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Angel's Blade

Angel's Blade



~ ~




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.. ..4

Tenninator c.ptmn ........·- ····· ···- ·········- ·········- ···
..... _._. 104
.De.uh Con,pany Chaplain .......... -....... .... -............................. 105


A,...itS<[uad ........................................ .................................. 106

The Storm. Oesceiim_...- ·······-··..· ··········-·········-···············- ··· ... s

Deta.suttor Squ11d ······-·····························-···············

Batdt r>tmi-com.pany ······- ···· ... ··-························ ······- ····-.... 108
Arcbangp!o !.nwventioo Force......
....... 109 ··············- ········· ············- ·············· llO
10th Compilllf AmbuJhFm'ce........
··················-····-··· 111
Dea.di Com.pmy Strike force .. -.. ····-···········-· ...··- .... ····- ·- ... 112
C--oldi!r:! Host...............·- ····-·· ............·- ····-····························- 1 l l
Cbaptu Andenu ·-·- ······- ········· ············- ·- ·-·····... ··-····- ·..... 114
Scormnrves. Squa.dron_.... ···········- ····-·· ·············- ····-·· .......... 115
Lucifl.r A.rmotJJ't d Task ForcE........... ·- ················-····- ·- ·-·· ..... 116

The~ md the MorrsttGtl! ........ ....... ·- ·- ······························· 12
The - ~ otDe.ull ·······-··· .. ··-............... -.........- ...................... 22
The Fallen msd th! Lou....•....•.....•....•..•.- ···············- ·········-······24
Heraldry ofm!' ~ Compmsy .......................
. ..... -...... 26
.l\.~auhcn AmetbaJ................- ..... ....... -·-···············-········ ....... 29

CHAPTER l: HEX INFERNlUM ............. ....36
lih.e Hell Ftictories..•.. ............. -..... .........·-····· .........·-·········-····~39"
\ ria:o,y or Duth ···-····- ·· ············- ··· ···········- ·- ············- ·- ····· . 46

... 52
Suike Force KMh!l!fi ,... ··········-····-····... ···········•·······
Forces ofthe lst ..... -····- ·· .....·-····- ·· ............- ... ...........- ... . 5'I
CoMn ofthe UL... ......•. ······-··..· ··· ·······-········ ·······-········ · .$6
1ihe Iolin.e Raid ....·-····- ·· .....·-····- ·· .....·-····- ·· .....·-····- ·· ....... 5S

Wargw ofBaaL................................ -..

Fot th!. lmp:,,..rittm ......
krto tile Pit.....
.. ................. ........... ..... .......................... 76

The .Blooded
. 82
Wmrion: ofth! 2nd Com_paey ...... .... -............. ..................... .. 84
Iconography aftbe Blooded... -....-.... -.................

B-1.ttte for Am.ethaL ...................


P°l.'ll'rP< t1fth,. lUMtt A"t~h.


P"Syml! Librarius .. -·- ······- ········· ············- ················-····- ·- ···· l lS
L ~ Disciplin.!............•.•...... -....•....•...•......•..•.....•.........•.. 120
Tedmom.a:i,,cy•..•••..•.- .•........•.•..•....•..•.- ·- ······-······ l21
Falminlti-oc Disc.ipline ···············-············...•.. 122
Geokin!!is Di.scipliile.....•....... ···-············· ····- ·- ············- ······-·· 123
Altar of Wa.r: Death on tht' \J.'ing............... ·····················-······ 824
Atw of\Va: Honour ofthe-~-W....................·-···-·····.. ·· .126
Afar of Wai: No Maner the OddJ_.............,....... -....•.•...,.•.. 128
Forces oflhf: .l)etth Coai:pan.y ····-·············· ............... -.......... 132
De.uh Compaey SJ)KiaJ Ru.le-·-··············
... 132
Warlord TRin ........... -...............................
. 132
Re.lia of the Lon, ....... -......... . ................ ,...
............. 133
Doomed Scru;uiruus....... -..............
... -.....1 34 R,olflorhftM ~b- Fr.itl"P
I ~,,;
De!UI Company Tu.ctical Objectfv~.... _ ............. -................ 136


Tihe .\nay o f S ~ u.............. ...
. . .....•.............•.......... 102,o.1'1.Blbde Strike For<e ...........-........ ..., ,..... -......... -.......... 103

lll>d:C- "·~r-;, ,c.c~.... -

, -...... ,. - .111H, I I -C:O-.- ....,.rd11.o.k.lll><tC_ C.....

n-w--...~----· ·--·,. ,. _,-

••4''.\Mo.l>+-,w 1:..,,.•oa11-.11--~........W,,.o"'Y'"o .._•_••"'<. -..--.-.-,to-* IW--....hh.._M....,._,_ o •

'"fM,""._ cc-··--.kf>,......... ..-..y _ _..___..., •.,....,,n•'l'fll',



,.N,..._ ....., .... ...-,... ...-.. •mnr,,11..,_., ,..._...., ._,.,......,~_,,._-..,.._~,.._..,I..,.

n. ... ,._.,_ 1,11 . . . ....,..,_-.,n.. _,.. .. - -.... n.:....,....,u,..._,,_ •- _


.... - ...,.._..,.,_
n--,Of n - U.lim)', ....,.,.. - ~,.,_ .._ . . . , .

iw. , . . . . . . . , . , _ .., ,~... - . ....


c...... c:i...,,,,._,....,., ••,_ 11·. . . i ~ ., . _.._..,_ _ , . , _ w_ _.,._...,..._,.,__"'i',,,...

.. _ _,,,1o1w... ... ,,.ci... ..- "'*"''""'"..,_·
_~-·"•""_,..,..,..._ ,..,...,.,.~

G:11- Wcwbbnp Led. w,J!O'lli' k.d. Lenw.. Noo• ~•. NG7 2WS





use 001: Ctmos inYaSion cl Pl:,net Amcll:i::tl COl'lllflCOOCIS multiple:
eng:igame!U bcyo!,d ~ c c:rM.,fopct 11,;lh
renct~de ad'l:!1¥11!.l:lrd fsub·rel':
Crimson -Slaugkll:f}
l ~o Emur::i:UUsJ.
Amelhol Slrntcgic
oommi:mCl:!ll Olll.ltll

.ASC 001-010: Me~ cxpdiorary
force mc:ili!5CS
enemy plm,eti!lry
d:-oe-ofl'eni1i~. br~kckwm
5'3% Cull Mec:h:lnii;us 26 % tlou!IC Riivm 11% legio
r Metatic:., 10%

Mi!for lrnib.,r
f!Xal depkivn,e"' CMl'irmeod al key
t.Jbs IICf'05e; Arnethal - north ISlld 50Ulh con&it:1'1".111
b odma,,:- ~ling
C!1(;1:tql!ITll!rl1S Ill. -1111 sites.

kI.c 011-02&

O:,l"fder to M snophan








Rillk p.::m,me:d cn..

Blood Angals




...._.SEGMENTCONCLUOES'.l01 111001 o, ,...,.



Tht tidts of the Warp are fidd-e.
T lie warslliJ)1 of t•e Blood A.agtls'
bt and 2ad Com.pan.its made • P
co11siderabJe ti111t 011 A.storath llis 5th Company warriors,,
translating into the Diamor S)·stem
mnin minutes of their brotht:n,
almosc as though !ome othr
.ras trish.Ul.g to set them bunt
sfmolta.aeoul:y illto ruJspact.. TIie
momtatary delay provtd crucial,
for it was all that stood bttweu1
C'aptaia Kulatlli's forces
suddea damutioa.

• • • •

Cruiser Sa7'.g-<.tmf:T6a\'i~s lli b}' flick~.
dirt}• light th.a1 spilled from its main


IDeeru. Its source "~uhe unnarurd
norm ofenugieswbirlmgaround tbe
dllps oflhe 5th Com.puy. A11g,licBi'atie
and{Boal barefy \i.sible unollg!t
writhing tendrils that glon·ed w:th. tt-e
li\'idcoloun oh bed bruise..
· lt is sorct'f)'.• murm:ured L"
A.smasael,. n'ho stood at Kar'laeo·s !ide.
·sorcay ofthe .darh-st kmd.:

Captain Karlaen stared a. moment lQl!.!a
at the storm-cloud energju Wit battmd


' What :in the Emperor's nam~ lHh2t?'

and shook his btotlum' trm.hips. It

Captain Kulam' stroicewastinged niib
!terror. Tot c~'ernom lnidge oftM Strike

, ~s though tha phecom-m.a l\·m.

Tba.t tJlUy senn<i to rn.•ea.J !puking
re.n.u ~ struaur11J damage !pr&d
l:C!OS! both era.ft, and Karla.~·, co:u:em.
dffpemd a.she attended to the gilded
chmibim tO\lfflllg ~bout hi! throce.
'Spellk;be gntured a.t the ffmofthe

aea..tum:. The flmurillg sen'ltor'seyes from red ;o gee~. and tl:~ \'Oice
ofMe:.thus11!ae. Ka.rla.e.n'umter of
a..troga.tion. iiruedfrom its motlth_

·Lord. a.uspn repom t sing!e ttemy!t3hip fu~ hw::idted miles beyo1::1d the
l:nomalf . cuneritly ntreatillg.'
'No doubt th,e authon ofthu amck.·
scot\i ed Kulten.

• •

• • • • • •

• • •

•Sl!<>uld n-e pursue. Lord?' a11ckled tht

• • • • •

The chen;b', perfect featlll'u rnitched
l.lld iu jaw dimnded to \lltCot·er ru


'?io, Methuu,ke. Fim n>e mun antnd
to tl:e !afety of our brotha s. Pass the
word to ill sbipmMtrn. I 'l'rUt a fulJ
deJ~n.,e cordon around th~ sbip:s of

'Aye.lord. contac. wtth the .4ng1iu8iada
We hlt'! Death Compw.y Chapla.m
Daenor. It sounds ba.d. ~· lord.·


·we do.' nplted K.ulzen. ·spell:
'Capt&:in. ll.'e ba\-e beo.n scbjea~ to 11
m'fl'e ,psychic attack that tw l\Tought
ba\'OC 2.monin ow racl::. They !tnlck.
at the cu.rse.' Kuluc W Asmasael
u:cha.nged a frowt1ffl.! gla.nce.

the 5th.'

Th e cberub'se:ye!i!ashed~b:i.r, arid it

\\i.t'.lged an·ay to r&y Karlaui·s me:!.sage
to die t•oi..-pit The First Captain looked
to ~other oftb driftin-g. crearuru, thu
on.e d utchitlg a ceremonial minl\'e.

'Giwhim t direct lmk.:the F;im
Captain nid groffiy RThe cberob
mitched. and jerte.d. aM then a new
troiu- gnt•elly W nn.ine.d - is!U!d
from it:-l'Ul\.. It n~s amlmpanied by
scr,mning, bellowir:g t'Okenrid terribfe
crashing sotllla

'V ox.:said KarlWI. ' bat>: ,n emblished

co:ntacl t\ith Anon:th'sships? Are itbf}•
&U\\'t!ing our Mils?'

'Captain KM'laen? C~ptlm, do we han

"Wehz;d onJy juu mmed .tbe S)~tun
l\'h=ll tltey hft m.' In tl:e backgrom:.d.
sometbillg exploded ill ,a fuu ofsu.tic..
D11mor <:ontinuad with forced calm.
'le Wl.5 W111p iOK~ of Mime kind It
eogulf<ed our !.hips Jike a uon:n. buJ
n·oru ,•,ae in effects upon the minds
ohll on board Tbe uon:n irifilmd...
t'Uion.;, .. ofth.e. ion om broth.en bope
r.n-e to see: ·was II moment's pause .as Karla-en
digev.ed thi!. terrible nem.. Th! Bllld:
P..tge. AUBloodAngffldreaded i?s
toccb. but to Mlo--e it fotted t1pon them
by some .mifke ofthe foe ... it vm. a
riolat£cin ofthe bigbut onfer_
'How mUI}" M\-se fllllm?'Kulaen· H-o:u
\ln1n&,.d h~!aw in hi, "'"'""" Ji,. 11d:..n

the q,u.ation.

'Hud to be cett11iri ~t this time. First
C~_ptai:n., but it i o be 11imost
th.e entirety ofthe 5th Co:n~y.·
Karlaet1 closed bi!. one organic eye as
th.e Cluplain continued 'lord As-tomb
and I. the other Cha.pWns 011 boud.
our Libruians ... d:o!.e l1i!b ttaitling
or psychic d-efmces mrvi\•ed. The
res1•.. 'Lord. it fsbedlam aboard th~
ships. Bz.nle-bro1hm: ba\·e kUen by
th-e dozen. and the crew helots have
doimnd tbun.!P..lves mtmor. Some
bwe beai sllliri.'
"\Ve \\ill !end )''OU ou: Chaplairu,'
mpon.d.ed Kuiaea immediate!)', · ~
the Sanguieary Guard. They t1.i U illd
you irl bringmg our fallen Ulld:!.r <:onU'ot;
a!ld retoring your Wps to order.'

-Ui:d&!tood, Fim Captain. I nill 11d\
Lord: A!ton.tb. We will tteO\' er from. this
mzdne:ss. you ht-\"t my ottb. ·
' And.then.' rorib?ed Ctptain Kul.ae1:1
illlgri)y ~ he \\-atcb!d the lz.~ of the
Warp en':l'gie> fiid:aout upon his shlp' s
smens., ·t1ten l\·.e willbv-e l\Ulge,an.ce.'
9 StormB\'en jUddmd ~ it pu:cched
do'l\11. through Ame'!haruunospb:ae.
Dez.tti Company Cbapll:in Dt~or
p':krured fn.hin:iit:d'Hye the flame!
fuc.bringacrMs iu bW'~ hull They

seemed somehow appropriate.
The red-lit Uuufor oftbe craft \YIIS full
of moaning \•oices. ru'dden
bwm ofvo:i.-amplified shouting
rlftgir.g O\~ the roar ofaU11ospbe.ric
re-e.nuy. thell ~ubiidillg again. Clz-d
iD their mt1our, with
tbeiJ jump J)bCb primed and ready.
the brothers of the Comp.aoy
Stlf!Owtded him. Chlplt.i.n feha deep Uld abiding
hatted towards the traitors 11S he !ooli:ed
uound. at the t\\itch.Ulg, muttering
banmm. Each n·as go~ to hii fillal
ba.n!e. Each was fou to the Chapter
forever. his light smothued f>.,..1m1tb
ma&ess at1d rage. All Blood Acgels
Ulew this could be their fate, and ail
sao\·e agaittst it. But 10 lose W!!ost
u entiie compariy to the Black lbge
it! a single how? Acd \\'Of!-e', ,o h:zn
it forced upon them throug;h the

on AmeWJ. tit~ s~po!.edly cursed

b1s wilt in his Chapte.r and iu 1ine11ge
ut:1sftal:uble. But he blew thii would
be II bud fight. md as bis cnft swept
on towuds,iu designzted drop site.
he led hi! folle.n brothers in .a litany
of b11tde..

jen-el of the D~m.or· Systun. a m11nh•e
force of the Crimion SL-aughter had
descaded to 11tt11d:: the Adepttn
Mecb.ankus exca1rati1:m !ites sunere.d
across the globe. What the scion!- of

Damor·s Stonnn.i-u,_ l\'as one of a
small flMt ofaaft weilirlg tO\\'lltds

Fof!e: World Met11lk~ !ought ot1 this
pl.aeec, the Blood Angeh did not know.
Clw,Jy, though, it wu imponanL

Hub Be1a-Securidu3.. Stommvens md

Thundetbawk Luiders ~u gubed in tbe
sable armour oftbe Death Compaay.
It 'l'l'l!S 11n abhommly luge deployment
of the damrJed. a \\ilolt company·.s
v.'Orth offaUen w.urion complete \\itb
deraJ1€ed Dteadr!ou.gtn mi s\\iftly
repainted armoured. ttaris-pon:s. Led by
First Chzpla.irl Astomh. z.ccompallied
bl· co::ie other than W f.aUe.n hero

Lemane.s. this umy: W11.S a mapon of
unmerciful llllllibilZ!tioc.

