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Thierry ROTH
4, street Georges Clemenceau
F-57430 Sarralbe (France)
: + 33.(0)
Email :
Birthday: 01/07/1973 (43 years old)
Married, 2 children

Key Account Manager: French, German, English
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: (always in automotive industry)
middle 2013

Key Account Manager – for a tier 1 & tier 2 supplier - 3 years
Segment: Exhaust, Air circulation, Cooling system, Fuel, etc.
• Existing accounts development + identify and generate new leads
• Manage the sales activities aspects from the request for order to
the series production lifetime
• Analyze business trends and inform the company leaders
• Interface between customers and staff in all requested aspects
• Turnover: 10 Mio EUR in 2015 / 25 Mio parts

From 2000
to 2013

Technical Manager for VOIT – 4 years
Segment: Stamping & assembly
• Industrialization, maintenance and safety department
• Maintenance budget: 360 000 EUR every year
• Management: 10 employees
Industrialization Manager for VOIT - 4 years
Segment: Stamping & assembly
• Acquisition and management from a lot of new projects
• Improve the production performance
• Management: 2 employees
Department Production Manager for VOIT – 4 years
Segment: Air conditioning modules assembly
• Department establishment with 32 special machines
• Turnover : 12 Mio EUR every year
• Management until 70 employees

From 1997
to 2000

Team Manager for CONTINENTAL – 3 years
Segment: Tire
• Management : 7 employees


Since 2003: Kanban / Smed / Kaizen / English / Apqp / Quality analyze / Fmea / Audit
Fiev/ Apprentice manager / Safety / Management / Spanish.
• From 1991 to 1996 :
CAP: Certificate of Apprenticeship
BEP: Vocational training Certificate
BAC: Equivalent to G.C.E A levels
BTS électrotechnique: Electro-technics technical

French : native speaker (C2)
German : fluent and technically literate (C1)
English : high / intermediate level (B2)
Spanish : beginner (A1)
Computer : Microsoft office pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Thierry Roth

4, rue Clémenceau - 57430 Sarralbe – France
+0033 (0)6 73 42 46 46 -

Monday, August 24th 2016

Dear Mrs, Dear Mr,
I am writing to express my interest in your current opening for an International Account
Manager (For European Packaging Markets).
Please accept my résumé for consideration. I have recently re-focused my career and I am
looking for a job in Spain in which I can apply my enthusiasm.
My past experience as production, industrialization, technical and key account manager with
daily French, German and English speaking has enhanced my abilities. (I just started Spanish
coursework and I hope to improve it with Aludium) so I am confident that my contributions
would be a valuable asset to your customer.
Currently, I am living on the French-German border and I am ready to move with my family
to Spain.
What I bring to the position is a combination of good analytical skills, teamwork abilities and
projects organization skills. I work diligently to provide efficiency in all my goals and my
colleagues recognize in me someone who is persevering and likes learning and improving his
knowledge. In my current position, I am working to provide a high level of support; I would
continue to do the same for your customer.
My résumé, which I have enclosed for your review, contains additional details about my
professional accomplishments. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the qualifications I
would bring to your customer. Thank you for your consideration.
Thierry Roth
Enclosure: résumé

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