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Alarms are costly noise makers that nobody wants to know about. If a traditional
back to base alarm goes off, someone rings you to tell you that your alarm has
gone off. However, they can’t tell you what set it off. False alarms are an absolute
nightmare and sometimes you never know what set it off. These are extremely
taxing on your time, sleep and energy.

A1 Graded Alarm Monitoring Station
Staffed and managed by Videofied trained professionals
Staff will notify you by telephone anytime of the day or night, 365 days a
year when an alarm event occurs. Subject to your arrangements, Police can
also be notified directly when a crime is identified as in progress

Our unique service offered to clients who use our Videofied Alarm Systems
Utilising internet & mobile phone technologies
Each alarm event is sent directly to your mobile phone as an SMS and a
MMS video
Cut out the monitoring station and determine yourself the nature of your
alarm activation

The control panel is powered by eight 1.5-volt
alkaline batteries that last up to four years, with
normal system activity. A built-in siren provides
status beeps. The embedded cell modem
communicator reports to the monitoring station
and and enables 2-way voice communication
over cell to the monitoring station.

The XT control panel is a Videofied wireless,
battery operated hybrid alarm system. It is
designed for residential and small business
security applications, as well as both indoor and
outdoor commercial applications .

The MotionViewerTM DCV is a battery
operated, wireless indoor motion-activated
video camera designed for use in
VIDEOFIED® security systems.

The Outdoor MotionViewerTM Camera
DCV751 is a battery operated, wireless outdoor
motion activated camera designed for use in
Videofied® security systems.

The keypad consists of a liquid-crystal (LCD)
display with two 16-character lines, multifunction push buttons, a panic alarm button, a
built-in sounder, and S2View® spread
spectrum, videofied, interactive, encrypted
wireless circuitry for secure two-way
communication with the control panel.


Contact Us
Videofied Specialist powered by Thompson Bros Pty Ltd
1300 50 13 37
Mobile Number: 0402 479 094

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