\1'A'J'lrT11ir nf 1T11ittrr~') h ttr'M ,1. t."iO'lbitiru1

Just a, the Metalicaru bad deployed
LinH ofprefib defence uot:Jtd their
Hubs md !.ft Skltarii, Knights. md
e\•eri l'iuns to def~d th~. so the
force~ofChaos bad de?.Ceruied in put
strmglh to .eize the mysterious prize

from «hem. K11rh~ 111:1d Ch.ap!.ain
A~1or.a~ ht.d dmnriined ttm the
bulk of their forces shoo!d deploy ,o
reinforu th~ truckling Mecbuliccs liJ:m
before tte traitors hrob through 111:d.
seized ui:i!!tever ii wt.! they ,ought To
tlt.u md. the aircrllft ofStril:e FoKe
Astor.ath nnp't Jon, ovu the namel e-ss
.north'W:'.I fomuof.4.methlll. n~r
crossed tbe terminator from .night to
~·. $.kirnmin! through the bumlng
ta)'-S ofa nm' dawn as they neared their


It w.u unrhinhb!e.
' Broth,u;.,• wne Anorath'1 !-!pnlcbt:il

voice~ the ,-ox. 'one m:irrute -unn1
d!J!lo)-n:em. Augury suge:sutbu former
Chapw MIister Knnol'J leads the
amckm i:n person 11.t Bm-Se,,,-undus.
Be 11dvi.5ed. MecJ,.Wcw: penor.mel Oil
rhe gow:id ue reponittg some form of

'Hon' long Ul!.til drop?' He vexed the
quenion ,o the guiub!p'~pilot. sitting up
ahebd in tbe cockpit.
'Three minutes Se\'et!t~ to Hub Beta·
S-ecundus. Broiher-Chaplain.· came W
ro:ply. ·Re-enuy undwlt:iged, foUouing
flight ptth Chaiice to drop si.u. ·
'Good.' r~ed Dteit0r. 'ADddte
m~ di!.po!ition?'

'Crimson Slaoshter warbaDcb pruent at
dl primacy M~u.allicu.s Hubs,· came the
respo1ne, 'ttemy forcesW,..i~ irn·e.sting
n.orth and !outh bemis_phere:s of Am.ethal

Ha\iing brought their fallen brethren
un.d& comol lllld ~m.bli!hed the n,
ttrlltegic sinia.tfon in the sy;:mn. the
Blood Angel!bad Wl!Sted no time ill
laUI!.~ their a.n11.CL They could not

seemed as ttough th-e er;mry··spltru 'l\'el'e
n•ell ad\•anced.

brother Chz.p,lairi. •

Tn.itor \\'mhip-s harried the api
v.'Orld of Perido!-, pir.cir!g: the Dial:nor
System'sn.ny in place nith a·lll!d·
mouse bz.tae to protect me $)-Stem·s
food -!.upply. The industril!J m:irld
of loline had fallm to the miton,
in pan-polu manuf11ctorums now
chur.ning out Dumol:! Engines to
fuel the udtor l\'U' effon. And hHe,

'So 1 b11d heard, brother. But \\\t M.,-e

'D11emoru?' ~lked Daeior, the
haft of his crozim a.s be roit and mO\ied
to th~ drop ramp ai the rear oftM craft.His l\"Ud!: moved to SWtd with him,
wme sJ!..llttlblin!, !ome mtmg. but all
ioilon.irl:th!fr Chaplllin like Baa!ite
dusminp arotmd ~ dw:e lunem.

do so quickly enough. for a!uad'y it

as npected. cooce!ltmed around the
d3g riw. Word h they ha\'! Titans W
other rupa-bea.\'t:es on the ground.

the might of the An_gel. A~irist:Wt,
no e.ngil:l.e or wtapol'J of the trz,itor
shall prn-ail.' Daaor believed e,·ery
\\<-Ord he Gnered. his convictlol'J total,

extreme male.fie mlllif~tatiot:i. ·

·som~g el!.e,'respo11ded Anomh.
mtic fu.zmg his \'OX v,.ith a Burry of
whispm. 'Informttion is cor.fu!-ed.
it semu tbe rai~~e!- are t:IWtifestms:
exceptional physicalwi no11-corpo~l
powen. Posm.!io!l,. pah.apg.'
Daenor can his deatb·s~h.ead gaze
ove.r the black-chd brotl!.m u hls
back. ~eh !huddtring with the buely
contained desire to kill tt'tl)· traitor in
their path.

"raiey have nothing ·v;e c ~ t
O\~m.e. Lord Astoratb. ·
','re:po.ed~ the High Cbaplain.
'Go l\ith du .~g:el'!-g;nce. broth.en...•

Tb! t 1ox echoed for II moment ni1!t
all11tt1.atiou from the Ch.tp1.a.ins
who led the a.rmr ofdeath. nm TM
cJ,..aimeJ dissolvedlnto mtic-ladea.
1aeuns, and Dimor cut hi.s link uitb
a _grfma.ce.

md a.flame. He !aw the sun,;t'lng
Metlllican forces. mq:glir::g to their grip 01:1 the lut few
.sttem and buildl!lg:s before the pit
edge. Acd be nw the uaiton, the
Crimson Slzughtu :ai:.d thti.r Dum.otl
Engitiu., nmp~gi:l!.g through th.!
hellish "!Cet:e.

Tben D11eno(sarme>W'ed feet dammed
donu upotl the ferrGOete r~d sllmce.
hard !tton;b to .spidmnb
aacb across its .sur!ace.. To his batl,

lhe MetaUcan firing linl!', SDmii
a:id El.Ktro·Prtem huddled behlcd
m:t.kesltifi burlc?:du. To bis fore was,ing man of Crimson Sltutflt:er
ren.!gades. their n-arped flesh~
budded u.mour sure stigma.ta of
dam.onic pos!es!ion. A.s his brothm
illllded. uowd him. Dtellor f:nlled
bis crMiw md spokt a !ing!e n·0-1d
1100?;$ the vox ,o unle.ash th~ fu,y of the
Death Company.

'T~ secor:d.s: QUe.i the pitot from the.
co,ckpit. a.nd nitb 11 1\-bine of m vos the

Storm.ravai.'.s rw ramp d!scen.ded.
The foren car.opr mis m:uled
bu-ely nn.r.ty f~belon'.
flasbmg by at .speed. A hot
wind blew in through tbe
hitch. fluttering the 011th
pt:pm thl!t clung to t!:!
Bl-ood Angel.5'11mour.
'Ru-dy drop, Angels

descending.· came the
pil.of.svoic.eas the forest
p.,'e way to b!ackeced
no-man·s !a.rid arid boili!.g
woke. G®fire stuttered ?nd. J&pt·
hlolntr. 1fM hfa,:ill?; rlPf"'n~U.·"' ~rmrnmu

fua.shed by.

'Now broibm! For r-ediemptio.n! Fo,r
rt1.'ffi_ge! Amck!'
W:ith tbo:e word>. Death Co.mpa!!f
Cllaptain Daenor lm!l.chl!d himulffrom
tbe bad: of the .speed.ills S.:ormra'rell and
U'.!to tl!.e mulnrom ofw.u.
The Cbapl.air! '.s jump pack flared.
tllJ!lW:lg his pllll!!ge into a. gnceful,
fl.ame-11.inged-de:scm. BWJ:ld D?aor,
the brothtts ofth! Death!'
hurled th~selvesoui fnto the~·. their
oWDjump ~cbroarirlg. Below.a :sawge
w~S<:ape l\'IIS revealed. rudriag quickly
up to me-et than.

Cbapltin D11e.nor's genhanced s~v.s
took it all in. bis post-bmnan mind
dissectitlg the \\"hirl of infonnatio:n
~d a.snmblinga detailed mtiul
map in a inaner ofheanbeats.. He'
the yawntngplt o!tha MeehWcas
ex,c11t>ttion 1ite. Stntiton and drilling
rigs nm labouritlg. in its 1tygfan
deJ)th!. He saw the rings of d.efen.ce
lines, fllctorum! al!:d dliu1-1emples;
the.t s.moUtlded it, many breathe.d


n"'UY bd .as empommd a, he bad been
wamed. ttiUIY t\rlthing. Uld miuing in

At Ru.b Btta--S«ud1s, tilt Du1th
Company arm~· dropped ia hlo
wa,•ts. CltapJain Dau.or ud bis
brothers came don wtll nitlliiD

the dlroes of Wm': form of po:msi.oc.
They tore po\\W mt1our opan '\\itb

limbs that n'fithed and tcrUltle.d upoc
the bloody roadl\,ay. One bulking
traitoc emptied his boltgu:n'! clip into
ChapE&ll Daenor's chnt. bot uch sh,o1

ih• U'"<h. .iu,~ tro•rt•,-, l•ad~t1e

d~u,, 111'\ff h'll.t'. '" Hft~ri JiM 1mrlP!i

(l..1nMr"d hllrm1.. ~d y1l'J'M tll" hn'!y

bithnet1 the advuct tlt.muts of tilt• Slauglltu a.od p.rize.
Mtuwhile, Astorath 111d Ltmartes

Wll: \Tieci:sM- they wm krak
gUiades. Anora1h·:s&o: did itsb!oody
mu:k ttn·enhetm .• e,;·ery sning bringing
u eed to the murderous rampage. of
ano<her traitor.

warrior'sam:iour or the power fi'!.!dof
his ro:.uius.. l!'J Inenor boos<ed
fonnrds ar;d 1WWlg his croziu;. in a
tight arc. s:muhillg his anaflae1"shead
from bi! shoWden in a. spray of blood.
The Ch.?plz:in foilM bim.self~nlillg
for ~e,'era! mom~n more ag.ailu,t the.
traitor'! headless corpse.. n·hich bum:e.-d
tip ml: bonfin offfl!aald &mes et'E!ll
?:! Et tried ,o Har him limb from limb_

led tlle m.lUI force of the Dut:bi

Contpa.ay tilt outu fodge of
tbt dig sife•s deftocts, coo.stricting
ill a ring of blades and bbrillg
ganfirt.. T•e Crim.son Slngbte.r
sodduly foud tbe.mselns trapped the dt!t•c~ tius the~· had so
rKtDdy O\"t.Trtlll.

Bolt !hells flffl' back and fonb u.poa
plum.e-; of flame. Th<:y -exploded ~piru:t
bhdc armour al!!d red Wurion "\Utt
p,mched from their feet, a.rmour reu
OT limbs tom off in s:pray!.ofb!oogi.
Fiew stayed don,n, mania ~d
UJW.nir.11 enup!s dri\ting thmi 01:1.

T,o the nonb, Chz.plilii led
his ming brothm U'J gna:t jump-~clc
~lip!. Th~· !la.mmed ®l\1! mlfdy the
C.rimrot:1 Sla.t!V,.m. arid chairimoi'ds

ao:1 pom-r ua ~la!hM blood !!no
the wem u the Duth Comp~
n·:11.t about th-ei? hid!ous buililen.
TCI the 1outh, A:storath led
the .mzd:. e.bon wings uark
the wu-tom iliu. The enemy l\'Ue.


Et'!l}'mlere. there was cam.age as the
Crim.son Slaughter :met the fwy ofth.e
De11th Company. C'11tisu scurried from
OM roic to tte a!tt. ra.tdin-; tiolle.ysof
&.togun fire their t~ing enemi::c!.
They \\"~e ,• ,ca.ugh1 mz. figln
bemw..n. apex predaton.. mi they knew
it The Mmlican troops did whllt they
could 10 roppo:i tbe Blood An:els, \'olleysto .knock out
~mi.Oil Ecgines .md He!brutes. All tlte.
:m:e, it \\'aS !he Ad.Epna A..tll!tU \\ilo
would d...cide tlris bettie.

Upoe the primuy proce-~sioeat 11t the. ofth! ramp-l\·ay that led down
Ulto the pit, Chaplain Oa.enor ud
his broth.en fought a brutal hatt:!·tl)-

Acroulte Hub. t:l!.e Dmb Company
fougM on furiou!.ly.U1d th:: Crim:oc
Slzil!bm ma them with equal fe.rod~·:
The uymt-circuitedcorridon ofthe
Om.ltissi.ah'sDa.ta.-temple rang to the
iound of cruh.ei utd urems a.s loyalist
md 1ni1or duelled through 1M !limd.
;;mks. A uio ofDa.emoc Engices tore
through bu:nl:er complex GammaH!de.:-O~a. ollly to be ambu:h.ed b)·
Lemute! z.nd his u.-.mion. The. cuned
Ch.apWr! !aridtd tht U:ouldm o:
l. ragin-g. Maulafimd, decapitating it

halld '<.ltpgfflltnL !BL?.Ck· anttOUUd

mtl!, a

brethren wae punched fttt.
um.our cracking unda the Wlholy
mmgth Wt drot1e the trafton.' fi.m.
Cbllinswords howled through scaled
flesh and warping bone., he."~ ofi

UWIJC -blOW e:t>U!. as the tln.mdU
hamm:en and pow..r fiu:sofhl! wanion
matk fflon wwk oftbe Fortdi.end
De.filer that had z.tcompanied tbe bea.,u.
Still the fi_ghtmgraged oa


• '

• • • •


YCX~iJ!Witfdil'lghis S'W'.Ctd

• • • •

crli! ia.i!!:,..ssaga:m mperiol m l ~ ;,.
BJ!UkLegron.:b, ltadt,qfrhisbrrasicn.


MJ#C~-4ril vasfoiscingr;ponriwt. ii

was not welccm~\'or war it
iiv.rMl1'il#.\i1iti41 ~D!r.11Tis,Jf&,tnl.fiiM








!ks warrforskvn..i,t:Ento K.rar,on.aY/dIM

'tf"itispv-dokalbx,. ~Ulcftglttislorc. •

J igiwtmg-.f/1:,fig)D'.,of•ig/'.J.Jopp~lit

.ni,n. impossibOfb• Blood..l.r.gfihW'l1d



hi, r,p:{"itam,&ac:.tmolfU~r.ltis

'l A,m. Sar.:!tffliusHueaM1ft"1allgui

his.itip as.tit, fo.\'al&t'po'lf6rsword


X,(11lrmpistor.idiis,t&rIni:o hisasuziJam's
Ccr.sH, itil. ui,DunM:c1".p!JJfJvanfor

cM.ttlpi!JJt~oicciJ/Jdt:hr~ ilir zkeejfcn
a(«zgf1t6he W".Mlurabn.igk!titatflclAJed

:ra.sril'lg!JW<Jdln ffSJfO'l!S~ Cl'.ao:,s
ilisjN~rfi~ cil,sq,rc~Ui,:gfilff
.badwarthhr01'glt1.fxr.oruffflfafl li"kta


ieannonballTJuTtwasa rwnUingcraslm
'I tilil"..tMl. 'zrowla«ta110Jt,ilistoice
odo-ublbl#h1nrr1Ci~ itis owr.,ars. '&tr
J a,n,lmtklJJ,a,:dl wiJJbtftu.,:

,yeCallzhat.r.rin~• ti;.iftmh, iitird
3.iO'Whis ,r.s~&l!'l:pet:!acinfards;b.JJ
all bw Ml!o-imbli! a golJCraur.

Utt Citao!l.ordv-r,ncitulits-svort,tcm

hisitip, grc,,,;itngn pabias.gr_e,,s11.ugi1s
.ct.aritis~ H , was11at..i .mrliaL
.Bra sowr.,zJ:.iltgharclavn~bewas
.sµakf4}1,oJitMim. Fhauwnilat
.emtzy,fa:, u 1tadpc1U1dl:s 11ttgJm~ hlS
:foll01!i1T'S(mdl!Sed!'h,ll'!a: ~o&tk-;i,c.c
~fritsdutandsHadill ,v;u4Mqqt,bt


ikkt-dacrosW'lfclO;ld, stali'flit si!&L
Wisam'Utiiis Ul",if.Jm.ltittiJ
'lfas, iI lftZpower/Iii):, wo~ldgh•eit WU.
Bi.r Mimditiswarrioriwdspe,io'ong
yv.u!bl w grfpo/]I0:5s1sstoMDSdteknew
1ilisw.c1Id,so)'teliti,igN1:t k,a(fowtd.sazy
a!r~Warp~tot..<cM~&lsNo maturkolf

'Jtis,l\l' lord..1x6YaTl lOCM(D~VJw.iWj
justW0/12 '.t•••His 'lfC!dSM'4rt}'l!nc.waz,d

b;pa sm.-agcrur.tqf',xertioial!d Mla. ' ·-

W011 ~umydUrd! ·


'Rallyat W UMJJletJ1
,an, 'or.dtr,d
bar.01t. 'TMon,witk 1kelcarusarrays
will sragea !r,aHJJ,ftowt
WJ1 lcc.atio1t. •


'Iesiord. '!'41:!!aDtavo.ithl'soite,andthu:
WB'ffili6(/ftt. Krar.o'lfKl'JJSufora JltO:.tem.

ct;.m}le·mt>jfaui rwttJuo.MgiliTdllbo-iling'
with W.,Jlts{1,2'ft,;ar.


