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1:The London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most
visited tourist place in London. it’s
a great wheel that gives a panoramic
view of a part of the capital


2 :Big Ben
The Big ben is a tour with at his
top a clock . It’s the tour of the
Palace of Westminster where is
the seat of the british parliament.
It’s a very important monument
for the british people


3 : Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is now the headquarters
of the government and the official residence
of the royal family of England. there are over
750 beautifully decorated room


4:Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, the largest square in
London, is often considered the heart of
the city. From the Middle Ages , this area
was a central meeting place . In the middle
of the square stands a large column in honor
of Admiral Nelson .


5:British museum

Le British Museum, estun musée de
l'histoire et de la culture humaine, situé


à Londres, au Royaume-Uni


And there are multiple museum
to visit at London

6:National Gallery
7: Victoria and Albert museum
8:Imperial war museum
9:Tate Modern
10:museum of London

Yanis Sadi 4°4


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