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Torres Maldonado String Quartet 2 score.compressed.pdf

Aperçu du fichier PDF torres-maldonado-string-quartet-2-score-compressed.pdf

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- Accidentals only concern the note before which they are placed, except repeated notes.
- The next accidentals indicate higher or lower ¼ tones from the ordinary chromatic pitch:

- The next accidentals indicate higher or lower intonation from the ordinary chromatic pitch:

- All slurs must be considered as phrasing, legato slurs, so all bow changes needed to complete a note with a long
value or to obtain a particular expression or quality sound (for example a flautato sound) must be made ad lib. and
imperceptibly, at irregular rythms between the different instruments.

- The symbol
indicates the bowstroke "ruotato”: it must be played always using 60% of "crini", 40% of
"legno". It consists of continuos circular movements of the bow between the bridge and the fingerboard. In some
cases it will be necessary to change the direction of the bow several times to produce the dynamics or to complete
the entire rythmic values indicated in the score. It is also possible to accelerate the circular movement to respect
the indicated dynamics.
- Vibrato lento: it must be realized with a wide oscillation, like a vibraphone when it functions at the lowest speed.

- Tremolos: always very dense.
- Time duration: 25 - 26 minutes.