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TalkShop |

Communicating your business to make it
speak to your customers.

This is a talkshop (because we’ll be talking), not about communication, but
about “communicating” your business to your customers and other interets. We
will look at the how the quality of that communication actually affects your
business performance overall. The session is aimed at key decision makers CEOs,
senior partners of an organisation.
It is about transforming the models and mindsets that are inherent in the relationships in your
business; between employees, managers, partners and your customers and trade partners.
We have created a space for an enquiry and an understanding of the issues and limitations of
the models and mindsets we use for communicating, both internally to ourselves and
externally to others.
We will show you a new model and mindset for communicating and effective ways of using different communication channels. This new model of communication will make a profound difference to the confidence and self-esteem of your organisation, and will empower you to be in
the business in producing better results. You will experience a new level of personal
satisfaction that all too often is lacking in today’s professional environments.
Date of the course: Friday 7th October 2016 Time: 11am – 4.00
Venue: The Lift Building, 45 White Lion Street, London N1 9PW
Tuition Fee: £199.50
£150 early bird discount for registrants before 11/09/2016
Register here:
Ken Hettiarachi, Director of Freedom Works UK – 07736 392100
Frederic Royer, Director of Frog Telecom – 07864 958190

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