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Motivating Internal Audit Staff
Office of the Executive Auditor
RIAS Conference – September 2016


AUG Resources
Office of the Executive Auditor





Human Capital Strategy
Human capital resources are the backbone of the internal audit function. Without appropriate
staff, occupying the right positions, the audit function is unlikely to achieve its established
AUG’s human capital resources comprise the team of internal auditors, administrative and
technical personnel supporting the function, all of whom can be full time employees, consultants
or contractors under the different modalities authorized by Bank policies.
Collectively, internal auditors and support staff, must possess the knowledge and skills needed to
perform their assigned responsibilities.
AUG has developed a Human Capital Strategy to outline the principles followed by AUG to
manage its human capital resources aiming to attract, train, and develop staff:


Hiring the right people at the right level
Knowledge Assessment
Training to excel
Opportunities for Career Development (Work assignments, internal/external rotation, promotions)
Performance Evaluation
Work Life Balance

What has worked for AUG


Strategic hiring and training.
Creating opportunities for development.
Work-Life Balance.
Small Rewards program.
Social events at the MDB level.

Strategic hiring and training
• Hiring at entry levels gives senior audit staff the opportunity to
compete for higher levels available in the organization structure.
• Encouraging/requiring internal
audit staff to obtain the needed professional
• Offer an annual training plan that
allows internal audit staff to keep
current while also maintaining their professional designations.
• Provision of leadership and management training to enhance
staff mobility.


Creating opportunities for

Identify opportunities for the internal audit staff to transfer to other units
of the IDBG.

Identify opportunities for the internal audit staff to work with/for other
multilateral financial institutions, to facilitate knowledge exchange.

Promote the use of temporary work assignments to either bring to AUG or
provide to other parts of the Bank, qualified personnel that can be used to
bridge an existing gap in knowledge, expertise or experience in a given area.

We believe this approach ensures we can deliver on our mandate, while
providing staff with opportunities that will enhance their career prospects,
either in or outside the Bank.

Work Life Balance
Finding a suitable balance between work and daily living is a
challenge that all workers face. What we offer:
• Flexible Working Hours (FWH);
• Compressed Work Schedule (CWS);
• Teleworking (TLW);
• Part-time Work (PTW).

Other incentives
• Small monetary rewards (under $250) for innovative ideas in all
areas (DA, environmental, technology, etc.).
• Social events: Internal and external (HH, picnic, retreats, parties,
• Create a positive, inclusive environment through innovative
activities at the office.




Generation Y
Being too innovative
Breaking some paradigms of internal auditors
People do not want to leave AUG



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