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10.25% to 13.25%
Fixed returns

Co-working is the new global megatrend.
By 2020 more than 65 million small businesses are
expected to join. //US Bureau of Labor




our//space the boutique
co-working provider has
created an investment
vehicle allowing retail
investors to harness the
dynamic growth in the
sector, earning returns of
up to 13.25%

Co-working is the new kid on the block
that has become a global megatrend in
recent years, revolutionising not only the
way we work but the offices we work in.
Shared offices spaces have replaced
the traditional leased office, offering an
affordable solution for today’s digital
workers, whether solopreneurs, startups,
freelancers or people on flexible
employment contracts.
our//space is a boutique co-working
space provider actively harnessing
this global megatrend. Incredibly wellfinanced and headed by a world class
management team, our//space will
open 50 co-working locations in key
international gateway cities over the next
3 - 5 years to serve 50,000 paying coworking Members.

New locations in London, San
Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong and
Singapore are in the short-term
pipeline, meaning our//space is
uniquely poised to deliver a truly
global footprint, extending across
four continents.


With four locations established
and well-subscribed to by
Members in Dubai, New York,
Miami and Birmingham,
our//space continues full speed
ahead towards global expansion.








our//space is on the threshold of a significant growth spurt and there
is an unmissable opportunity for retail investors to benefit with an
investment vehicle that not only offers a low entry level but assures
your place in the highest yielding investment market of 2016.
• Up to 13.25% P.A. assured returns
• Paid monthly for the first quarter, quarterly thereafter
• Attractive 5-year term
• Call option after 6 months
• The fastest growing asset class in global property investment
• No developer Risk
• No closing costs
• No legal fees
• No tenants to deal with
• Investors have unlimited use of facilities
• Low level investment starting from $25,000
• Recession Proof Fixed Returns


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