The Crim!.oa... SI.aught.- attack bnd ton
an mome.ntum.. It v.'M fra_gmeriting
by the secol!d, from both .i$ldes
by Dea1h Comp&1y ~-d Mechwcus
forces. A pack of renepde Wuhotllld
Tiwu loped ii! from the north.
mmmo?!ed to Knnoti·! aid. but tltey
l\•m intacept!d before they cout:d
joi!l the fi_ghl J>u.:nann 11
la!:ce ofHouse·m Xnigb.H b.:md
thei1 Rapid-fire banle catm:on.s
thW1dend:. strippi!lg 11my the Tit;ms·
vcid !.bieldsffl tttricl:: succe.ssion.lllld
Buon Dargetu.s di R.a,·:n ied Z: cbarg.e
ta en1ig.e: the ez:emy "'at engine~ at
dose range.. Senral red-azmound
Knights v.we b!own a put in the figbt
Wt foUo\\'ed, the ground !hWDg a!

their m.anl\•e m,ti? forms,crulted Ol!:to'
th!.ir ~cks.. The "l\'arrlon ofHouse
Rat1en posbed fonnrds despite their
casualties, binary clwm ringing ottt as
they hnnd at the Jugu wu mgl:ltes
\\itb roaring chainbl11da.. Ot:e ofthe
\\i&bounds "·as finiUy brougltt down.
a d.uect the.nr2I cauon blast
it ~pra"'l\'Ul'lg iD ruins acrou the:
gra.s.slmd.s. Its pa.c.Jcma.te tum!d to fie.e:,
lopift.g with lol'.!g -strides. but Z:
tight w lleyof fire riddled fu laft knee·
jomt Uld ~ru the tcout Titan rumbling
down to join in brodier in death.
Meanwhile. the det,·amtion wrought by
the Du1h Company l\'a!. l>reatbtaking.
The CrimwD SLaug:btu l\'m pushed

bad: on every front. forc,,ed to huddle
unongst the wrecked debes on.
Beta-Secatdus· ouuldru.. Many of
tbe traitors becoming slow tl1d
clumsy, btlrdened by un.controlltble
mumion or dtud.d~ with energies
that wue caustl!.g them to literally burn
i?lto flames.
'Such are the u·ag_esof lm,n y!"
bellowed ChaptaUI Dattor. dropping
lltothie.t co.11.vuhing foe with a bolt !h:11
to the head. ' Sucb is the touch of false
_gods! Thre is only the Emperor and
the A:cgel!'

The Det:tb Company wuriors ill his
·1ide r,o.ared il'Jcohere.ntly. They had
fough.t with magnificent rnengtb
~d courage. re.ilecud D1,;,:nor
proud.Jy. despite their terrible
t:ffiictfon. Thoogb the: e.i:emy had
throWl'J enrything it them. from
bras,-sinewed Dtemon. Eogines to
dhgu,!tll!ig Warpcraft. still Daenor· s
winfon had pret'?.iltd.
The Death Company v.-ere adt·ancffl.g
tlorig a 'Md.e: futoa:ete processional
litted '\lith crt:ck!ing ~·tons. blue
li enmm! ~11ri11e frrill'I

MP rri rltP 1tPrt

iD np:id uquence. Behirid them came

Skiw:ii. both Vz_n;uard arid !ttng::rs.
tbe bi.onic m.rrion !m1ululg to keep
up uillh the rn•iftjog of the Dc!!th
Compally. Damor·s autpex to!d him that
the foe l'r'!tt cotKmtrating their forces
!omeTAtJert Ulea.d. uo'l!lld the ~se of'a

·1oro. · \'Oxed Damor to A.uoralh, ·1 .am
movimg op tol\'ll!ds the mnp?e. but my
fo?te b n:retcl:ed thin. The
c:aaio< fflp pice.'
'Understood. Chaplain Damor: came
Astorath' a moment L!lw.
'Lem~es npom hi: brothm b.n•e aho
become thinly sprebi Dreadnought
Ludm is at !&M: a mile u..i: ofhis
cuneat position.·
'Out Wck nill ~ staggered. Lord,"

uaied Dv.nor. "Should m hotd bad?"
'No. brotlltt; replied Astonih. h15 \'Ofce

cold a..nd deadl)· ~s a blade"sed:'°l.. 'Tb.esetrailon shall not draw breath Z: se.c,olld
long& than the.y must We .mack II!
we urn,e, do not gh.·e WJl'J l: moma:.t~
respite. Kill them all.'


'A.!you willil Lord Executioner.'

r e . ~ OM.nor. fflilcilm_! \"OX channels
?.!.be primed hi!jl:mp pack fonc.tian.'Skiwiileader. co:nt in.· h~ band. and
recel\'ed .m immediate w.pon?.e.

huding t:Jo.emseh-esu the muta.ted wetic
with cha.i!l.swords iaeaming. Blood

!prayed md .annour slll!d-ared, and the
bacnd rem&l!s ofD«n.or'.s attacker
splzttered to the ground.
Looking co:w:id. Daaor could !ff Wt

'Death Company this. is
V~goud Alpha DecimuHbo, please

his "'arriors 1\-ae o\11erwhe.lmi.ngtbeir

go thead. ·

couid enll wie!d?i lhey wm: so
deformed. Tb! thought caught irl his
mind, 11M the cur.!-ed l.l he saw
his foe· splan.

D~mor'sJump pad: 10111ed to life.
propellmg him up in ?i loag leap
tbzt his wanfors followed·withoux
heMntion.. ~ctorum. h<idn nnhed
b~· on eithtr -~~ Up ili?id, his wis.ud
display pkhd om enemy silhoue-nu

lall:longst the rubble.

mi md foes. Fewoithe?.e reneguie:

'The!e frez.lcs.tre but a dh,te,rtion.· te
\ioxed.. 'tl:ey'reuyitlg to ?loww dou-1:t
Dedmm-rbo, we'repmhmg a.hud. mop
cp Mind m.._·

Da.enor rece.iw3 a ,·ox-pip of
acblon'l~emm1. d:e fim n-d.ium!d5. pwtchmg into hmtic flesb.a.od

armou as the Death Compaay ttiggert!d
U'.eir jt1mp packs oi:ce more.
Sou~ ~g d!.e roadway, Ch.tplair!
Damor aon· sa"'' ahead the pa.\-ed
couny;ard before the 1emple. There.
Crim!On S~u.gbter l\'uriOM Wert pil~
into rn'ling t:aili while Daemon
Enplles muuer~ uou:nd th~. They
"'·m J)J'eparirlg to break out ar.d escape
tlteil fate.
'No.· pitted the Chaplain as he phmg...d
down fot another landing. 'No traitor

!ea\ulhis pl!ce ui\•e!'

'Dec:imus-U.-0.. by tl!.e Angel'sgn.ce mue
law:thing oor .mack. Mow to support
L!- q_ukkly ~> you m able.· The Skiwii
nsporue cract!:!d back O\W DbenM."s
\'Co..t\'ffl as mm:iy boh sh~utuud to
l\i:!oo!.h ai:d boom around him.

'tTttdanood, Deat!l Company
Cbap!airi. Cogitato: 0tie point
tw'O four m.inuru deaeal.ing_to
eif,m i, •ei:ire rallge. Go "'ith the
Omni~,fah ·• hl~o.o.ine '

Da~ leapt ag.ain. a tuclcy round
!Wing his amoured shin aod
~lod:ing. The ChtplaiD flew on
through tht bk.:t, ra.i.sfng his \'Oic~
ooce man: iD the liwriesofbattl.e. as M
plunged don inro tM ~ y·smidst.
Theo 11n "-'M the-crui:cb z.nd mm of
dose comb11t betwe~ pornr--um.oured
Pants. Dt~or·s fim ci~t ?i
rm-egade wsda ibe chia, ripping bis
htlm loo;.e irl ?i ,;pray ofichor. The.
Clu.plain's bolt phtolroued, Wu
st:elintriking aDothfr foulld bias.ting.
hii bre~tJmto: o_pm. The wounded
ru:-e~de bowled .t.nd lW'Cb!d fonnrd!.
only to be po.1ped into tbe floor by a
de5cffldirig thtmder as OM of
Dzaor·s Dmh Company en.shed cioWl!
into th~ fight
A vaitor \moie arms hid b-ecome
flmtlt-·l\'le?ithed chitUlous talOJt> lti.:ng.t d
~t ·oaenor, eyes bu!girlg ?ill ~cross hi.s

umour. ne Cbap!.am tore au.-ay ate
of the a.bomiu:tion's limbs wiih a blow
fretm his crozius, mggeritlg as the other
piamed ill Mid mcked the umoUI over
his chest. T\\'O more Death COltlp41lf
b:C1dtm landed bard a!ongslde him.


Clu.plml Dieioc's ,nm6n ll.--ere: th!
fim to te«h tbe. square befou the..'
temp~e..-md they were mu by a Sl!onn
offinpowu. Blood·!.~ttered ualtor
L:md Raiden blaM.ed i-ny_ 1\i th
Ulsc~ons Uld heaty bottas,
the fffl'Ocrete into dint .?lld rubble~

Centauroid Forge.fiend! wbetled :and
vomitM great gouts ohctoptumz Ullo

smill. Tbougb dte)- crippled !.!\'ml
transports and v.uttalised t\'\'O Daemoc
Enf_jne~. DM!tor's ~"Urion were
puniwd for thair dfons. la undu a
minme. mare tbat1 Nlf ofbi! wanion
were dud. 1'-ith the rest tooIcing swe to
meei the .Wll.e fate.

•AllDeath Com.pi:ny brotbm.' vexed

the Dutb Co:npany''!.midn, ,•aporl!il:lg
!.et'm,I ,rmiors. Still Daenor W
his broth.a~ came on. tank·buning
l\•eaporuy ready in thelf umoure.d fists.

Daenor. duckin.1 the monstrous rning
ofa Helbruu·~ frn. 'ifyou are clo!-e, we

Kurlin-g himself foll\'uds, one Death

No had the. tt.'ords left Dae:!or's
lipt wn a nwby futorum
crashed ounnrds, Uld a trio ofDea.tb
Compwy Drudnoagbts !tormed through
the rubbk. Mel1agu:ru hiss.ed. boring
glowlll:gho!!tm the Helbrate' stono and
!ending it cm.hing Ol!.to iu bt l Secoad.:
later, the dread figar-e ofHigh Chaplain
Astora.1h !&pt fro:n a side strtet. uiotber
m;mofDeaih Com;·umy a hi!. back.
B1ttkRhm.o5 roared Ul l\-;th tb!l!l.. one
hammering headlon.: into a. fleeing
Crimson Sla.ughter unk tnd m:iasbing: i1
O\>et ~10 in side.

Company brother grabbed the- cbumieg
tnck oh traitor Rllino ar:d cru!.lted a
great toect£on ofit. forcing the packed
u-uspon to sltwto z. halt. Acoth.a
lal:ded nm to one of the e.t1.att:!}' Lat!:d
Rz.idm and !l\~ his thwtd,u hammer
sttaish,t z.t in rumbling poti.-er p!ant
The tnuiwtt fireball blew the Blood
A.qel offhl~ f~t and flipped the traitor
tank or:to in roof with a deafutln.g

cnm. Tbe tank·s side hztch~s slammed
o~ aDd wuriors oftbe Crim.too
s aauP,w scrambled pogily O'Ut,
maight imo the l\·aiting blbdes oiW
Death Compa!!y.

need your aid.'

~ noi:e

ucape.· 1).oomed Auoratb,

his amplified voice rollins like drunder
f'th io. ,,,n,.my'.,mm-h"'" WP.-... !f"AAt.

J1rrt1\\ tllP • (Jl'-11~

hCllffl'tr.W tht Death Company' s.

pric.~ ofheresy is duth. ·

·'il'~J1rh ffipm rl)l'.t fh..,

iniuzpr,adtis llibt,..<>Nfd1,l1apm;iigir.ritila gruzt
utl1e scar.edivpu:.~s,,iolloftartJ,,.u,UY;iu
Mf4seattwv~arcs.~isshadUII/IUtJUosiir4,,t ni,y
capitil \Yngsar..c~rM wasiMAwfoJBaaJ. aJ'idio
o/Co,u,?!Jfla!ioritmamgin ii-.,,sJu:id.cwojW.lro~n. itiscitildre'!ft.,~iousi:agabir!!MviitSonscj
hh!t. !Wlwitk a tf1knndfar try,kenrWWfis~kldij}t a'gmm,c.
tolC.ar6tiM,. daring:,,jlf11IpOmhe-i11gel.He:,imar,,CS Wir
si:.owq'esLScm,art{ffuo/rh, e ~,it,tr,a/is1dS01!Uc.1JJ'SGr
Vf(l)'pcrqftisat i#m;.o-.uM th,U'lffo,ponsH•'ltisiums,
{g.!!Or~ bl!Jodiua spiJ!,tftoJ.ttJIMVt kis blac i m11to111.
Anotilenword-mo:tcrdaiwikemailorftll, c/.o\1Mlt nrair-.t
parrJ',a spill.a Wusumda .ltird11icrfmwas 5pi!t,dS<mgt,.iltius
'lt'as brcttghllp s.ironashisr,exroppcntri.taw:,m hi:m.;cladin

Da.enor lU:pto\'!1 the fal!en Heibrute
~d on. He threl\' hlmttlf z.side
.u a Heidrakt nnpt !ol\· ovethud:.
je-ts !crt.aming md ji•n !pewint
'\ntJ)fl11me. Blllc.lM1tt1oured warriors
pressed on. still fightillg de!pite bein!
wreitlted h.t11d to toe in tmhoiy fires .
~d Dui:or sal.ated thaiI sacrifice.
As the Heldn.b ba!Wd up and
~w11y from the fight~ rudd.en cloud
oh·uh!ad! itre.aked up to engolf
it, t earing. in h.elli!h body a.pan and
hurliq_ the wrf!ckllge away into the
ruins. Dunor glutced back to tee
Ded n::ius-rho's Skimii !pillinginto tlte
·1q1me, unoke nm drifting from the
Jcuus ma)" of their lead Dtme.cnwler.


'OD b:rothtr!...
exlt-oned Dl:mor.
'Wipe th!m out!'

A traitor Rhino grotmd to a halt be:for.t
him. mid the Cb11pl11i:n booited onto in
roof. Anhe tacl(s. top !web bent ope:n.
ha baou!:ered his crozics arellmm! into
tbe face of the fim rmegade to tmerg.e..
hurling him bad into his 11ccutnd
c.onuadtt. Dun.or primed a krak
grenMe and sem it after tl!.e maimed,
traitor. luphlg a~· opon die. blWllg·

wi11e-. nfhi:~jnmtt r11rt, jn tt 'h,o.for ~ t~
mlk exploded.

.4'lg1J1,,Mdf.8 riditllWIJVl.iltgojfoJhishead,
IJ"hat ,iudilizdh,jors~:ita ila iM?~ v as ii, n-,mr,artJlgiz?
Barixgitisjang;,W..A!igelrifr:mgih, M imeMith ail ids migilt,
carrn., hiser.111ey:,a,n,wt h b,jorflurii~hsqffer,ding
articUf!W,zyffl disgust

He ttl17l,dagaiMr.d;frctflbra Momenm, alla t o ~ r«J!f!},
u,r.edo ch1r11L1f11,r,bejbritad.tu.n!clt-ridd11tiraw,md
u~Ie:ctardrn~w!be.rei.<ariksiullisivlmiotofsome-;ast!ra:; ie,JM; !'tmaba!,Jl&.igilthtotgfrc1f'lfts
ratdzetx,(lilfgtmd1MTble!,tep:;i,edi:p rD a ma11SUoruhrc~am,.wMdw-ir.ilaitaJJ-seein,:;}~..4.jlgltr,;rood)efcri!. His brotil,rTiw.4reil·
uaitorJlqrus.Liq:u,alS~i1:tit1Sfag,srv:sdmc~ortaS tu

pC'l6:e1-bJoauf!ltt!'.tercoki/jr.ecl4irathilt! in mockmgm1flai.101t
Horus1>r1f1.stp}ar.iiit.aJJhisP.igAf..b!qod;po.uerv-.-t,c!!!itislip5, was ;mpdedir. tllrn &lpOlltM 1YarmasttK'raic11.As >i, i.JOlf.bWcl
~fnili.Z.lttfl1ri.fon,ii.rh itisti"1tit,Misad strtu:itv.£killmgblov.
JM 1Yarm.asUMasdsad TMlll!Pl"r iwm,.;as 5a\'ld.

