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I done turned Manhattan to Port-au-Prince
Bell bottom pants to sex, drug and rock&roll
Boy from under development to development

Sorry, y’all I don’t agree
With y’all disturbance
White man never did shit for me
Except ‘’call me nigger’’, distort history
Would’ve bought house, car in America for free
Except deported for M&M and Wyclef JEAN to promote
I still own my dignity, I am still sane
Y’all buy that confusing shit you’d better transfer your money and stay’’ Black’’
Jay Z said chill you gonna get me to terrorist camp
But you don’t need this shit any way
Hang with Wyclef Jean and (M-M) Marshall Matters
In gay bar
Y’all almost want to start a revolution
You know whenever rappers lie to help pass the rainbow union bill
I start shooting, bark
Catch a body, head to Porto-Rico
I’m in Santo Domingo, I love Dominicans
This racism capitalist is so confusing
When it’s from china, the clothing that I’m wearing
Idiot wind the Lil Wayne of pop music
You are an idiot baby, you should become a teacher
Ho! You’re gonna learn today.
Where the fuck have you been
The world’s under new control
The new role model fuck that racist shit.

Everyone is one
As “God’’ is one
In the holiness of the truth
Can your handle the truth
Sin Can be forgiven, stupid is for ever

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