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Day 1 (1/2)
8:15am: Arrival of participants with a Welcome Breakfast
9:00am: Training

Mastering managerial tools and managerial procedures
Team building
Creating a real team spirit
Explaining reasons behind decision making
Learning to adapt yourself to different profiles and types
in the workplace
Attracting and maintaining real talent in your team
Managing difficult situations
A result-oriented management strategy

Orienting common efforts towards a common end
goal : the company’s benefit and prosperity
Acquiring a method of analysis and strong decision
making tools
Creating a feeling of corporate membership
Underlining strong personality traits when making a
change of course

10:30-10:45 am. Break with refreshments
10:45am: Training resumes

Formalize and share your vision
Getting to know yourself better to develop your
leadership skills
Using a planned process to transform your vision into
Time management

12 : 30-2pm: Lunch in a Wall Street restaurant