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Reception Itinerary
Guests arrive at reception and are welcomed. Drinks are offered.
Guests are either given their table numbers or escorted to their tables.
Announcement 1: Please place your babies and toddlers in your laps or request a high chair
from the ushers.
Announcement 2: The table name card is to be used by the guests. For example- if the table
name is ‘Love’, please write advice to the newlyweds on love. You can visit other tables to write
different advice.
Canapés are offered to the wedding guests while they are mingling.
Announcement 3: Apple pie has been replaced with tart tarting.
Guests settle down; Entourage enters (bridesmaids, groomsmen, the newlyweds)
Background music by faze 3, MC introduces the bridal party, announcements by RP
First course of dinner is served; The bride's father makes a short speech and welcomes
everyone to the wedding reception and thanks them all for coming.
Second course of dinner is served; Best man makes a toast to the newly married couple.
Third course of dinner is served; Groom’s mother makes a speech.
The MC announces the first dance for the newlyweds, audience joins.
The MC announces the cutting of the wedding cake.
Bride’s mother makes a speech; Maid of honour makes a speech.
Groom throws the wedding garter.
The bride throws the bouquet.
Wedding cake is served and drinks.
The newlyweds thank their wedding guests and say their goodbyes.

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