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Research, innovation and investments in education have produced a constant
growth and conferred to Fiorini Industries as international benchmark role in
its business lines.
Fiorini Industries began activity more than 30 years ago, with the production
and installation of thermal solar systems. From that moment on, the company
started a compelling growth process that, together with new investment and
acquisitions, has given the company a high international profile in the heating,
cooling and hydronic systems field.
Today Fiorini Industries, together with the other companies of the group and
operating with several brands, is the leading company in the heating, cooling,
heat exchange and diversified energy source integrated systems
(traditional or renewable energy sources such as solar heating, hybrid PV and
thermal solar and low enthalpy ground coupled systems).
The company’s main business line is the design and production of heating and
cooling products such as plate heat exchangers, water tank, water heaters,
hydronic skid systems and complete heat exchange groups, chiller and high
efficiency heat pumps for heating, cooling and service hot water production. It
is Europe’s leading hydronic skid systems producer for heating and cooling

Konnen heat pumps consists of a wide range of heat
pumps, the main products are air source heat pumps
for home & commercial use, ground/water source
heat pumps, combine cooling heating & hot water heat

Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of
solar hot water and hydronic heating products.

Founded in the year 2003 in Australia with a
specific focus on solar thermal solutions,
Apricus has since grown into a global company
with distribution and support offices

We carry out servicing and maintenance of all types of heat pumps both pool and hot water.

Overhauling of Heat Pumps.
Replacement of Heat Exchangers
Replacement of Compressors
Refrigerant Charging
Leak Testing
Condenser Cleaning
Electrical Works
Some services and maintenance pictures from various sites.

P.O Box 2921, U.A.Q, U.A.E
Mobile : 050 891 8739, 055 408 5869
Tel : +971 6 7662458
Fax : +971 6 7662459
email :

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Aperçu du document Thermocold Heat Pump.pdf - page 3/3

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