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The We Belong Foundation is looking for a part-time or full-time intern interested in the world of sustainable
business innovation.
To start ASAP, for a period of 4-6 months

Introduction of We Belong Foundation :
Created in 2014, We Belong Foundation is an international cutting-edge platform for sustainable innovation. Our aim
is to impulse change and to generate higher value and revenue for enterprises while creating resilient human and
ecological ecosystems. Our main events are an annual forum that takes place in Beijing & Shanghai, an annual
immersive exhibition (in Shanghai), and a digital tool-book on how to be an actor of change.

Responsabilities :
+ Communication & Public Relations

Develop, execute, and evaluate integrated communication strategy for 2016 events and We Belong
brand identity
Create visual and written online content (posters, banners, flyers,…)
Coordinate and manage internal and external communication networks

+ Community & Web Management
o Manage all social media accounts: Twitter (English), Facebook (English/ French), LinkedIn (English),
Wechat (Chinese/English), Weibo (Chinese)
o Maintain and update website regularly
o Create and distribute biweekly newsletter
+ Belong Forum 2017 Organization
o Assist Program Manager in invitation and coordination of potential and confirmed speakers
o Coordinate with local venue contacts, partners, speakers, volunteers, …
o Assist with logistics in eco-design of events
+ Operations & Administration
o Update daily contact databases
o Assist team with any daily administration tasks and needs

Qualifications :
+ Knowledge of CSR and sustainable development
+ Excellent writing, editing, and verbal communication skills in English & Chinese (obligatory) & French (optional)
+ Experience in communication & community management
+ Self-starter, able to work independently (telecommute)
+ Bachelor’s degree in communication, community management or related field preferred
+ Able to use design software (ie. InDesign & Photoshop) preferred

Remuneration: 554 €/month
How to Apply: Please submit your CV and cover letter to the Founder, Nathalie Bastianelli,
by 15 Sept 2016. nathalie@webelong-foundation.org

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