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Aperçu du document is a one stop shop for all your Indian worship and pooja
items, accessories, products and gift articles to enhance your spirituality and
charisma. is the largest online store provider that avails you
different products needed in all types of pooja, prayer, worship, abhishek, homa,
havans and yagnas. All products are energized with Mantras; Shlokas & Siddhis so
that it gets power to influence the mystical energies, confront the enemies, helps
the devotee for career progression & bring overall prosperity and benefits to them.

Pooja and Worship Items
Pooja, Aarti, Homa, Havana, Yagna (or Yajna), Prasad, Tilak, Bhajan, Kirtan,
Mantra Jaap, Vrata, Yatra are all activities performed during Worship. We have
Large Collection of items used in Worsip. Items that are commonly used in Hindu
worship include ghee or oil, dhoopa and incense, kumkum and tilak paste, flowers,
milk, sandalwood, tulsi and vibhuti. Among objects used are the altar, banana
leaves, bhog, coconuts, diya (oil lamps), fly-whisks, garlands, prasad, shankha
(conch) and tilaka.

About Us
We aim to become World's largest e-commerce store for worship and pooja items
and spirituality related products. We offer a variety of products to our valuable
online customers at affordable prices at their doorstep.
We have items for many purposes. Besides Worship and Pooja, our products also
include wide range of items for offices and home decoration. We have unique
items that increases positive vibrations in your home, office and surroundings that
influences the outcome of your efforts in your own favor. Let the positive only
influence you now.


Contact Us
22nd Floor, World Trade Center Bangalore,
Brigade Gateway Campus,
Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram West,
Bangalore 560 055
Karnataka, INDIA
Contact: +91 784 784 9797
(0800hrs - 20:00hrs IST)

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