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RIAS Presentation

Agreed Management Actions at the Global Fund
September 2016
New York

OIG Introduction
Facts and figures

• Headcount of 52 made up of three units: audit, investigations, strategy
and policy
• 30 nationalities; 27 languages spoken from Albanian to Yao
• Diverse backgrounds including the police, customs, health,
publishing, accounting, law, assurance, development banks, the
United Nations, government, anti-corruption organizations and
internal revenue services…
• Extra technical expertise brought in according to engagement.
• Around 20-25 OIG reports published a year on average
• More than 100 Agreed Management Actions (AMAs) made a year
• Full disclosure: all reports available in full on theglobalfund.org/oig

OIG Audit Unit
Mission, activity and opinion

Audit Activity



Ex-ante audit
work and


Lead change

Improve and

Validation of





Principles of Agreed Management Actions at the Global Fund
What are the “must haves”

• Management draft the action and dates with guidance from auditors.
• Robust feedback if not suitable or impactful enough.
• Constant tracking of actions throughout the year – with time
allocated in our work plan for staff to do this throughout.
• Actions stored on an online platform that can be accessed by the
auditee. Evidence and comments uploaded creating an audit trail.
• Regular reporting to the Board and the Audit & Finance Committee
to ensure accountability and momentum for actions.
• Auditor must agree to close or reject the action taken in a timely

Improvements driven
What effect has this had?

• Actions have reduced from 2000+ to around 100 over 4 years.
• Response time for auditors to validate or reject the action
taken reduced from 90 days to 5 days (target 30 days).
• Effective management information for decision making and
prioritization – for Board, Committee, and management.

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