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Nom original: [J._A._Knappett_and_R._F._Craig]_Craig039;s_soil(BookZZ.org).pdf
Titre: Craig’s Soil Mechanics
Auteur: J. A. Knappett and R. F. Craig
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Craig’s Soil Mechanics Now in its eighth edition, this bestselling text continues to blend clarity of explanation with depth of coverage to present students with the fundamental principles of soil mechanics. From the foundations of the subject through to its application in practice, Craig’s Soil Mechanics provides an indispensable companion to undergraduate courses and beyond. Revised and fully reworked throughout, several chapters have been significantly extended or had fresh topics added to ensure this new edition reflects more than ever the demands of civil engineering today. New to this edition: ●● Rewritten throughout in line with Eurocode 7, with reference to other international stand- ards. ●● Restructuring of the book into two major sections dealing with both the basic concepts and theories in soil mechanics and the application of these concepts within geotechnical engineering design. ●● Brand new topics include limit analysis techniques, in-­situ testing and foundation systems, plus additional material on seepage, soil stiffness, the critical state concept and foundation design. ●● Enhanced pedagogy including a comprehensive glossary of terms, start-­of-chapter learning objectives, end-­of-chapter summaries, and visual examples of real-­life engineering equipment to help students approaching the subject for the first time. ●● An extensive companion website comprising innovative spreadsheet tools for tackling complex problems, digital datasets to accompany worked examples and problems, solutions to end-­of-chapter problems, weblinks, extended case studies, and more. Craig’s Soil Mechanics is the definitive text for civil engineering students worldwide. J. A. Knappett is a lecturer in Civil Engineering at the University of Dundee, UK. R. F. Craig is a former lecturer in Civil Engineering at the University of Dundee, UK. Craig’s Soil Mechanics Eighth edition J. A. Knappett and R. F. Craig First published 1974 by E & FN Spon, an imprint of Chapman & Hall Second edition 1978 Third edition 1983 Fourth edition 1987 Fifth edition 1992 Sixth edition 1997 Seventh edition 2004


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