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Nathan Hirsch Explora F .pdf

Nom original: Nathan Hirsch Explora F.pdf
Auteur: Nathan HIrsch

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Nathan Hirsch
71 rue Riquet, 75018 Paris


Msc Entrepreneurship at EDHEC Business School, Lille
French (native speaker), English (fluent), Spanish (Advanced)
Skilled in all Office tools, AdWords, Analytics, Jira (Project Management)

Work Experience
(6 months)

(6 months)

(3 months)

(1 year)

(2 years)

Methys Labs- Cape Town, South Africa
Business Developer - PayGenius (Payment gateway)
 Grew by 10% the turnover of the start-up
 Managed the roll out of the PayGenius App
 Developed the back end for PayGenius clients
Project Manager- Powertime (Electricity online reseller)
 Developed new products on the website
 Managed AdWords campaign and drafted monthly Analytics reports
 Pitched the company at The Energy Utility week in Cape Town
Société Générale - Paris, France
Corporate credit analyst
 Drafted credit analyses ie focused on financial ratios, clients’ solvability and profitability
 Conducted client reviews for the top management of the bank before meeting clients
 Managed stress tests on clients’ business plans
 Rated client counterparties and renewed the derivative rating strategy
Crédit Agricole SA - Paris, France
Project developer for retail banking:
 Designed new banking products and services for the senior market
 Identified marketing best practices for the bank
 Drafted synthesis of activities and support tools for sales
 Coordinated projects with the 39 regional entities that constitute the bank
Red Bull France – Lille, France
Student Brand Manager :
 Organised more than 80 marketing events on the campus of EDHEC
 Set up 3 new sales points on the campus of EDHEC
 Involved in the organisation of 3 national marketing events
 Praised for my innovative marketing work and my initiative
Le Chti – Lille City Guide
Key Accounts Manager (voluntary) at the leading French student city guide, with a print
run of 200 000 free copies, and a €400 000 budget:
 Developed partnerships with Mac Donald’s, Orange, the French Army
 Trained and managed a team of 40 sellers
 Conducted more than 250 business meetings
 Raised €45 000

Extra-curricular activities

Soccer player, national level

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