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Faubourg de Gueydan

At the entrance of the Faubourg de Gueydan, on the left,
you can see a building that
housed a public weigh house. It was used to weigh the good from
the freight wagons and
the first trucks. This public weight disappeared round 1950. The
Town Hall had placed nowadays benches.
In this district, houses here date from the 18th century. We can also
see on one of the houses a date engraved
"1739" (House No. 31).
Place Gambetta


The plane tree that is there, could be the oldest of
Gardanne. The fountain, was built on the place
around 1886. Provençal name of this
fountain: la font dou lèbre = the fountain of the hare.
It was also the name of the place before it had been
attributed the name of Gambetta (Léon), french
politician. In 1870, he proclaimed the
third Republic. There was on this site a public washing place, but
the fountain has taken its place. Another public washhouse, with
shelter, was built a little before, on the street Jean Jaurès. It was
disused when arrived washing machines.

Boulevard Bontemps

The current church was built on the
Cours in 1906 to replace the old SaintPierre church, because the population
had settled in the plain. Espace Bontemps
(exhibition hall on your right) was originally
a girls school run by nuns.
The Bontemps family hails from Gardanne. This family has given
five generations of head valet of French kings. Alexandre
Bontemps (1626-1701) was the first valet of Louis XIV.