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Alexandre Sudaka
143 avenue Emile Zola
75015 Paris
Mobile phone: (+33) 6 30 72 66 88
2013 - 2017

EDHEC Business School – Lille, France
Msc in Creative Business

2010 - 2013

Université Paris DAUPHINE – Paris, France
Two-year university course, majoring in Mathematics, Programming and Economics


Lycée JEAN-BAPTISTE SAY – Paris, France
French Baccalauréat, with honours - Major in Mathematics

Career history and working experience
Feb - Aug 2016

Music Project
• Recorded an album
• Formed a team with one artist/designer, one sound engineer, one music video director
• Prepared a digital marketing plan in order to create a strong identity and broadcast music

Sept - Jan 2016

BACKUP FILMS, International Film Financing assistant - Paris, France
• Prepared financing files for European co-production movies
• Controlled investments by modelling revenues recoupment plans
• Read and judged scripts
• Prepared drafts of co-production contracts

May - July 2014

UNIVERSAL MUSIC Classics & Jazz, Assistant Project Manager – Paris, France
• Evaluated and developed comprehensive marketing plans, which included determining
targets and objectives, elaborating budgets, advertisements, as well as organizing media
• Produced sales pitches and Facebook advertisement campaigns
• Organised a concert for the Deutsche Grammophon label


Project management: « Meddle » Social Network
• Managed a team of 3 entrepreneurs to develop a social network enabling music lovers
from around the world to share and discover music
• Drafted and developed a Business Plan including a market analysis, a marketing plan
and a 3-year financial forecast

2013 - 2015

« Organisation des Jeux Omnisports » association
• Organized the first edition of a 3-day “Olympic” sport event between the 6 top Business
Schools of France, with 1500 participants and a budget of 150.000€
• Handled the communication of the event in the participating schools, organized the
launch day and contests

2010 - 2014

Musical event organisation
Took the initiative of organising concerts in Paris, aiming to promote artists such as Darius
or Cherokee that became famous via SoundCloud
• Organized a concert with 700 spectators at the Concorde Atlantique, in Paris, managing
a budget of 16.000€, as well as a concert at the Tigre, in Paris, managing a budget of
• Managed a team of 10 people in order to search for up and coming artists, negotiate
venue locations, elaborate social network communications and distribute flyers

Languages and other skills
IT Skills

Native speaker
Full professional proficiency (TOEIC score: 905)
Proficient with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JAVA Programming Language

Hobbies and interests
Innovation: Constantly formulating innovative services ideas
Music: Classical Piano (5 years of practice) / Guitar (6 years of practice) / Composition

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