What tric.h7JK/ll this?TM mow:em '1!1si!at.itJnzJ.monrcsai!~

P,tmar,iitis M!U1a.: i>i, trai;o,:newrga ct ac.kibtg:atat .iw!i!.
Sanguinhq,uJJ,diiish,ad&l!-k,tit, ;r,apcmkkfflc,ohisjub!t 's


Wirh zha! la!rtkQJigiu.bro1hex::iall1tmUolls,br.iokis·back
afflidsttM t,;airot:fflisadslam,.a s,r111.-mil,spm1dingcrosjjis'
ftamrem U liMv pu1t1/l! mr.. i1t d.aJJt.

As be arced upwa.rds~ Cm:plaill D aU!Gl'
could tee tbai the fal\'softbe Death
Cctmpany l\'!re closing upon the duoat
of the Crimson S1a.igh1a hon. DMeos
of uaiton had ;:piUed from thtir
wrecked u-an.spom. many stumbling a
fnq>aces bo..fore e::.ploding m1mi):yo1!.lllg amid pyres of mi.aald :fire.
The. mt fough; tin comued bum.
ha.eking. bludie-onu:lg md bla..uir.lg the
Death Company while screaming their
m:ued oftte Emperor·s serv&:ia. But
wi.tb more Imperial force;. mit'lflg
t\'!l}' minu.te. the ba.w!:te of the battle
hut tip.ped. It could only be. ~ ma.tter
of time before the lasl of the Crinuon
Slaugb.m l\·ere cut down.

Arid theo, as DWl01 landed once more
att:iid the bloodsl:ed att.d ma.yh:tti oftbe
h"ttl'!, the l\'!stem wall of the temple
blel\' out l\itb ~ mi~· boom. Rub-b!e
!pilled.outward;. m~ y m
, m.-a!:.anclte.
Tn·u'~ columns of annbglan md
circuitty lopp?ed, spatkiog, to !hatter
ig;ain11 the feuomte. Dust billowed ou1
in ~ chobttg 'l\'~"a.
Fmm miid the ruin swged II trio ,of
L!lld ~idm, tracks churning.
L:s they rurged icron the tumbled
masonry ~11,d datutacks. A handful of
De11th Company Marinu l\·ere. a;ught
in ·their pub. Sli!I bilibwie<i fn rubble,
l:l:4 th-e tanks' lascunons spat brijht ofkillinge1mgy at thm as tMr
1nrged Daenor cursed a;. bt 5a1\.
that these foes, at least. n·ould mW
good the.if esape. The Blood A.ngd;.
haid nothing in the ,'ldnity tha.t could
ca,:cb tl:mn..
·L,e1 ttiem go: came .o..siomh'n'01ce..

note tht a.1: through
the m11dl!.!u of th<? swvit'll'Jg Death
Com.ptn)·. ·CM* them ~ m ltct moce.
foe !lip .amy. Ftni!b tbU fight. a.c,:d ttt
tbe coward;. flee.·
l: commending


It is rart for flit Soas ofS.n;viai• s to lost ·mort lbu a haadfol of bro(~1!rs to illt Black R~ tt a tim.t, for only under illt
m.ost e:rtreme stress do the .stroag-willed Blood Ang:th fall. \'et Utat was trllat llad llappued i:a tile Diamor System.c, mleo. tit
traitor leadtr XorpbJis• Warp-spaITT1td storm seat almost the ,ea tin 5th Company info Hn dutclles of ft.e Flatr.
For-many m0t:ths, the High Ch.a_phin ofthe B?ood.4.!lge!s
h~.d- bem a driving force behlt.d the ongoing fortification of directing hit brothers md tbe uriving wurfou ofthe
Sbcce:s01Cbapten ill !horin.g their \\·odd uid inmoatls tg;ainst
the cominptonn ofHive Flut Leviathan. Yetl\'h~ tl!.e cry
for illid came from the Diam.or Sy!ttm. A!tora.tb the Grim f.?h
a presem:imtnl ofmrible danger ~ O\'tl him liltd knew
Wt he ll!U!t· &!.!wtr lhi.! iuzn.n:ions. A.u omh :erutd something
drudful z:t V.1)rlt, son:mhing 'l\'Ou!d ~e all that bisCbapta
hlld labOW!d fnr tu:med to .uh 1bould they fail tn uop ft.
Yet -nitb ~ heavy htan. be h!ard also the Sor!g of tlte Lou
llithil:! his mind. md knew that this battl! would co~ llWl)'
ofhi.s brothm theiJ' miltdJ: and sO'Uls. Such ~s ~hn.ys~...ll
the bcrderJ of A:tontb the Grim. to Y"..l! sorrow of his
b.rO'!bm· faUbefore e.\'ell they knoll· of'it at.1d to bw it for them
unto th~ bin-er md.-


Anorz:!h s~1t rt-o hiltt ofh?s-dire prmotlitions u. he ordered his
force ~ssembled,. drawieg \TUOon iiom the fonrengwbons
and pkltet li1m oftbe 9z.aJ S.)'!ttm md rudying them to !uike
forth into the nan. Hu mike forcs! l\-as built a.rout1d tb.e: bittEe·
brothers ofths 5th Company. ropponed by elenwtt from the
Cbapt:?r Armoury arid th~ Scout blothen. ofthe lOth.. Those
"\\rarriors embuked their t\TID. Strike Croism: full of coble
detmnirJa.tion to make war apon the Im~.Ifum'! foes.a.J:!ld
protect tht mnn1:s ofthe Emperor from.hum.

To a. man. they· for~' ba.ttl~. DO matta hon'
cmib!e. All had mtnesv.dth-e n-orksofhueti.c.!., and b:lew
J:owto destroy d:-em.. for all their comticti.on. and for
ill ..\stonth'1dread forebodit:ig.. n.oee could bve pttdicted
the horron Wt l\llo!d befall the brothers ofll:e S.ttiupon
trallslatint from the \Va.!]) tbe Diam.or Syw.m.

• • •

• •


The. Strike!d i::01 even ·unsluouded their gwa or
wokm ll:e macliirle spf.ritufttl.air a.ngars wbm the psychic
stonn !Dgulfed them. n e· n:ommt their Gel~u fiddidrop~d.
hO'llo'lin.S Warp tt'Uglu flomdacro ss their hulls and nud
uc:kling dot\'ll. their corridon. Kil~idoscopk lightning danc.~
onr !parlci!lg hulls, ,rhile boilieg douds of ectoplasm f~ed
l RrirJg faces in the. void. Ev~ Bl,ood Angel a.boud those
craft m(bem b)· horrific t'lsion.s~perve.nioru.ofthe battle
foJ' the Emperor's palace irl ,rhich fire rairled from the ikiMu.d the At:!geJ lay bloodied ~d br.oV..n amid the rubble..
Madtle.u raced through th.e ranb lib wildfire. battle.-brothm:
be'.Uowieg in ruddm, 1:mcor.ztrol~ble fw1· or colltp~ into
fu_gue states in 1M corrid.on acd u.Us of their i hip!.. Some

ram~ged from chamber to chamber. comtinced tJ, the)·
fo11ght upon the Bittl! Barge ofU!fe Arch-traitor him.self. Crel\1
urfs aM Sm'lton v.we torn apm by tht Jost brothm. Ship
S}'Stmu failed as the Blood Angels turned upori their own
craft, w:I only tha mifhnd counigeow £·emion ofW
Death Company CUpl.aW prtvai.ted du~m.r from becoming
all ouM!aughm.

As.tomb and his CUp~iru m:O\'ed M>lebmly atnonpt the Ion
brodsm, te.wtimng their fwy ~ .g~tbering fltem together
Wh&e l\1ltdi ofs.oUlce ~d c11!m n'Ett required. they weu
gh.·m. Wbeu tost b,"oU!m l!eed!d to be phy!icilly retrained.
the Chzptaim did their dury with str~gth and courage. 11
"\'ra!dw Wt 11btlost all of the 5-tb Com~y b11d f.tlhn to tbe
Thw. So great -n·11s tMir s.oncm• \hat the swvit'ors bunted 10
ru!b nra.ight to battle aed tear Wir eniemiu limb from limb. they awh'!d dom1. d:eir nge liltd 11tte.nded to their
dutie! to TM fall~ ?on·-er aanour l.lld tmupon ,·Wcle! \\-ere
.rep11il!.ted in lShe.o b~ck. daubed with the red c.romsofthe
Lost Ozih pa.pen were affixed. z.nd fin.11lbeoedktioris 1poim
O\ttt !h.aking, mumring warriors. Jump p.?<knr.d-clo1a.comb0t
w.i:apomy W?J"e brou.p!l from storage l'lith grut ceremoey
~ USU!dto the Lon forth~ &11}ban!~. By the ti::ne the
Blood loosed W. fury of their falltri brethmi t.'JIOl'l
Lord Xorphl!S' fo.rces, they v.ire n.o mae rabble ofhma.rics.,
001 the A.rmy ofDea.tb, t. wu.por. forged in lonuid fury Wt
would mr tbe bean from. tt~il ermnies be.fore finally be~
de..troyed mram
























Whea b1ttlt-brofhn joia tllt l>tatlt·. tby forsake-prrriou.s s.qud orgaaisation, ud loyalty. lostead, the!· nt
formed Ullo ad-lloc brothtrtloods by CIHpJaias. Thtse squds are eamed afttr uy suior-ruldillg batdt-brotlau
a.moD.gst thtir, as litre fb trarriors wllo follow~ Dae.nor iato battle on Amtthal.

D!&b Compmy


Lost Brothen


t:ost Brothen·


Dea.tb Company Dmdnoagh1

Dmh Company ..Dru.dr!ougbt



Sto-mmv.m d~bip

-stomirav!e Gum.hip





Tihe ofthe D~tb
Cotnplll.y U!llundu W puniew
of the .Chz.pttr Reclusiattt. The!-!

doo:ned v.-miors '!t)lded to \\'M by
Cha.plains. wtlou duty it is to eniW'a

their find ,icrifice b11-n·onhy oce. To
si:ptifythis m:w ~UegU!ece.. to show~
d·epfflUie from their prn'!ou.s company.
acd tt1 rd!ect the mournful l!.atur.e of
their plight the lost brotll.m aH cltd
11n mbtao:.

Cft..mson. saltiresdto:0111te tlte armour mt.d l'1:eaporu ,oftbe Dmb. Company. !igcifyili_g,
the sl:ed btood ofS~us.

Death Company umour i!.no less ornate for its beam~!-afflictio.a, ror bis role in b~ is as honoand
bones iymbolicoftbe Reci'usiam fe-ature l!.e~il}'. as do the btood drops a!wciz:t-M with the Chaptu.



45 it ismgjc..

The skullsd!ld





Tihi: ,•.-upon ea.step of the DeNh Company l!n blood red. as opp.tised to the !t!m
bkcit oftlu>s, cmi,d by the b<lll•-brotheu ofthe other compwes


;.l ,µ




El'Jp:a:t1ed flayed muKul.dure gitra: II turifyUlg.lapect.


r • l.!1

• •



Death Company tnJUports no com~y or marlcin.g!., for s.uc.h i:nformatioa no loog-!! ha1 m~alling. to their
panen,gen. How'e\•U, W Cb11pt:r icmdutill<iiijm.yed: a5 ue s!ogzM m:id Dea.tb,Compaeytjcon:ography,

\rPhid• ffll'fflPl?ll<i r-;,n



upoc uansporu ,o tld comrrtandm
in id:m1U)'llli uil!cb Death Comp·;my


bartle-brocbm are \\ilhin,

The Dr~dnouglu brotbm ofthe
Death :Company hat-e their hull~
pa!l!.ted black 10 l!l.!1cb the umour
ofthu litingbroth.en. Theat pl.atmg:
L!furthe.r decoraud "nilhmorbid
fconognpby .a:,:i~ Hhirn.







»> ASC 001-039

Tilt Blood AD.gels: made all s.peed for tb Dimor S~-stem. Oa boud tlltir S1ritt cnwus.,. tlley prepared to brila:g: battle
to tile bated Bl:atk L,egi.oa.. nemy was t•e produc1 of B<1t'1I.$' pt.rfidy. and tb SOD! of tlit A•g_el tttrt read~· to
p•nis• the.m for tllt.i:r treacbry_ \'tt tbey l'rtre to emergt str~t into tile jaW'S or as iD..Sidiou trap.

At the time oftbe Blood Angeb' u.Tn:al. tbe Dfat:lor System
bad already been plunged into a si:n-age l\'af. its ·m tled \TOrldt
bun:ed. and many millions. of Imperial 1m-ants lay dwi z.t the
ha.eds. oftht wors.bippen oftbe Duk ~ds.
It had be@lll with pin.tica! ~mW by BlackLep.on aafi uottt1d
l'.lte sixth pian.a1: 'm the Diamor Synem. th'! ~pi world of Peri.do1.
Paw ofB~d:Legioe croi!-".n emeirg:ed fro-:n the du!~ astfl'oid
fiddofthe Zircon Sprav.i wl. bey:n sttimlg& the enont10-us
gram bargu tbz.t \\;illowed irl Pe:rid.of orbit It wz.s O!.~ craft
!:hit ferried food suwtits to tit! rest ofthe Diamar Sy$ttm, and
dt>:ir suniwi l\'as paramount. The plme't'sdefwdm lwi fought
back ll ben they c.omd. de:f!lt'Ce l.a?anspittirig fire tt-! ~ ·
wtnle Liyitnirig sq,'lladtoru scrambled from a.irfiddsmongit the.
ot«n.S of game-crops. For all the 1:eroics ofthose pilots,
tlt>:ir numben bad be<m miftlywin:iwwed. while the Chtos
CJ"Chmcontirrued to raid with impunity.
Ac Imperial response had not be:e.o !ocg in colll.Ulg. The syt1em
cl.pita! wa!- the huge half-pluie. of r ommalid. a ,stn.nge retie of
l'.lt<: Orea. Crusade Wt bol.S<ed an entire bun.isphere ofoa\'a!
,sb.ipyards. gra\1-hi,"eu:id voidboucd ttru<ttll'es. Tourmalid V.'a!
an opmtionai for the wuships ofBttdefle<etObSCW"U!..

po~d by the lossofPuidoi arid it! barge fl-eet. Morecwer. his
irlf.amous in nt stolid by r.h: thur audacity ofth.e Chl:oo
utac.k. Bellot\ingtbat it simply wowd not I>! borne. the Lord
Adm.i!a! de!pucbed almost tbe entirety ofhl!- plm*'sna\~
nrt?!.yh to protect his·syuem·,supp~· lilm.

