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Umbrella Origins
PITCH: All hell begins with Genesis!
SYNOPSIS: West Africa 1966. Following the death of Henry Travis
Edward Ashford aristocrat travels to the Kijuju region to gain
knowledge of a flower's name "Staircase of the sun." According
to the notes of Henry Travis, this smacks has the ability to
multiply the strength, intelligence and vitality of whoever
consumes. So that's why that Edward Ashford went to the scene.
Upon his arrival in Kijuju, accompanied by some armed men and
an archaeologist, they went to the ruins of the tribe N'Dipaya.
Only trouble begins when some armed men stand in the path that
leads to the ruins. A confrontation broke out, and Edward
Ashford was forced to turn back. 6 years have passed, with the
help of his friend Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, they return to
Kijuju and manage to infiltrate the ruins or they discover the
Lord Ozwell E. Spencer
Sir Edward Ashford
Dr. James Marcus
Travis Henry ( writer and archaeologist )
Abraham J Cox ( archaeologist )
Veronica Jensen
People of Kijuju
N'Dipaya tribe
armed soldiers of Sir Edward Ashford and Lord Ozwell E. Spencer
Spencer 's henchman
The doctors
The nurses ( eras )
The black woman
The corpse is revived in the morgue
The hospital receptionist
Kijuju - West Africa .