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Where and When ?
Salle Marianne, Rue des Stations
Villeneuve d’Ascq (Hauts-de-France, France, 15 minutes from Lille)
January 27th, 28th and 29th 2017
12 teams of 4 players
ETC armies, tables, pairing and ranking
Painting awarded separately
Crazy about fantasy models for a long time, our northern team naturally came to the 9th Age as
soon as the V1 was released, and enjoyed it very much. Liking the fact it has been chosen for the
ETC main game, we aim to provide a big wargame event, thing not so common in France!
General Schedule
12/10: Deadline for the version of the rules used for the tournament
12/15: Deadline for the payment which validates the registration of the team
12/31: No more refunding if a team cancels its registration after this date
12/31: Deadline for sending army lists
01/15: Publication of army lists
01/28 and 01/29: Fight!

Myreille Strategy Tournament will be held on January 28th and 29th 2017.
Complexe Sportif « Fernand Debruyne » in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Nord, France. With a surface area
of more than 720m², the Hall will enable us to provide comfort and space for all players.
By Car: From the Nord by Lille (15 minutes), from East by Strasbourg (4h), from the South-West
from Paris (2h) and from South-East from Lyon (5h30).

By Train: From Lille: numerous links between Lille and other big European cities. If you arrive by
train, please tell us so as we can provide you a ride between the station and your accommodation.
We will do our best to insure the transport you need.

By Plane: From Lille-Lesquin airport (25 minutes) or from Charleroi international airport (1h30),
whose connections with Europe are numerous. A company called “Flibco” makes shuttle service
between the airports and the city center of Lille, where we could pick you up with our available
Our tournament is situated around Lille, 15 minutes from the city center using a car. Numerous
accommodation solutions are situated in the surroundings, as well as a big mall called “Auchan”
which includes a shopping gallery opened until 10, and numerous pubs and restaurants.

The city center of Lille is available within 15 minutes (car) or 30 minutes (subway), for those who
want to discover the city, its gastronomy, its monuments and its hoppy surprises. If you need any
help for booking, don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance.
Lille is situated in the North of France, and is easily reachable by train from large close cities. Two
airports linked to the railway station are also not so far from us: the airport “Lille Lesquin” in France
and the airport “Bruxelles – Charleroi” in Belgium.
The first Belgium cities are 20 minutes riding for the tournament, for the visitors who want to take
advantage of special prices on some products (fuel, tobacco, alcohol) or some activities more
legal over there than here (we definitely talk about Chip Throwing !)

Schedule of the week-end

Saturday and Sunday lunches are part of the registration fee. It will be all-you-can-eat buffets
made of typical French products.
Breakfast is also part of registration fee. On Saturday evening, the meal will be optional, and will
consist in Belgian specialties, from legendary cheeses to typical deserts and hoppy surprises.
For every special demand (Allergies, Vegetarian, Vegan …), we can provide special menus’, so
please tell us when you register if you need such a thing.
On Friday and Saturday evening, the space will remain open for all who want and until midnight.
Everyone can then enjoy board games set available for you so as to relax after a fighting day !

Each team will be composed of 4 players. One player is designed as “Captain”. He will be the
privileged contact with the organization team and with the other competing teams.
The amount of the registration is 100€ per team, which has to be paid before December 15th. You
can pay by bank transfer to these coordinates. The inscription is validated as soon as the payment
is received… First to pay, first to play!

Every team can have additional « tourists », and have to make a registration for them by paying an
additional 20€ per tourist, who can then enjoy the lunches and breakfasts. The teams which want
to participate to the Saturday evening diner have to add 10€ per participating person. This fee can
be paid until the 31th of December, with a delay compared to the inscription of the team.
A team which has not paid at the December 15th will forsake its place to the benefit of the first
team on the waiting list which has validated its inscription. Registration fees will not be given back
if a team cancels its registration after this day.

Giving the new edition and all the playable units of this well balanced game, we will be tolerant on
conversions and proxys. Don’t hesitate to ask us and to anticipate by sending us pictures of your
models for any doubt.
Games will be played on 48”x72” (120cm*180cm), with ETC tables. A draw of the map will be put
at the side of each table.
Pairing will be done like ETC 2016 in the last step of pairing (when there are 4 armies left). One
army is launched on the 1st Objective, and two armies click it. The army kept in the hand will play
against the non-chosen click army, on the 2nd Objective. Only two scenarios will be used at each
round, here is the schedule.

1st Objective
2nd Objective

Round 1
Hold the

Round 2
Capture the

Round 3
Capture the

Round 4

Round 5
Capture the
Hold the

Each round will last 3h30, pairing included.
Army lists
The size of the armies is 2500pts maximum. The four armies of a team have to be different. All
lists will be OPEN (magical items showed). Each mistake will lead to:

In case of illegal list: suppression of the less expensive item (included magical item) which
can make the list legal.


In case of a thing leading to a choice: randomization by the organization team of the thing
deleted/chosen, so as to make the list legal.


In case of a point mistake, which make the list to go above 2500pts: suppression of the less
expensive thing (included magical item) so as to make the list go under 2500pts

Lists have to be sent in the ETC format, reminded at the end of the proposal.
The total of the team points will be equal to :

Game results on 400 (5 rounds x 4 games x 20 possible points)
Fair-play on 1000 (losing all fair-play points leads to the tournament exclusion)
Each team which send lists with no mistakes in the right format in the right time has a
+40pts bonus

Painting will be awarded separately.

We hope seeing you numerous, we stay available for all additional information, questions or
assistance for organization.
For all demand, please mail us at:
Or post on the corresponding discussion on the 9th Age forum:

Format of the list
Player: François Hollande
Army: Vampire Counts
Lords: 185
Necromancer lord (170), General, Necromancy, Wand of Stability (15), 185
Heroes: 730
Necromancer (65), Necromancy, level 2 (25), dispell scroll (35), 125
Necromancer (65), Fire, Sceptre of power (15), 80
Necromancer (65), Necromancy, Cadaver Wagon (50), Bring out your dead (20), dragonbane gem (5), shielding scroll
(15) 155
Barrow King (80), BSB(25), Dragonscale Helm (10), Mantle of Night (40), 155
Vampire Courtier (75), Strigoi (30), Ghoul Lord (55), Paired Weapon (5), Tullius Teeth (50), 215
Core units: 630
20 zombies (55), S (10), 65
20 skeletons (80), SC (20), War Standard (15), 115
20 zombies (55), M (10), 65
2 Bat Swarms, 60
33 ghouls (295), FCG (30), 325
Special units: 465
30 Barrow guards (260), Shields (30), FCG(30), Banner of the Barrow King (25), 345
2 Great Bats, 40
2 Great Bats, 40
2 Great Bats, 40
Rare units: 490
Shrieking Horror, 245
Shrieking Horror, 245
Total: 2500

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