It was II commm-d.tbly swifu.l!d decisivemO\-·e, made for rolid
su,m.!)t reason... ll l\•as ab.o p!ed;aiy u-bat the Cbaos forces
were~ for. Melting bbcJi: into the covtr of the Zirto11
Spran•L the Bb.d:Leg£on cruh en begui. t a.t~· fipll,
forcing.the Imperial Na\,y ,o spelld their stmlgth hunting for
u.rgm uid d!feidmg the \ilk::enble com'OysofP!ridosfari
-grain buges. With the uemy Ileetcommitted eistn'b:ee,tbe
main Chaos armad! broke from the W lllp md de!t~ upo.ll
tbe icduruicJ n·01ld oflolme.
Lord Admiral GGrdui and bis court could ol'liy u·itc:h in honor
z.i the oftbe Bla.d:L~ion .md their Word Bearer ~llies
!laug!uerid the def&!dm ofloline '!pari-polu hi\'U. Wor~ l\'iU
to come as.. rath~ thtn Ja:w:ch II connntionz.l assault a~UI.~
the v.•orld'ssomh:m bemisphe-re. the Chzo.; im·~dm !imply
dep?oy~ loli!!.':.·3atomic uucal agailln it Ot:1e hllif ofthe old
illduuriz.J v.'Odd tore d:e othu half apan ill a hideous act of

<ll'ld .t., -q_nrh. it u..,., " 1lM m•;,r h)• i>bn...r.i,ry f"-,,"''""'nr f'-,nflh,~. "

ulf-imml\l11rit11\. IP11d'llehillinon~ rl.P11d ;u,d tti.. in."-at!Pr, firmlr

form:1 Lord Admiral ofthe lmperia! Nw,·. Thll beroit \'mn.n
oh'Oid l\'arfart recop1ised the mrib?e tfo.reat to bi1 !y:stem

ill pones!ionofloline'spo!.ar rn..aJ!.~ctorunu. Tbey wasted Ill>
time in con\rtrting these through dark rituaJ uid arcane science.


creating mon>U'om Dwc'on E11gflt! riu thit :\\'oofd
pro,,;de ~ itu.dy ttrum ofrein!rm:emetru for the 17.'ar to coma.
T:ho1e ea..rly assaults "·ere. bu.1 Zi pnamble. the fouz::dlltiorn
upon which the true Chaos ~&ck would be built. NO\\' the
traiton turned their attentioc to Uleir mJ god tM cursed
p;mdi!-e ofAmetbat
A. huge 11t:1d idyllic guden "·or!d l'lith II htunan-comp111ible
biosphue, sboWd h.a\.'"e bew th! jel\·ei ie the crown
oif the or Sy!-t~ In.s1e11d, it had long be.!XI ac enigm11
to be feuad. Asuop,u bs tnd Nln•iga.ton coWd say
only W1 there " '.U some1bU!lg '"'rong' with A.methal, the
!.eC:Se of a nu s1arint eye ocdo.d!d by z. my!-teriow \'eil.
Though numerou!- ~nempn had. be~ made to colonise
.Uetha.1 o\·er the centuriu. none hz.d been :s:occe,!-sful TI!.!
planet's beautiful meadows, !usb foruts, ob\.-ious mineral
,nalth and teemil!,g ocea.n1 begged to be u:pioited by th!
Rpacious Imperium. But lib a stm•ing man presented
"·nh II poisoned apple. a sicgle bite prO\•ed lethal. Within
houn of landing upon Ameth11l. hume.n colonim reported
na.u.s1::a. dizziness, t.nd crippling; 'he.adaclm. Auditory liltd
virua.l halludnations follo\nd, .eccompanied by iru.omll.W.
disioc.ation and puanoi11. Tb •onge·n my prefab i nt!emun
had !a.sted on Ametha! was two weeks. By the end of that
ti:me every Jut colonis.t bad eith:u killed themselves. or
been 1lai.l! by the othen.
A.methal htd thus re.m.ained uns,mled 11!:ld unexplored until
just month befou the Chaos tnvMion. It l\'IIS .at th.a1 time
tlut T,.r l111n.1.rrhio,nlnei•t 'Onmin1, • Twr(1\t1J1,ht1l'I :uri~·"'1 11t

the head of a huge Explorator fliecN from. the forge "·orld of
Metalka. Thou_gh the Magos bad dee.lined to !hm with

Lord •.\iimiral Gordw the Urure of bis wo'rk, he.h11d iruisl!ed
that his. forca. be permitted to tar.d upoi2 Am.etha! md to
txca\·m in :s:wf11ce as they .sal\· fit. Di!missil!g wunings
that the world wa.s cursed, tbe Metalkaes pr,amd .aheid,
landiJ!g prefabricated macrotemples, fof!e factorums.
exm1.sin def~ces and huge excavator machines. They wue
.a.ccompanied to the surface byhundr!ds oithowands. of
Skiwii. Elecuo-Prlem md Combtt Servitors. as we!l as
11 .sizeable force of Knights. from the Mec.hmkus-aligaed
Hou.~ R11\·m.

'mxt RIAD\' FOR WAR_lf\f SE,R\'ANTS. TRI
p I

h-amophon ~ his·er:~,:d no time i:n e;c.a.bli!hin.t
cw.5!\•urcheo1edmotogi(i! dig~at keytitesacron tile northern
and iouth:m h.mi:phere of•.:\moetbal. h m! d.w that th!y soog;ht
somettcing beneafh W s.urlac.~pedlaps. so:neau:km teclmolon :
ot powuful: weapoc. They Wo seemed to expect for tbetr
fortification lmes l';m fomtidable. .and the b!ad:tt:-ed. killzoaes.
they b~t~ out ,1110-ur.d eadl oithei.r encknscould be !-!et from
sp«e.. The mv..hiee ipiriuofclt~ Mmlian mbCJ'o;emples linbd
aoo~pbmaliy aaon the glob-?. d1Ul?Ul'ilg tbr~ ~ s rW?t3
ofdata as they n-otk!d Ol!. som.e g.rarid co::uputttionzJ. co-ncndrum.

",m.. M,.,Nm;m, t1:l'lffl>li. th~·


m.. ,lnwhm ~~·

anrition. oid!eir bto}ogialunin au msonable coMforcCttrinu~
openri<m~ on Ame1bal'sSWce.

Cl:1t ml!siv:ifro:n lv.ut:1op!lon to th;? office of Lord AdmiraJ

Gordus suggentdlhat 11fter many month! oftoU. th<!
\f..rll11T1lm, \\'PrfO. n.r1 r1i ..

=t'"' 11f11 1rr..ihlnri11U1 thl!I' w:mM ti...

of panmount importa11ce to dte Impe1ium. And U::en the B!11ck
Legion and tlteir alliu struck.
By the time the Wpsofthe Blood _<Ulgeh· 5th Compmy broke
WZJP on the edge o:"the Di.amot Syuem. th: Metzlic~ forces
m!l't a.lu11dy fumly oc tht back foot. th: Rele?!tl~!.s.
md II ma.ssi\rtforce of!tis fnfamous CrimM>n S2ught!f. bad
~ttd beadlo:ig combat drops omo Am~·nw,e..
dosing in upoc the M&hllnicus ttca\·ation sitesUld laying
1iegeto their defend.en.

The Blood All;ebh11d barely time to gather the most ba5ic
iuspex m:d wx datll oe W syste!l1! before the memy :wCL
T'\'\-o Strl:t Cruim!.. Angi!fr.Blad1~ F1o.Jlfe0JB0tlib01e
tbe wmion ofthe 5th Company. Aboud both ships. w.nns
hO'tded ~ emerg,mq• lighting strobed madly. Machin-e
1puitt a.tttop1ed to !P'.al Warp tnnSit ;butters. confused br
11'1!:pues flooded nith conflktingda1a. On board both aa.ft,
tbe cloinered Nt\'lpton b11d time to smam in horror before 11
V?at l\'a\'e of wrctrous phantasms !Wd. Thts n. no rm:dom
tram.!.l~on ca.wtrophe. but rather a. W~sp11'1\~ed psycltic
stctnri conjured by the Blad: Legio:n Lord Xorphas.
who!-: flagship. the S~gia)t.B,a.nh.ed n-aiud in ambl:lsh n'ithin
five hundred mil,u ofthe BloodAnge!s·emagmce point.
BOJo"l\ing;tnw:i.derttead.s o!tutt.ytl!lllyit nowiMaroUI!d t!lt
Bt,ood .4.ft];els •!h.ipsand ·;;objected those on boud 10 hideous
psychici~tult. Crew blots "\\·ailed ill 1mw a.s their craft
bucked madly uound them and \\1!.ird pba.ntasm.s whirled
bdittd their eyes. Yet n·one bf f.u were &.e psychiotorm's
eff.Kts upon tba Blood Angels. &:l! b11M-brom:er wi!.

transponed irl ~ instant to the dz:r.kest hours oflhe siege of
Tena. Tbey v.itnaued !.cmming Daemons on eve1y side.
tti... u •.dlH1ftl-,,. Rinri'"'mr·, ri~b ,,. tnl"J'lil'lg il'I fuu11,.,. 11nd thP

godlik..: appuition ofHonn, l.a.o.ghin;. triwnphmtly in th:
btuning ikiesabove. \Vo.nt ofLU. each oftbetn 2wSanguinilu
lying broken ~ the ruin of ti>.e Emperor's drums. stain. by
the tta.itor·shz.nds. A frn-. those of exceptiona.J.1y urorig will
or posmsedofthe full wisdom oftbe RechaWn. ·n-ere ible to
endtiR. ofnoble battle-brothers did riot. Wir sWry
;;hatterillg: a.s the Blaclc ~ge .ro~ up from their souh to them. Byd:e time the cur!.e-storm finally dinipaml on))·
Asmaih the C-rim, the stash-frozt!!!ain Lem.anes, al!d ii
handful oflibrari.aiu.• Ve-tmm ~ Death Company Chapla.i!ll
rem.aiMd slll!e. The Strike Cruim! thense!Ves trm panlyied,
their htlot crrn·!. St'Ullll!d by tte !.hod: of what had be.fllllm
Wm. At Wt thi! C~o: fiapbipmiglrt ha.tie struck
11:td atlllihifated rts \tktilns whil: reigned upon the
Saik.e Cruim: ·!two1uw:kno\\11, ~mg bact. The timely mival ofthoS:
!hipsde~lltc:htd byComm!!ld-:1' Dar.te - Strik! Cnrim;; md
ucortsbearing th! '2nd Complll!.y and a lufeportion oftte Jg ?awthe Chao!. bllttle!l!..1) mr~ !~1."' .md mi.set}' irl M.
\\ili. Ou:tra.;ed at the haaon Wt had beel. ,nought. CapW!tS
Kula.en l:nd AJ)bllel form...d II cordon ofdtipsuound their nrid:m
brothen attd d--...:plltehed their Chap!.aim and ,•:term
to help retore or&r. l\>astb beS1 pan ofa. day beiole the
nnvty ~lm Delllh Com.pall}· - nearly oeie ~ moQ,g - couJd
be ph:ered. mned Llld armou:rtd ~ befitted their da::nMd
mrus. During that time. Kad11en. !.pob ,-;a a.::ttopllthk me~
mth Lord At!minl Gorou:i. and \\ith Domfnu:. J\'11•oopbo13 oo
Amt1hal. A plan ofllction "l\·asswifilye!Uibliil:ed.~ Karlllen
w.we tlw be would S!etbe Blad:I:egion _pty for their heinous a.a.

.4..ft~ d.e:<:patthing an honour guard to Tow:m.ilid to proaa thi!
Lord Admiral, the prittwy strell:,• ofW. Blood A11geluberi

Skimming low o\'er woods~ .rh'ffl in their black-bull~
Stonnr~ecs. the Detth Compu;y fellopon Krar.on·s

rl.Tn,i- Ut"ai?;hf fr. 4mnhJ.1 h 1.a~o.rl!Mtfo•ri th11t thi, ti.?t\ fhp

fou·P~i ~ 11 fPtnri"n~ <11'l'Jl-fi 1t"' ;,nul' ThPy Wl'rP lp,ri b!'

er.,o,'1true objecti\ie.a.nd that with their emw sore~' ttey
1'.z.d paMps hoped to pmrmt tte Blood Angeli from interrWft!
in the battle. First Captain Karlam -n·asgl:Zld to disappoint W!'.11.
Th~ five exca\'a.tion sites dotted icrou Anmhal were dw!)•

the m-us of primary on th~ plar!efs .swftce. b!!'iing
borne the brunt of the Chlos assulh, md ro the Blood At:!ge!s
forces w,ue spin btt«een tbem.. The thJtt sita in the nonbem
hemisphere bad been desi_g:nated by the Meialicans as Hubs
A.lpha.-Prime, Bm.-Sromdus W Coptis· Tmim. To the
!.OOth wm Hubs Dudz.lw:-Quutos and Enigmw:-Qufnm.
A.U l\'m beiet b.y Lord' Crim.son: Slaugluu alliu.
bm Beu. SeClllldu!- md E;nipnw-Quintus required tl:e moSJ
immediate. 11fd:. The fomm bad been all but O\'fflllll by Kranon
the Re!emleisaio.d his penollal ,gu.ud, who were reponed
to ~ exhibiting tlllusual le\1elsof !tipmtZtun.l ·1.ttagtb a:id
fortitude Wt the Mech.anicm be)iwed lfnbd to a biddm
power W:t lay bae.ath the pl.anet:s !W'Ulce.. Mearin·hi!e. M11goi
t<t·asnophoc n i in perwcal command oftbe forces fighting at
EJ!.igmus-Qml!.ru.s, md dan.mded immedia.u .ar;dience with
Ca.~a.ill K111fam Thf: ~gos cJ9Jlled be-n·as ill possmion
ohitlll strategic infonnatioG, bat,Wt this m..s so !ens:ith·eit
could not~ e.clt.anged e\>'U ,'la er:mypted ,,ox.

U.rJt.Ue m::iauu Bt-ood Angel! sU1k.e rorces ,pt1t omo oppose
the Crimson Sl11ughm !lsewtme.. Karla en !ed hls Arcb11»gels
ta Enigmw-Qtrintus. and the entire new!yaeated De.ath dacatded upon Kranon and his Crim.son Sl.au_?bt:rforcesat Bet11-SeCW!;dns.


assorunmt of Imo et: Astomh tl:e Grim, hefting his
ue<·s axe: Chaplain L.uo.artes. !.baking. mth~
perpero.d grip of the Bl.ed, :Rage: t.nd the !.Ombre Death
C<1mp11ny Chaplllin. D11enor and his btethrec ofthe
Redusia.m. It was the~ legenduy wwi<1rs who led the way
as th-e Deatb Compllll.y leapt ir<1m the asu-ult ramps of the:ir
Stormnncs l!lld plt1J!!ed into battle..

Kranoc .md hi!. foUol\' br!ached the defmce.
lin5 and bw-!ed lhtili enemies back to the \-e!')' edge ofthe di;_g.
me.. In pan, this hz.d been due to a stra:1ge mmtifem.tiOl!. of
unnatural pol\'ID amoagst tb-e Crim!-00 Slz:ughm. something
an orde.r ofmagllitut!e greater thtn the polmgeiutctivity
pm'i<1mlydocumemed to occur in theis presmce. Renegade
Space Marine,; htd hem wium!.ed lifting and bwilng ~su
Dunwamen. !hruJ~g offdiree1 hits from new-on l!lt-d
ripping open fmomu ba.sti,u:is with th~ boare ht.nds. Yath.e.
tra.'ton' pon·er appeared tmsnble. r,,.miy ofth,em hzd burned
t.'P irl its fires by th.e time tbe Dutb Company stroCL
The b!ack-umoured Blood A.rigeh dropped in three distinct
groups. ?ed ti)· Astorath. Lem:111te.s and Daeeor m.pea:i\·ely. The
firs, m:o ofthote youpi !11t1d!ed on the edge oftl:e blait.ed kill
t.Ol!.e ounide the Mecbani.cus d.efates, suppontd by be:U<1w!l!g
Den!:! compariy Dreadnooghts. They 111 Jump pack!
and somd rniftlyiruo bttt!!, mllking for-n11.ere the Crimwn
Slaugluer lw1 <wmun. th! 4,:.fen-ces !-0 re,c~tly iaiud from the
Metalic.ans. 0aeit,O£ ll!d the mird group slammed down mtd!t
th~ rubblMtrawn sueeu, n~ to the exa.vztiOl!. site iu.elfaDd

the sun.'?\intMKUtticus dd~e:.r~ C'Wded. by tbe moh!.te
\\;Uoftheii Chaplain. lheseD~th Com~· Mirilm thsrn'
h.-orlr rl!io, .(:rim~" s;.btifh.t""' oilt1 Wl"TP f'lll"'O;({ll! in ,ati'.llll'h fhp

e:xavm.oa site. arid n.llied the 11l!'Vl\'ing Meta!ic.a1n..
From a positiotl ofoeu -victory. Kranon attd his \\il!Tion
1udd~· found thmiseh·ubeset fr,om both ~ides. They wer-e
m.-pped ~rm:, the daf:n.ct lines ~er had tu'..e.n. forced omo the
de:fmsivet\e'hile tbe Detth Company aed their allia cZJVed into
them from both !idnIt .n~ a brutal fight. ofDaunon Engilm, stol'lltlag
ow to e~age conciav-e~ofD,m b Company Dnadnoug,lus
whi!e l\ings ofStormra.tu GuruJrips streaked back ill!d forth
otiwh~d. mafing th~ traitors witb !:tat'}· fin.. Three rimes.
the Chaos forces an~pted to drive memies oif. They met et-eh tin:e with the. controlled fuodty of the Dea1h
Cctmpuiy and its tord$.. Z!!.-d l\· frurled Nck UI cfuuray.
After the third ruch defeat, with Diienor'~ spearhead hacking
their l\·ar through bis followmamidsi tl:.e buekers Zlld
ttttcb·llit~s. Kranon th-e Re!entles ! !taged a t!fdous btuli:out.
Th.e remau!du of the Crim ton Slaugh.tu were not
Death Company wurion ripped their foes a.pz.n like rag dolls, hemming tltw il:i and
o\:-a\\t.e.!ming that:1 through sheer brute force. nose
fen-.Crimson Sla.~hter \\'ho escaped the Bloo<i Angels·
enc1rt.tement rui to the wa.1ung M etallcat1 SldtN'!J. r!d.:1le4
wi.lh U:on or nporiud by e.ttergy beami. By th~ time the
JUD! fell si!em uoW!d Hub Betz-Secundus. many ofth.e
Death Company ~d yea.t m11tbes of th-e Mecbacicm
~son had bee.n !lain. but ofth.e Crlttl1on Sllugbm. not?.
,irtgle cursed wurlor remained ali\•e..

