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European Students’ Union (ESU)
Fighting for students’ rights since 1982
10, Rue de l’Industrie
1000 Brussels, Belgium

BM70 – Bergen, Norway
x Internal motion
O Resolution
Title: _Campaigning Task Force______________
Point of the agenda: ____________________________
Proposed by: ___DSF_________________________
Seconded by: _____NUS-UK, USI, NSO, PSRP, la FAGE, SSU, CREUP_________________
Expiration (only for IM): _________________________ (max. 8 BMs)
Creating of Task Force on Campaigning
Aims for the task force

Prepare a set methodology in planning and organizing European‐wide

Analyse the means and objectives that ESU possesses to organize
European‐wide campaigns

Analyse past ESU‐led campaigns, and provide a debriefing on successes
and shortcomings

Prepare a list of tools to assist future campaigning actions of ESU

Design a campaign on funding of higher education in Europe to be
presented for the board

● Promote sharing of best practises for campaigning and utilization of
common campaigning materials.

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European Students’ Union (ESU)
Board Meeting 70 – Bergen, Norway

Will be given orally.
[ ] YES
[ ] NO
(for use of board meeting chair only!)

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9dxix-IMcampaigning-DSF.pdf - page 2/2

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