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Paddy The Pig Can Fly

Paddy the Pig lives on Mulligans farm with his Mum. Paddy is blessed with a great imagination and spends all his
days playing around the farm making up wild adventures and stories. Paddy can be anything from a Space Pig, to a
Pirate Pig lots of great characters. His favourite game to imagine is that he can fly. His friends all laugh at Paddy
and say he's silly because pigs Can't fly and they ignore Paddy and don't include him in their games. This makes
Paddy very unhappy but his Mum says not to take any notice of what his friends say and if Paddy believes he can
fly then she believes it too!

One summer morning very very early Paddy is playing in the farm yard pretending he's the best flying pig in the
world when he hears a strange sound in the morning air and what happens next leads Paddy on a big adventure
and when he returns to the farm a hero he shows his friends that "Pigs Can Fly"

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