10 fortw::late.


.,. &SEGMENTEHGAG.£0010110010101 ..H

~ (MO:




~ ~cts
o:wdlrtne!_d •lo be
l<Jwm.,!e 1conogniphy


llilJ9Ul'Y· Pfesc:noc d Pul?:olli, Ht:fl!licus ~ s fsu!,,rd:
KhAm 1hc! &trayer'J
confirmed .'llt"IOl'fil::I ltaitor
lllilh exi~
:i,:.c:ts mioirral dnd
Ul'ilSIJpPOrtcd adv:ir,c:e ~ plont!(my
e ~ ctNelCIJIC-

ASC 041-45: Corbrnalion
of b:ussoll ~ p.T.iem by
Kho'M!c lbfOell so sae:l:ir HM.330 / twmty mile$ ~e:i=a
of Hub 8c:1:t-Seicurd11!1.
Kho!rsdc! drop ong:,getd by Met.:ili::.'tn
:md ~ights d Hixr..e R:sven • , ~ motilised
defemd- of ~ m!IC'. lnlti.:d
11100 in Mellllitm f3'>'0Ur. Al MC 44, Situation
d ~ iil~
~ lllnding

d. t<Mm :end Stlpef..:tie.:,vy d:,,emon cnijnes
td: lon:1 of SkubJ.


ASC 048-53: khornar.c forces bn:.:ith hub beb•scwndus
pmimc:tief i,nd i,dv.:.ncc through fl!tll
grids. Oc:ilh ClOITlpOfly le.'ldent-ip • persumel L!!cb-R!f:
Ch.ipllffi ~lh.
Chll!plain L=~. ~lh Cbmp:,11)' Ch~in
Daeriorj etthe!llr:lk
ordered rdm:11
befc:tt CM!ntAiclmklg
enoiny force.
le nearly
100% ~
- iit:blir;g
- e i,juries
,u ch;,pl'.lin daclll:lf during cem~t with
l'IJ.m - hi~ "'"Cl""" ,......_
"'""" io..,,,- r.......... r,::. fww
long anougli f<lf 11!90 rrelalica reirkn:emenb
IIO cn!(!r

ang :lig-11 Zl:lrlc.

b :11. (Cl'!Mllfl!!I o( do:,U, cc,np:sny forces fl¥1!a!Qlc
cng:igernc111 : ~ I ~
poifll'$ 2728 I 3221 1 5454) by
S1amr.1Yl:('I Sqimdu:n OepiaymenL le!gio rnce.,l,c:.:, eng.,ge main
strangth d khom;,10 t'orat In violmt
urb:in ~:,qeme~.
Cmsu:dly R36os.: 39% Met:Aica ~llie!I.
74% Khomote cmunlfiell.
Kh:Jmlsle FORCEDHetu
from HJ:i
BelltoSeo.m!lls, ~ e s into rnidng
psties lhllt Obl!\l pt
Mc<t:dit:11n ho\:lin95 oo dl.l!li.•pt:in!I
~ of H111 Bctt.:,,Secundus
X23YIX27U l'eo3rds .'lcx:ounis or seioond:sy idons

ASC 054{)S7~

lll'llf tolla!ensl

J.SC OS8-08Q:





soou~ ~


aool:s n ~ :s,d 5C1Ulh COllOl'te~
()ppollc:d by
wiwe:r of hcrt:lic
Oepklyed !>'f bi&
rl'Qffl pl:,nC'I loli'ie (!11.Jb·rd: Hex lnfer1111SP, Daemon
&i 11~). l~llin9
of lr:lilor
alfflOllr lkldemiincs


rnorrenlum.. H:illi~

. Enemy Renfon::emcnls


is Slr.:ll•


H•SEGM£NTCONCLUOES0011110010.1 ...._.




Tlte arrival of the Blood Aageb
ba.d changed tht tides oftrar apo•

Ametht.l, m.adt pos.siblt a
c.o:acerttd cov.ater~ffeasin oa
tvotry fro1t lJore«wer, the attaclt
by tht Death upon Hu.b
Beta-SKttadus hd Kra.aoa
the R.eleatltss a.od his elite par<d
hmrted back i• disarny. For a ti:mt, it
loobd u though the war was t•raing
re:soudi1gly ill the hapttium's
fnoar. Wlate the Chaos rt!p,Oas.e
C:alllt, llolff\' tr-, it was denrtafilt.g.

Tiw!.! eng2:g,oed iD l: ibri.efrox-burM with
Wt esca.ped the

l. pair ofStormm.·etU

comba.t zone. They rtponed extraction
ofAstonth. Le.mutes.. .md
Compmy Cha.plait: D.11mor. though
the ~tte l\'lS !e\'i!eiymnu:id*- He is
belin'!dto Jo.we fought the Bettayu. ·

The Blood Angels hui come at W
swnmoes ofTeclmoatcbeo!ogba l\'lltopbon. the leader ofthe
Adepro.s Mecbacicu! on Am.ewl The
Magos hZid hixlted l.t the: duk: secrets
te bm.e\1ed the enemy !ought on - or
rattler bel'.lfftb - this \\'Orld. 1f his guess
"·as right, Captain Kuiam dreaded to
think what failure could mean. Yettbe
Ma_gos • disco\·!rleson Am~! could
also herald an m ~ opportunity fortlte Impml!m ...

Karl11eo:i.'s trlllll oftbcrugbt \\'as broken
11s a seria! of b-c.Us m1s a. j aning salute
a.bow lhe 1emple'sdoor. From the gtocun
emug~d the M11goi Don:iill:u.s, 11 hunched
preseece gliding l.t the head ofll
processi.Ol:! of chanting priea.t:-. A q_uutet
of Servitors hlmbmd Z:t tl:e Magos·
b11ck. bea.rutg betwwi thtm a bclky
contraption ofri\-eted iron, runic pa.nets.
a.od gicwing rube!..

' Karla.en. Word from BmS!omdtu. · A w1tm1 battle-brother
he.ld out ai ornate datasltu:. whkh the
CllpWD oftbe Mchangels too.k l'l.ith a
nod ofthaw. The First Captain fr<il\~ed
as he read tt~ tm. K.utaim·s TamWtor
ho:tt.oo guard wa.,'t...d do\! by. t'hir
bwmd io know , 1'.z.d become of
tbe Dtath Compz.ny, form:wshtd b e~
fr11gn:enud md coottadioo:y !.ince a
Khomate Beet had entered the. syium
;m.d launched a comOOl drop again!it

Hob Beu-Seamd1.a. Afte!di;e.uingW

Sergeant Alphaew !hook bis h~d

'FirnC11ptain.' the Mqo!' \'oice boz.:ud
from bh \-'Ocal emittm. ·you uill ietimd
to law:.d II surpri;.e attack aplrut lbe

il'lf'Drm11ri,111, R'nlAAl! q'ltlka

in ,1nu,.,-p.,np,it

HPr ll'llfi>rninw, mi folin,.?'

'It is a report from Prir.iceps Kadaibi of
the Legio Metzlica. Re confi.rms lmt
tbe attack wa.s cmied om by a Kbamate
ho1de o:'prodigjou;. siv.. The Princeps

'Then his continued w.n·i\~ isz, b!ess:ing

"Afttrn,Ut you M\"e told me. M11·gos?
More tlwl n-u.'

estimttu v t ~ numbm were ttm!.Y
tima tho~e ofthe D eath. Company.
By lhe time his. ba.ttle group reach
Beta-Secwi.dus. tbe majority ofout ion
broth-us vme a!tudy du4.

'The Pr.nceps conflrm.1 the n:uuou
that Khim the Betnyei led the l.n:ack..
WE cannot kilo"' "'hether his mh.·al
is put ofd:? uiemy's plz.m. but .gjve:n
their icexplica.ble strategy W app.ufflt
fuas.lmofpresdmce, I un temptoed. to
beliet·e ft. ·
K.uta.eo trasqufet for a mon:em.,
1tem gaze drnw. Tbe Se.rgwi.t ofhis
Te:rmfmtor SQUZ;d. Brother Alphaeus,
, pobtip into the silence.

from tbe Angel'

' Indeed.' nodd.e-d Karla.en. ' a.M n·e
req'Uire as many oft?loie u we cat:1 get
Vox-:!J)Ons rune.stde uiemy 1'.Zi\·'e
shipped in fn.!h mtve5 o!Dumon from ioiu:e.~
'Mon?' cme of the T~ o n
sa.ld. uow!ing,

·rte Metalial!. W\'m.C-e wo-sstM. HollO\'\'
Patinsula. hu mlled lD dte 00 of tbe
l?!lett!}' reinforcements. u.d 1be Lepo
Metllica blW bem yull.ed from Hub
Baa.-SKl!lldus. It isa.s "·ett.ougtit. \Ve
must nop tbes.e annourM re..inforcemem
from. Jolin!, or m. \\ill !ose Amethil. •
Kul.Mri mi his·hon.ow- guud stood
atop a !.et ofsteel neps. before the ucbed
doomay ofHul> Ecip.a-Quil!.tt1.S
mnp!t prunus.. h-wa.ilca.n muctU1es
rou ori all sides.thti:i smokesudtund
hut ~ e n tluustil:!g the !ty.
Sm•iton. Skitarii a.n.d macbin.e-prlem
bustled pa.1t. ipi.orin; the umomed
demigods-in their t::lidn..

·nm QJ)Wll. \\Mt or Anom?l.



'Some good tmn there. .u least.' replied
K.e.r!.bm. mapping b?ck (O the ~sem
moment. 'Kz.~shi rt-pons wt his Scoui

'Quite~· wbiaed tbe Magos. ' Then bn·e
your T llllle amngeme.rm
to tmt5pon this d!\'?ce aboard your
cbo!at. sp.zceo11ft. My 11cofyte: nillaid.
!l!. iluep:a:tinf in machlite !p£:rit wiih that
ofyocir sltip.'
Karla.m looked dubiously at the tangle: of·
technol ogy bef01e him.
'Whlt '\\ill it do?'
The Magoi h\'Ou:red him with the glz:J::e
ofJ,.is b!ue--lit ere lmses.
'It will render your ~hip invisible, Firn
C~ptain. lt will gin you the element

Days l.atu. and many bUl'.ld!eds of or mnes ll'l\'ay, dJaboUcat
kctors tines chuned. Pi1toru
thum.~d aod poueded. !ubrica.ted
nith ne.amillg blood. F'mg·.m.awed
furnaces roared, mohm bnss
rwuut!!g from their j~,n into moulds

Bf """"u.1Sti11m lll'!l't hnru• J.1,.;,i.~·

i11f~mll1 ,n11r'hfri,,.ri~ ;,l'ltl hHntli"?

f'"Plin~11M qrn,mii,;?- ,1.~ fflP}' hnrn~

industri.a) z.rmz.tuns and bloated
servitors labomed cez.selen!yto
hiWtt!u runu ofbinding into spike·
studded hull pt111u . Rivet guns
\\·hltted. Cb.dns mtled. Connyor
belts of metal u.d. flesbwh.ined
ceaselesslyol), bearing llll.pty Daeraoo
~gicecs towards the ant:iowed
summonillg pen!. Cuhist taboorers
toiled beneath th! crac..Jdog t,uhu
of dteir O\'mun. !ho\re.lting fuel
dngging laden c11m ud hammering
i.roo pat:itls until tl:eir hat:ids bled.
R.l!dioacti\•e rain fell tluough W
!.hanui!d roof oftbe bdf-rui.tted
maaufz.ctorom. !J)lashitig do'l\'tl upon
t!u hop;tless mines Wt laboured
\\·ithitl. The mush,-e building \\·.as
itself just on.e ofmmy. rWs of
crumbling gothlc structtues clus tered
a:ound the feei of the \'a!t W tenibte
Kex lt:!fernium. Thi: wa.s sw:nmoning
amd binding on an obscene ie. Ill!
abomination oftn'ined indwuy.

Wz.-rp tigbt strobed ~dly through the
buHding. An expanding !{Ihm. of ecergy
billowed buweea two bet\')' com•eyor
units. scything thro~ steam-pipn and
exploding nme-mcnisted d.Nastatlo l-1- it
ru!hed outward!. Cultim stt,g:g.end bad:
.ill panic.. bllilded and deaf-m* by the
Uldd~ blooming of the ulepon Oar!.

Dread:n.ou;ht'sing cannon
discharged w!tb II deafening bang.
obli.tenting II kn.ot ofBh<lcLt.pon
overseenu they rumtd into ,iew. BoSt
phtol3mcked. fug grenz.d,es span
through the air to rip Cultist? to gory
ta.uers. Ill under a mitrute. \\-ellonr 01:1e
lumdr<:d Cbaos 1\·or!ltippm were dead.
z.nd the Blood.A.ngels' immedi~e uea.
\\'?.S ccmp!ete!y cle.u.

ll::to this hell flashed die Blood -~~ls
of Strike Fo1te Kullen. Oee moment
the pury.torid drudge ofth.e ettplt'e
factory potmd on. z.s Uhad !ir.c.e loful!'s
!11.ll The nm. lightning crawled across

With a boom. the ,e.tmgies dis!-ip.ated..
lri their place '!stood the finest l\·uriors
ohbt Arc~Dgels: C-11ptain Kuiz.en
and bls hand-picked Te.rmi.naton:
gold-helmed Veter.ans, both Vanguard
and Sternguard~ Mephz.el. a grizzled
Sanguinz.ry Priest: the looming
Dre.-11dt!oogh1. Brotbu Z.on.-eJ. his ftag
cannon primed ~d re-11dy. A~d be:side
them. co les1 tba.n m•enty Sanguillary
Guard. almost the entirety of their
elite order.
~ strib force· sgimt!- tit with fur)·
·before d:-e Chaos foxce: h.!!d: e\'UI
ya!])e4 w, t!lue 9,·ere roe~!!!. mett

mtdst Storm bolt'el'3 howled to life.
drumming sblh imo Culti.m. wbo
txploded lII fountain:. of gore. Hellfue
roUlld! sprayedin-c.ecdi&y fuel won
clusters oftbe foe. Chaos worW_ppe1s

'Brothen.· ~ktd Captain Karla-en.. ·tu
us cot th~ el~ent ofsurprise.
Adnoc.e. attack p11nmi Repli..alim:

The B?ood Acgeismoved: out ~ith W
cool e-fficieccyofnt.erlll!. \\'a.Rion.
he~diog fur the di;.i:ant l\'IIJ'diD! tO'l\'!B
oftbe Hex lciemium. It had been unR.fe
to ttlepon all)' closer to tb~ cyclone o,f
Wt."J) eurgy. but the suu-cture·smigbrr
tol\'e:B madt for aci ur.misUiblt point
ofreferulea. Now Kll!iaffl l.?!.d his
wmton: wet! de.ermined that 1:J:othmg
wollld ~top awn iuctitng ttie l'Jearest
ofm!5t. They mitchedm~
lJ1d cl!.atged pol\-.u cells as th~y \\'ml
l.U1p!:E bwt!S !Wetpillg,ovt to
for urueen threats vnrds1 the. industrial
Wig!~. The Slll'Jguirwy Gtlud ~

V1u1e,il'lrd V#l'PT11ft, rn.nlr rini11.1 M tl!l~ir

.i"il rkl'll ynnT ""'~"~~ nJIC'll'I fh i;c ~,in'°'li

j'a mp packs curled them forn'a!'d!
in ye11t bounding !:ap~ S!Gwu than

groWld mmts de.atb.·

hls compa.i:ifon.s. Brother Zotael took

The Blood Ang!Lsip:iored the ecboi!lg:
\'Oiu. cottcentrating upon th~ w-getin;
runes U' scroile,daaoss their rnirw
displllys.Botu llltd u:eru b!ans spr11yed
OUf\TUds.. matine. a zor;e ofdeath
throupl " 'hich no e.rumy could pa..s.

tearguud duty. w:istoppab!y
be.fP.•een tli:w:idtrulg con\ie.yor belts with
hls sarcophagus tono U?.d:int rig}:.1 and
lut ;in se111ch oftbr~ts.

