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Kobonaty The Book 2016

Discover Dubai and the Northern
Emirates with Buy One Get One Free
offers. Save up to 250,000 AED with your
KTB Dubai 2016!
What is included in KTB Dubai 2016:
More Than 370 Merchants in KTB Dubai
and Northern Emirates 2016
1- Food & Dining 744 Deals.
2- Activities & Leisure 156 Deals.
3- Beauty & Spa 168 Deals.
4- Auto 33 Deals.
5- Kids & Mums 24 Deals.
6- Services 21 Deals.
Please Note: All Orders placed
between today and 14th of December shall be
delivered from 15th of December 2015 onwards.

About Us
The KTB offers unbeatable Buy One Get One Free vouchers at the best restaurants,
spas, hotels, fitness outlets, entertainment and more across the United Arab Emirates.
We were founded in 2010 and our book is essential annual purchase for our
Our staff is a experienced team of energetic people from diverse backgrounds, and
they are keen to help you save some money and have fun. Kobonaty is made up of
people who have ideas on how to treat a customer…

We Only Feature Deals Worth Buying. Anyone can find a great deal. But not everyone
can find a great deal on something they really want. Because Kobonaty features only
top-rated businesses offering unbeatable prices, we want you to feel comfortable
knowing you’re getting the best deals with Kobonaty.

Treat You Like A Person:
When you talk, Kobonaty listens. From active monitoring of our discussion boards and
customer engagement on Twitter and Facebook, to prompt replies to customer e-mails
and phone calls, Kobonaty talks back.
If you need to contact us, we’ll work with you to remedy any situation. Email us at
show e-mail

Our Mission:
To bring the best deals directly to you and your friends, every day. We're all about Buy
One Get One Free, and hope to nurture a community of people who want to pay less
and experience more.

Terms and Conditions
By using the (the “Website”), you are accepting the terms and conditions set
forth herein. Please read these terms carefully, as well as our Privacy Policy (published
at, and incorporated herein by this reference) before using the Website. If
you do not accept the following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”), you must
refrain from using this Website.


Contact Us
Kobonaty The Book
Office 3816 Churchill Tower, Business Bay Dubai. U.A.E
Phone : 04 3638 229

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