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Army Special Rules
More Money for Us
Units may ignore the Leadership penalty for units that are at 25% or less of their starting number when
performing a Rally Test as long as the Paymaster is alive.

Only one character in the army must have the Paymaster special rule. Model gains Not a leader special
rule and Hold Your Ground (see Battle Standard Bearer). At the end of any phase in which the
Paymaster is removed as a casualty, all friendly units on the table gain Hatred special rule and must
immediately take Panic test that cannot benefit from Inspiring Presence. Units in Close Combat,
Fleeing or Immune to Psychology do not have to test. If the Paymaster is removed you ennemie
gain100 VP.

Independent Unit
Characters can never join units with the Independent Unit special rule.

Traits are One per Army and Général Only.
Charismatic Leader (40 / 30 pts)
Cannot be taken by a Large Target.
The bearer's Inspiring Presence range is increased by 6”.
Great Inventor (30 pts)
Model gains Engineer special rule. One unit of Maverick gains Armour Piercing (1) when use
shooting weapon.
Adamant (25 pts)
The bearer's unit may always March and adds +1 to the Combat Score of any combat they are
involved in.
Weaponmaster (45 pts)
The bearer gains Weapon Master spéciale rule, +1 Weapon Skill and +1 Balistic Skill. He is
automatically equipped with Brace of Pistols, a Fire Bomb, a Halberd, a Great Weapon, a Lance, a
Plate Armor and a Shield.
Boldness (30 / 20 pts)
Cannot be taken by a Large Target.
The bearer's unit must always pursue and overrun whenever possible and adds D3 to their charge and
pursuit distances. If mounted on a War Beast the bearer gains Fast Cavalry.
Stinking rich (50 / 25 pts)
Model gains Stupide special rule. One unit in the army whit Standard Bearer can take a Magical
Standard without any cost limitations.

Light Crossbow
Shooting weapon. Range 15”, Strength 4.
Fire Bombs
Shooting Weapon. Range 12”, Strength 3, Quick to Fire, Volley Fire, Flaming Attacks.
Close Combat weapon. Requires Two Hands. Model on foot only. Wielder has Fight in Extra Rank (2)
when using this weapon. Attacks made with a Pike has Armour Piercing (1). Attacks made with Pike
gain Lethal Strike when directed against Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry and Chariots Engaged to the
- In the first Round of Combat when a ennemie charged in the front, Pikes strike at Initiative 10.
- In the first Round of Combat when Wielder charged, Pikes strike at Initiative 0.

Magical Items
Magical Weapons
Break wall (60 pts)
Type: Great Weapon. Attacks made with this weapon have Armour Piercing (6) and Crush Attack
speciale rule.
Cursed blade (50 pts)
Type: Hand Weapon. Attacks made with this weapon have Lethal Strike and +1 Strength. Model gains
Not a leader, Fear and Undead special rule. He can only join Undead unit and can't have Mont.
Pike of Antinous (35 pts)
Type: Pike. Attacks made with this weapon have Multiple Wound (D3), Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry
and Chariots.
Magical Armour
Jovian's Golden Armour (30 pts) - Cannot be taken by a Large Target.
Type: Plate Armour. The wearer is immune to Lethal Strike and ignores the effects of Multiple
Wounds. However, his Initiative is reduce to 1.
Dead Mask (15 pts)
Type: None (6+ Armour Save). The wearer gains Fear speciale rule.
Enchanted Items
Drake Jewel (35 pts)
Bearer’s model gains Fireborn and Hard Target.
Magical Standards
Banner of Volusianus (55 pts)
The bearer's unit has Devastating Charge.
Standard of Honorius (35 pts)
The bearer's unit may reroll any 1's To Hit in Close Combat.

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