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Project Manager Deses 3 Internship Spain .pdf

Nom original: Project Manager Deses 3 Internship Spain.pdf

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Project Manager
Art and Design, Business Studies and/or Management Science,
Communication and Information Sciences, Education and/or
Teacher Training, Engineering and/or Technology, Humanities,
Languages and Philological Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social
Medina del Campo
5 December, 2016 to 5 February, 2017
Post date:
14 October, 2016
General information
2 a 3 months
As a local organisation, Deses-3 uses multiple channels to maintain effective internal
and external communication with the Network of Medina, our partners and
Deses-3 offers a Project Manager Internship at our headquarters in Medina del
Main tasks and responsibilities

Collaboration in office daily tasks with the support of the diffusion tools of our
Collaboration to develop Activities, Classes, Camps, Youth Exchanges, Tours,
Travel, with and for children and young people in the area of Formal and NonFormal Education.

Collaboration with the local development office of Medina del Campo, helping
and collaborating with the diffusion of their projects and resources.
Contribute to our internal Deses-3 publications
Collaboration in several projects with other local organizations.

Terms and conditions

Internship for a duration between 2 a 3 months
The successful applicant should start ideally on the 5 of December.
Must have an Erasmus Placement or any Internship Agreement
Accommodation: The volunteer will live in Medina del Campo in a rented flat,
single bedroom with shared cooking and social facilities. Funded by himself.
Working hours and days off: 6 – hours per day, two days off per week
Free Days: Saturday and Sunday and 2 days holiday per month for the
duration of the internship.

Required skills and expertise

Good knowledge of written and spoken English and Spanish.
Familiar with the concepts of Social Media.
Precise and organised way of working.
Proficient user of Microsoft Office package.
Capability of working in a team as well as independently.
Comfortable working in a multicultural environment.

Highly valued

Fluency in other European languages (Spanish language priority medium or
fluid level).
Previous experience in workcamps or Youth Exchanges are welcome but not

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required:

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