It 'l\'IIS1t01 long befort the. Blood
Arlgebfound the.nm,lvesun.d.M attack. praise to t.lte. Duk Gods,
monnofC'ultim chuge.d along the
gugways b:°RW"Jl tbe production Jin~;..
lltd cbitwtd along ~trie.s tu!,pended
O\'etbead. Aurogwi. fire rain!d dowt1
oo. th.e. Blood ;\ngels from all sides.
wild !.hots catillllg ftctory !}-ste.msao
shon out a.round them ii:! sbomncf
1parks. As tM m.,-e ofCultisu c!o!;ed
in.. a cruel ,-oke Khoed from huge.
biomachmiuJ speakus strung fi'o:u the

manufactorum·s distant ceilirlg.
'Corp!-e. wormipP"_n,· echoed the \'ofce.
wa.rped by !Ndbac:k and outrage. t:tto
~ dhtoned storm of !.Ound. 'I do not
b:!.ow how you came to innde my
domain ti.ithou.t wanting.WI do no1
can. Just know that you. stand amid
the FOfte$ of\\'upmi.ith Altb!drak.

l'l\"lf~rn,c. hnh !'.111"1• l!.il'ftmo>rji!; rn T'°lin,,.,

th;i: Caltist bord~s to bloody mist. These

"'m n,o ll!lge!s of mercy; they w,ere the

In the cramped confines b!twem the
iedusuiaJ t:nl'thin.eri'::S, the tightly
pacbd Colti.m uood Httte chuica. Ev!ll
those who di\·ed into· CO\'tt soon found
th:m.seh'cs peppmd "ith ihnpnel. or
ell:.'Ulfed in sbee.noffl.ame. Sparts flew
as .gunfire. sqthe.d through suppon
ablas. !tl!.dmg ganu:iu rumbling do"-n \'.at! ofmolten bran . taking !llllV oi h.eretks l\ith them.
Ahhoug:h the &!ml}' cOlltiruled to pour
forwud!.. Cliptain K.u.l.aen n·ould c01
tl!ow his adv;mce to be stalled. With
the. Capwtl at thW :h~d. Assau!t
ienuina.ton cbatte.d fonnrds "ith
tbetr U-ghmlng. '~"·s.sn1ngmgm gory
ucs. They ripped ll pttb through tit!
onrushing foe.diggutg through fle:h ll?ld
booe as though tm•ir1J. 11 tunnel From
ot:1 high lhe Sangu.inarr Guard plunged
down. gla.i\·esencllrmine !'.ashing out and

Emperor's aJ:15els ofdeath. z.nd the.y ga,'\.·e
r,o to the traitors a:id r~e~du
they fCIUght.

Steadily. men wading.
throuy.'l ruwt'lg fioodwaten.. the
Blood _.\ngelscotltinu;i:d to forge a plltb.
foni."<100.$. Enemy Cotp!.H piled up !O
tltid W1 Kllltaeo·s n·arriors: sonmimes
b11d to barge. through mou.od$ oftbe
sLllin. bu.t stillt.hty did lt<M: nop. Hett
;and th-e:re. 11 \ietau "'ould snimb-le for.
11 mom.!ll! t> the weight of fire dro\o"e
him back, bl..>t thte be l\'Ould piessoo
once mote. A few Blood Aflgtls fell.
tucky shots pUllcbini !llto m::1our j oinu
01 ! m ~ through lht eyepi&esof
t:etms. Mou ro...e and ba.ttle.d on. A
bmdful did 11.01. N o miner th~ cost.

Strike Fotce K.u:llen !.lzu.ghtued its
war onwuds, drll\\·tng c!ow to the Hex
lnfe.mimn v.i th n·~· mp.
At the forefrontoftbei:r ad\'U!Ct..
th~ n·a·n ofu alle~'W.tymshe.d
down fn a ruddtc tidt of rubble md
twisted gilders. Brotl:.e_r
bad:«.atds.. tbe Sl.ngu.ilwy Guard's


jump pack boostfn.g him through tile
lili:sii:grain .and out ofdanger. TbT.oup!
th~ tumbling fmoaete came a musivt
shzpe, a l:ul.kmg moruta of iron Uld
bum wtose eres arJd mw glol\-ed with

tumace. firet
'A.DOtb!r Daunon Bftgjl:.e; '\'OMd
Varrim. 'It ha:1.- blocbd this a.lleyl'.''1}'
11,i1h rubble: The morut-u sn'iped mth
on.e mmi\•e :tm•wi Vurim jumped
aside, only t~ be suuck iri the :he's, ~·
one oftbe' wuacle.s. He !ilt
hi3 bladarapbte crack w:.der the: fore~
ofth blow, whldi dm'! him to tho! ,,esy
mouth of the allE)·. ViUJlll raised ltis
en.cZlCUfl! nTOrd. retdy to find offthe
cµt b!cn', u'Nll. a booinmg vokecune
from directly behind him.

and the:it momecrum had slo11.-edto z.
cral\oi. Wupsmitb AJtbedak bad be!UJ!I
!ending Daemon E.!t~e.s tgdnst ·them
wme. mi:!utes earlier. ~ the iror.boUl!.d
monsters l\-ete 1ml!g toU. Cultists
still floo:!~d ill from l.ll sides, th!.ir
number~ augmer:rt~d by hardened la!ots
ofB!ztl Legior:maires "·ho!.! gunf>.re bad
d aimed the In·esof ~~ As~els
alre~. The neuest warding 10\Wl' of
the Hex illfemium Joom~d ibo\·e the
! oftheiI position, w
dose Wt its cncklirlg en,ugiai made
Vmian's11dn.crawl Uld bis !.Oul itch.
Wltb the foe po:uritg do11m upon thm
as rut as the fmdiat ed rain. and e,.•e.t)·
tO'llle blocnd b)• fresh obstacles. it might
as 1\·ellb1r1-e been on. another plariet.

'No•.. "bnath.e.d Vmian. a
before a to\\-uizlg momta- ·of blood md
brus aas.he:i through .be rairis md
plough.ed into th~ roz,d:my. Aswl z.s th~
bu!.1diogs that rorrow:ide:d is, rumbling
forms.di on a u-ad: w:iLt Z.! "id.e ~! two
Llllld Raiders s:ma.shed together, th
Lord o,fSlcutl!wz.iz. be.he:notb ofmr.
Heat rolled from tht thmg in wav":i.
Jrradiaud suam wre~d it.
As the· monsm rumbled into ba.n!e,
the Cultim all around gat•e. a mi~,y
sawc cfterrified adulation. The
m.any-.1bme.Hed cannon on the
D1Mmoe Engice·n.rm 1pW'l op u;th
a. de11ftulirig: u·hu:e. Uld ari entire
squad ofVa.ngu.ud Ve.malls simptr
disap~ued in al'.! urmoppable of
m11.nt\i'e sl:elli.

'Duck. -bro'lfler. •

th:e ~em.on E~ille:'sh~d. !endiJ!:g

Vuria:n cried in outrage at tht !:igbt
He uiggered his jump .md
hurtled up the street to,..-ard.s the
a.bon:tfrlmioc. His blotheri flew v.ith
him. clo!ingll'I from a.U .sides to bWe.
the. Damon E:!gine. The m~chitle
ronui:d: with !ltocfug .speed. fro \'llst
rum c.!ea,•er J~shing om. Four .goldel!·
aimoued n'mion were struck from

rh.P thirlg TPPlir.e. h11rl- iMthl>f' _hl11~,

th• 11ir. ~~-.h:oii

pounding through
the ma11g!e:hn:ecbge ofthe: Dun:on
EJ!pr!e.'sf&e. lJld b!O'l'ribg iutono apart
in a bail ofspiMirlg meta! fra.gmurts.

v.'Ul by the l\~apoJfschutnins teeth
and m;acgted to bloo,dy ruins.

R: copti.sillg the heavy chmk ofBrlOiher
Zcme.l'sfrag annon primfng. the
s~gumasy Guard threw himself
.flat. A thut1~JOU! cloud of !ltn.Jlllel
roared 0\-'er bis h~ad. dcse mo'1gb to
sm.d the proximity mminp ill his
armour i:tamowieg. ft !Jammed into


i"l!.t tl JI


Vmian soared O\'U the S1'-ing, landin_g
O.l!I the. .mons1er·sshould.e.r guard aDd

iron rattling from bis annour. H.e

tungin.;g forwuds. TM point oihis
su·ord.mnmed imo the sideofthe

runed .and nodded his thzinks to tbe
D{eW!ougbt Joomin,g buirid him._

cry of:triumph was chok!d off as his

Vmim rose. drivU!g rain a.od bw:rtlng

'.i\ path is blod:~d?'rumblecl the

'Then 1\-e wiU firid another u•ay!'
bo,;onmi Zorael. wbe,eling and
stompillg. m~.
'\Ve 5h.ill. •munmd Vania '81.Tt
'n'hm?'The. ~anguin!l'y Guard slt:ot a
qu:itkt)arice L'P ;tnd dol\in the ttreie.t.
It "'·~sV.mmed in Oll. both siCesb)\Cabrouimanuhctorums, from within

Daemon ~ke'she.lm. Vuri!lll's
m.asu.rwort. blade shattered like gian
a;ai:d!~ tbe thia_g'urmour.
The Blood Angels fought: on with
enrythin:g they bad. They would never
gi\·e in. no matter tM odds. It \n.S not iri
their na.ture..
'Brothen.: tillne Cz.-;:-1.tlr.l Karlaen'1-mool
o,1er the \'OX, 'Form en my posttion.
Knk grmz,des z.t tl:~ mdy. We 'llbring
dowt:! the \\"aJJ on the e:o!th side oftht
~~ and pu;:h funnrd.s Wough mat
n:anofactorom. The.!' won·utop m:

Wnh an echoing roar. the Lord
ofSJrulls !hook Vmiar:i frH. Th~
St.t:iguilmy Guard tumbl~d do'n'.e to
the road below. Vmiz.n Wlded: in a rue ofhisbrotlms
bammiering th~ Daemon.
Ecgine· s wnoW' to 1:10 -a\'ail. As it raisaed

incanrion to !-et fly Ol'Jce, Vurian
knew a momem of d~~ir.

It wasth.u! tbZ!t the. ttreet begui u,

Then the Sanguinary Guud 1a.w a
golden. light phin.ging down through th.e

"111Ch llnll:(l,>,J!d lts! t11.n O!COI!tlm::ed

!bate. ~ l e w t ~ SlWce.dtrom~

thtinru:lg tlOUds lln~ tailing Star, and

fndwtty~Toal sound wzisalmon
droti.11* out by the cm.h ud nmibli!
of the bz.tile ragipg alt around. Despite
tJi.el! best cffom, the Blood hg~:t!
ba.d become :\"'el' more spr,eiid out,

n:W!Ulctorum ftade5..spillingmtotbe
urm ne ram hl»edred ana blooCy from
mnoor wi fmocme. .mid the roadway
~an to O?d:,.md \'Omitllg
reo:tm bru:s a:td leeriilg trumin !kulls.

bope «iared within tum.



K.arlaen. too. !eh hope ri!-f up in him
as the S~~r struek from on high
like the !word ofSugu.iniw bin:s·elf.
The goldm mg,el s.!z,mmed don-n omo
the Lord ofStuUi'broad shouldm axid
rammed hi! sword tlt.rouj,b the 1op of
its helm. \\lbm Brother Vmian's bllde
~d broP.n ayinst tbe thing·s hellforged hide. the m·ord oftbe S~"lllllor
could not be stopped.

It stabbtd down through the ·war
ecgirie'sbead ul the way to tl:-! cron
guud. before ripping free again 111 11
geywofmoltm brau. The Dt":'lnon
E:ngine ruttbed. ~ing to swat in
attacker mth its masm·ecl.M\.-er, and

K:arlam felu moment ofhorror u
the thought oftMt .DlOll!U'OUS \\'~D
stlmZlg the go!d.m a:1gel.
Yeu ta Sariguitor b11d already !&pt
ofth.: t?llk!
ofboili!!gblood on hl!.e.neny°s~ck_ A

im~·. coming dom:i~op oce

• •

• • • • •

st\i fifiickofthe ~~·mwrdmd tb
tant·smnagl:.m fiarik Wttmd. foUo\\·!d
b)•Ul01b:J, tb.w anom!J. Saldinggot!
?plied mII tide acro!'S tit>? roadm)t. Tht
Lord ofSkul!slu.l:~ oui ~pin. more
!lu~i!.lu:iow, and as it.did so. Captain
KuLun srn' hls momat. Turning his
btd: upon tbe Cultim l\ito packed lb?
mee~. he pourid...d :!own the ~dway

• • • • •

bubb!':d up fro::n mnetk like lm1 from. a
wk:mo, ~ Oten it grOGDC. to a halt.
'ForS:ariguiruul!"!bouud Karl.tee, hi!
ba.ttle-brothul joinir:g: him in a m.igbt}'
cheer It drol\.1:led out tte moaru of the
Culth,ts, who "Stated ill di.mi.ay at their
butchered idol coolint to dull mml in
the po~ raUI..

and SV.'UI!.! bis weapon ~itb ill ha might.

The lord ofSkulbg:nre a bellow of
pure fury. but tt ms. a.t !lion .a: tbe

With aedoubled ferocity, d:e run:h'mg
Bloo~ ii path throogb tbe ranks. Doz..o..ll.S ofCultiru were
mowe.d dol\1:: or ripped a.part in~ marta
ofmomats. Traitor blood mingled
with t'.he f1.llingnin. spseulmg: ill
cr',nnon slickm1d spilling al\'!}' into
rubble-choked ganm Md drains.. E\·ery

Sariguil::.or lwooped down to finish off
hil crippled foe. Hi! blade ~ . Mm!
!heued exploWi'ely. The Dwnoo
E:iplle •s RW?!d head m!hed dow~ into
the tobdmy. The Lord ofSkulhjuddu.ed
and 1pa$!!!:ed a.s moli.a:i metal u.d gore

·secot:1d srn' tht herftic death toll ri!e,
the Ctlltim' pacic h..amp!.ring. th.eir aim
llld !httuing their cohe!lon.. lf such a
miytty engine ofdu1h al the Lord of
Skull! could co,: brlnt the inv.a-dm 5ow.
r~ their dto.:gtts. tben what could?

Ku!aen'sthunder hammer cru:hed
against the Daemon E:lgine'sc!arnt
tmk. m't.rlng it in~ l>la!.t\•e
forum struiding 'the mocmer amid a
;.pray ofbuckted track lil!ks.

• •

\\'nl!n. the golden a.nge! iwooped dee
from the dud ttgjftt's!houlden to joiri
the fight. lb! et:1emy lost tl:eir

Wt shred of l!.ffl't. Tl:ey fled scn~
into th,e rurroundmg streeu, ~bandonin,g.
their sorefy oUU!Umbered Black Legion
masters to~ suifldeath. Th'eil cri-es

of wror e\'ell droul'Jed 01.o1: W furiou,
vo:kHfWupwitb Altbednk. st:m
booming impom:itly from gargoyle-mouthed !peak.en that lir::ed the corpsehu.ped SU'Ut

Et·en as hi! btothen n·m !.c.ythlllg
dO'l\'!t the last of the surrow:iding f~.
K.e.rtlien ,dropped to O.Jte We before
the Suguinor. RainWZ:HT sluiced
drnn his face as he ni.sed it to look
upon the goi::den counteca?Jce ofhb
Clu.J)(er'1 guardiui UJ:gel. \Vord!u!ly,
the S~~or bad! Kuiaet1 !Wtd.. thm
turned bis g.&Ze tott.'Uds the oac:kl:mg,
biomec.lw!.ial moiutto!it)' of.he i:earby
~din! tcnnr. Aruofb!

leapt md twined bet\\~ tbe tol\-u ~
its diswu coum!tpms, thm on around
tb cyclope.ari circumference of the Hex
Inf~ium, fon:n.irlg ~ uge that held the
whil~ \V?lJ) rift lQ check.

