- Take the A train (Duke Ellington) C
- La bohème (Charles Aznavour) Amin
- Come together (The Beatles) Dmin
- Corcovado (Jobim) A min
- Beautiful love Bbmin
- Stand by me (Otis Blackwell) A
- la vie en rose (Edith Piaf) F
- Isn't she lovely ( Stevie Wonder) E
- Past time paradise (Stevie Wonder) Cmin
- A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke) Gmin
- Sunny (Bobby Hebb) Amin
- Fever (Elvis Presley)Amin
- Take five (Dave Brubeck) Eb min
- Well you needn’t (Thelonious Monk) F
- No woman no cry (Bob Marley) C
- Natural mystic (Bob Marley) Amin