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Shockwave Community
Gaming Community - League of Legends

Solo Tournament Rules
1. General Informations
1 Section : “Shockwave Solo Tournament” or SST is a League of Legends
tournament, organized by the Shockwave Community, and taking place every
wednesday at 5 PM (UTC).
2nd Section : The event is a single elimination tournament, opposing two
persons (1v1) on the Howling Abyss map.
3rd Section : The tournaments take place on the Battlefy website, support of
the tournament.

2. Registration
4 Section : Once the tournament is created on Battlefy, the registration is
open, until the beginning of the event (5 PM UTC).
5th Section : For the persons included before 4 PM (UTC), a check-in on the
Battlefy website is needed, from 4 PM to 5 PM (UTC). The persons who don’t checkin, will be automatically delisted.

3. Tournament
6 Section : Once the Bracket appeared in the Battlefy website, everyone has
fifteen minutes to get in the custom game, created by Battlefy.
7th Section : The game mode is “Blind Pick”. That means both players pick their
champion at the same time. Nonetheless, in the room chat, before the pick moment,
both players will have to ban three champions. We advise players to take a
screenshot of the bans, in case of issues with the opponent.
8th Section : There are three ways to win a game :
● Get the First blood
● Reach 100 creeps before the enemy
● Destroy a tower before the enemy
9 Section : Once someone won the game, by any of the different ways
quoted in the 8th section, he can leave the game and he has to report the score on
the Battlefy website. We advise once again players to take a screenshot of their way
of winning (ex : destroyed tower or scoreboard).

4. Behavior
10 Section : Insults, harassing, racist or pornographic talking, wrong report of
result or any slur to a person/community, will lead to a disqualification, nay more
serious consequences.

5. Other Rules
11 Section : If two persons are contradicting about the score of their game
and if any of these two persons has got a clear screenshot, the game will have to be
played a second time.
12th Section : Each participant has the right to get one pause in the
tournament. He’ll have to inform the staff from it. Ten more minutes are granted in
addition to the fifteen minutes he has to be present in the custom game. It makes a
full time of 25 minutes to take a break, especially to eat. If the participant did not
inform the staff about his pause, he’ll be disqualified after the fifteen first minutes
(see 6th section).

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