' Kull.!ll resoh.-uly. 'time ~s
sl:on. The uiemy ffl"t been dm·m oft
nothmg more. We mmt doee
before tM.y retum.'
The Sanguinor nodded octe then took
wing in II rush ofW . lea\ to
order his runivt.n! l\'arriors. So mzny
dud. thought Ku~eii rouriy ai N
u-a.1cbed the Sa.t1:.~· Priest mo\'!llg
bennm the bodies nith his nanhecium
clkkingand whining. The tt?iton
would Pc!}' fortho!.e d~W. He wou!d


• •

Blood fo~d chenmh'!s
standmg upon the edge of ac 11r.!11 of
rubble and l\ncbge.. KuJun looked
up at the olmene imme.iuity of the
l\1111ding tower rising abo\1e him.
taking in in pulsing c.ablH . its mi sted
amdgam oH!u.b ~d metal. arid
the glowing prolifm,tion of eldritch
rones !thzt burned acrou its !W'hce.
He tas.1ed uh and metal in his throat.
His mied recoiled from the !.etthing
mulittom o!Warp enet!leshalf
\'istb!e through the bl11d: liJhtnings
lez.ptng out from the (ol\·er.
-Utte.le.m. · yowi* Segf!.ant Alpba.iras.
·Let'ikill the damr!ed thil!:g and be done.'

!J:e Btood Ang:lsm.ov~ qui~. th!ir

Kulua !.h-ot hi! !.ubordirme a.
h'llmourless yin and set out ~cross
tlte rubble, lea.ding his mm tol\·a.rds
the ba.5e of the io\U!. The ~trucrure
n•as bilge. eaiily thrice the heigJn of a.
W111lord, and riddled with tunr:eJ
emra.nii::H tbl!.t tf!ceded into d.uknen.
Ka.rl.?ie,:i gla.r:ced again a.? his tactical
di.:p!l!f. He l\'lltched th-e converging

nhji::>t1'n•" il'I , i; t ltl\lf ,'h., !l:i111e1th1nr

ll11n'"(.,nft'h~ fo., rlMi11elf'I Th"Y lv..d

soaring abon a!. their guiding nu. The
sun'!'iingSz.-eguirwy Guard gravitated
to him. !o:aping ~d gliding in the
4n!el's \l'm.

mommts at mo!t

m11b then meari iometbmg.
'Broth!n.'he \'ox.ed. ·tome. Watdt
the flz.n.lG and follo..•tlt: S1n:,.~or.

\\'e b.a\•e ~ t OUBeh'eu mmt:11Ull'!
mp!te; l!t'uo..alc: the mo:t ofit•

Ku~eri watched hls display
wefully. abrorbing zuspex fo:ed. \ 'OX·

ir.tmepu.. ammo counts Md itraugic
dhpositionnitb superhuman effid!ncy.
TI:e ~ r m?e circli!!g tin \'Wture!..
frf!sh pttks ofDz.mon Ecginu attd
bands ofBl:acklcgiori.ttairu maisil!.,g.
buditlg the Cubists ttogf!tlter bf!fore
than. The circle l\'iU dos.itig UOUlld
Karkeri ar.d his small btnd ofsnn'l\·on..

'Thi!. isg.o ~ to be a clo!.e-nm thing.·
\'Ox.ed Ku!aen to

Tm:t:rir.ator Sergeant
A.lphuus. 'lfl order it. you \\illle~ OW'
brothers to the emaction poittt I hl!i.·-e
the \'ort.o.x grenade. lit W:es one of
m to set it off.·
' Undmtood. Fim Captain.· Rpli~
Ai})htei:a. h!s toce com'eytng hU
diiplumre 111 the cOll1llWld etren u.dury
compelled him to accepc it
Then the roadway turned, the
m11nufactoru.ttl.9 n.t1 out. and the

'BromeB.·bevn the Fim eapwn.
coming to a dec:U-fon. 'from h.=1e I go oot
a?one.. l shz.ll trigger the ,-one:i. ye:Md~
l\ithir: th! base ofthe tonsa .and !-!t loose
fhe et:ergieHo bring it!ow.YouwiUfigbt
your l\<o.}' to fhe extraction po!ltt · Sn·enl
oftlte B tood Ange!traiud their voku:i:n
prote!f. but Kuiaen ii!eeced than.
'There is no time. ~d the enemy
mimbm an too great- Yow-bted:out
nill distract the foe. providing er:iougb
time for me to tn:gu tlte grmade
uid complete the missio!l. \\'e wilh1ot
di~bon,om OW' fallen broihm by \\'II.sting
th<?iI de:!!th5.•

Hh warrion fell .:ilw ,1J1d Kul.?m
tefted tbe bulky \'Onex looking
for a momw upon the Wt weapon he
\\'o:ald enr wield. The d-.!muctn·e pol\-s
of this rare dnice n·ould be more than
moug.ti to rtp ltt! 1owa·sbl<:e a.pan 1111d
brutg it tumbling down.
Karla.~ rumed to do bis ducy. &td
fut:nd hinmiffact-tO•fac.e with fM

expmsionleum.a!l: ofthe. Sanguil:or.

M-ir.uIB J11ter, dt~ run.;vmg btniebroth!n ofStrib Force-K11rl.tP.n Q-ae
fi ghUfJg their way l.lat1g II nin-1lick
u:mt with the Hu lnfemitlm &
their backs.
·nue C'1n art stoningus down.:
growled Ka.rlue, blazil2g !.hob into
aoother B~..kL~aire md !ending
him Sp!lltding. ·The S~guin:O! 1'-ill tm't
the de\.ice in place b)' now.·

'True..: intoned Brothn Zone!, c.atcbil:!g
traitor in bis pot\'el' finwi crushu:!g
him.. The Dreadnought staggered IIH
knk grer.ade oom against Im !.boulder,
ri'j)pillg through wnour Md
!-etti!lg btokt:1 wires to sparldng.. Elis
fist seized t.'P, Nill gripping the pulped
l\ ofhi! \rictim. ' Which ml!llll.$
"'·e must mz..k.e h.ast.e:

in tri:gge!ing..tlie \'Onex yenbde. The
w~pcu,'; deva!.ti::ting·e&Jgies would
nOl\' be nu:ming r?mplll!t through the
ton'.tf·s~se. consamirJg enrything
they toucl:ed uid dngil:lg tht mana
ofrealil:y into the sockin_g-.abyS! of the
Wup. Tbe tov,eMl)p sbook a.g.ain. dim
the whole suucture ~gaa to lean cl!ld,
! topple. A!: the tower fell it
gzthered pace. iu structure budding ?lld
colla.psfng a.sit was subjected to !Uesses
it could co longer !Uppon. White fire
jetted from benno.n. aackil'Jg suppons.
tellri!:lg !alln·u.nd bursting slime·
!.pewil:lg pipes. The ton·er feil rum, its
rumble drol\'Ylin:: out all othu soUlld
II! thoosalld! ofton.1 ofmt-tal uid fle3h
hurtled to the ~uod.

JC.amea grom-M in 11greemmt uuf Swutl:f
b.i.s thtmd.a hammer. wubing as.bde a
btot ofCult£m. He led tbe n·11y
tht tnl:ll!itd ureck!ofa pair ofDv-.mon
E:ngifm.• bis warn.on following.Stomping
in Kultm'! l\'llk.,e, the Drw:lriougbt
!bouldered the l\1'ecks11side. blau~
fra.grounds dotm tbe streenol\·lltduha
nPn JfpJlrt1artfrne

hllnit af"l'l"mi..~


' They're thkker thl!ll the Phodim
swums. • gritted Karh.~. as em:n.y "1tou
rattled from bis anno.ur and his brothers
retUll'.led fire all uound him, 'but we
mmt bred: through. Our n r ~ is
c~eded e!md1ere.•

·Tru~. First ~ptml,' rum'.bled Zone}. fut t moment K.u:tlle:i could
have St\WA bt hell!d a hint of grim
.u:nusement iri the ~dnoughfs TOice.
' but according to my iuspex readmp.
the got<ien l!llgel has just detonated your
\"CIJUX grenad:,e. we·usee thun sc:ana
CO\'\', mli Vw"e. not?'
Tib.,e nut momem. there cam,e a 1tllst.
!kJ·!hamgroar. Looking bro: th:e

n·~ the)• hz.d -come. Kulllw uwll:e
top of the m.rd~. to\'m !.hud~.1.

1'!h.e Suguinor must hz.\tt succeeded

Absokt.ebedlm wa.s erupting all
uow:id. Ulben bdore the ene:ny had
pms.ed in from ?Vuy sid! like the jaw'!
ofson:e mon.suous be.ut, thue w11i
only a di.sinte:;rating horde. offieeing
fi:,~s. Co.'tim ran !au.mfn! fur their
b"li-e!-.:fle-e!llg: the dumdaou.s. dutructiori
oftbe tower or throl\'mg thent.el\1es to
the ground ll1Jd pr11.y£n1. for-sal\·atioo.
Some oftbe Blad:Lq_fon ignored the
Blood! Angelsen.tireiy. dashing through
the street! towuds their own em11ctio,n
craft. Otten. th-e most W!Lttttl.
continued to ht!rl then:mh-es at the
Sons ofSanguiniw, Their hatred of
the loydi.m eclipsed e\'~ the threat
oftpproa.chi!'Jg doom. Aptd: ofB!ack
Le-gjim R.aptors plunged down
tbe meet Wad ofKulaen.'!- mlrion,,
Milr.ine awa.y wi1ft rh<>ir 'n-'"l!!'IMI~ Ta

tbe Czpcain.'s Mt. Temtirmor Brother
Ta.elador itumbl:,ed lltld fell.a gjol\i!lg·

Brood Angels poured thrOC!gh in his u.Ue,
firfag bad: at the enemy hordes ~ t
t(lgg-M th.eir sups.
"Heretic m1m!. 'boomed Zonel 'Do you
r.ot kn.ow you Mand. in the path of the
ri,glu:eous? Death U too go_
od zn md for
roch 11s you!·

Th! Blood Aagels-inoe.ued their
pace. the jW'l!p-troops..maU!tainin_g ~
mo•...--icg _puimetu atoWld their dower
comra.du. In their retin.aJ displays. each
\T?Jllor could seethe distance to Ul.e
e-xuactioi:i point \rindir!g -ilo,\'lydol\U
the p.p dosmg betwat:1 th~ 11ed the
defiled Squue ofth! Emperor·! Once
where: their S1ormn\lffli w11it,ed to
utraC1 then:.

Karlaffl !miled grimly a.: the tomr
came doun. and ll gloning gol&n
;.peck hunled up !rem the grordng
dev11mtion to vlll'll!h m id!.t the
!.riling clouds.

tannel bor-ed through his gut by a
meit!::gun ;.bot Kutz;eo bellol\'ed iJ::i
uger. fee.lmgth,e Red Tbint pm! dMe
beh.m:i his eye!. He pelted h!lldlorig
into ·Ut: shriekmg Blad: Legion as!tuh
troop!., banering the me!-u.-gu:nner il:too
tbe floor nith bishz.nmm. Kartam·s
back!.wi.t1g1ook another foe in the
belm. cn:u.hin.g his ;l;ull. The rat fled.
·meechmg spitefullyl-3 they bom:sded

i-my '°''er a nearby rooftop.
·Th,e Sariguinor hlll.. done his p;:in, •
run:b!,ed the Dread!tought with grim
:ttisfaction. " w lff:\'t. IoliDe is
about to become inhos.piu.bte.'

The. Dreadnought's words "'·m
reinforced~· 11 mieiof!ltudd:ering
aplosioniW.t !.hook the ground uid lit

the skytvith rnulticolo.ured f"tre. Black
lightnii::g: fotked ~ OUl from the
collapsin:g tower. !a!.bing out to rai!.e
CRCkllng deton?ttoru zm~d.u the grtm
"Brothers.· roared K:arlv..n O\'er tbe
c11t11strophk dill ofdestructioo. 'on to the
mnctio.n pomt. Stop for nothil!.g. Mo\.-e!'

The B!ood Acgelspressed on. reachirlg
tbe end of the railMlick roadway
?l1d buntfnt into the Square ofth.e
Empuor'.: Qn.ce. Karlt':ll cun.ed t;:
he sm· their Stormm.•eris beset by foe~
Sel'eral oftb! craft l\sae oi:i tbe growi.d,
!UfJS blaring 113 Ule Bltd:Lqion tried
to .:tom th~. Th,e otha airaaft wer~
hOl.· ot---ethead, hoM.iJ:!g -smiac
despite the hol\'Wlg galesmd artiJ:lg
Ughtnb:g Wt nneame

'They're not trying to dertroy '!hem.'
·shouted Kl!riaell. 'The Bltcklegion
ue tJ'!'ttlg to ne.111 ow- craft Sons of
Sarigwniu!., !ila.y them all!'

Battmd. wo1md.e4. scorthed tnd cirl\1m
to th! point ofe:tMU:ufon. the o,tlJ'\"ri\>ieg
Bloood Angels lztll:lched oce clw-ge.
As th!y hurtled forwards, the fallm
~ding_tomr ga\'e or.e l.ut colMW'fw
boom and in sorcerous field colla.psed
co::npletely. Feedb&k. raced uo'Ulld the
H6 Inf&ttiu:n u the tmbow:id tllergies
of the Warp clz!htd \t'i.tb tbe crackliltg
~di of the etdruch to\\-er!.. D~uo.of.'lic
entitie.; shrieked d'.1oup! the, mM
c11tll!ll.gspirallingMOwtd the B?ood
Ange.Ju.: they cut don the Black
Le:gionn.airn in the !quue. Wmion fill
on. both sides, bl!cked,. impaled 01 r.iddl!d
l\ilh shou. In tbe end, it n·11s the Blood
Angels wb prmtiti:d. their ettailes
trlipped bennec the Sto:m.ravtm' gum
to the fore aed Karlaen's nrin force to
tbeir rw. A.!.sa.uh t? whined ope:i.
md thrustm fought the screaming
l\i.ridus the Blood AtJgelspiled ::board
their crllfl. Brother Zon.d "~s the last to
be r&O\"!l'ed. the limplllg Dtebdno'Ught
snatched up lry.' the mz.gna gra.pple5 of
the Jan Stomm.,,ai to lift off.

W;up uuffm:eUlll! uow:id them.
F ~ the g-iotct:i, Ca.pu1in Kariaei.
draged himselfup to the cockpit of his
Stonnrl!\n, h11t1ging oo to the bad:
ofthe pi!ot'sthroDe as he watched th!
duuuction below. H'.E had to kn0\'\1 that
it w~s done.

Be!mr.mid the ruins. the wudir!g
towersoftbe Hex lnimtitun nTithed.
onrwbelmed by J?Ol''m th=1-· cou!d no
lo~er contain. niJ.5afe ward! kicked i:n..
11ullifyinghexes and !pell! of~bjun.tion
that bea1 the Warp rift bbck md crushed
ii dowri. pm'tllti:n; empyric o,·erspill
The v-e.1y !llergfes th2.t fougl!.1 to
clo!.e the rift at..o ot•erloaded,
~e remaining toi>oer5.

Sciellce and sorcerydawd.h.ideow~·.
ca~!tt,opbioUy deforming tM ut",gat
m\·sofi'the tmn·me before imp!odmg
\\ith the forc,e of a -dying mr.
The la.u thing Karlaen !"-n' of the
rurface. before the boiling cloud!. o:
the t1pper atmosphere !pread their
,,eiJ across all, WI!.! a catacly-.mic
shock ·wi,re bmmerin.g outward!
at UlcHdible !peed. Notbillg \\·ould
survive its totich.

·ar~."troxed the First ~tain
inarily. ' in Suiguinius' n.ame,
l!i.cto:y is ours.·

Th! B!ood Ange}scraft opmed th-e:iJ
thrunm a.nd pW!.~ up through
the com'Ulsingskies.ttremm ofnl'I·


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