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Draft Agenda for the 2nd RU Dialogue Plenary Meeting
27 October 2016, 09.15-17.20
Berlaymont, Room Jean Rey
Rue de la Loi, 200, 1040 Brussels

Chair: Herald Ruijters, Acting Director, Investment, Innovative & Sustainable Transport
Sian Prout, Head of Unit Single European Rail Area, DG MOVE






1. Adoption of agenda and summary conclusions of the 2nd Plenary meeting
(10 May 2016)
2. Reports from the subgroups, orientation of their future work (including
possible meetings with PRIME and other bodies)
Short presentations of 5-10 minutes maximum from subgroup chairs,
followed by discussion
o International passenger transport (Marius Macku, Thalys)
o International freight transport (Alfred Pitnik, OeBB)
o Access to service facilities (Tony Berkeley, Rail Freight Group)
Coffee Break
o Digital Railways (TBC, SNCF)
o Discussion on lessons learnt from the subgroups, best practices
o Joint meeting with PRIME (Plenary) or its subgroups
Lunch Break
3. Railway Security
Presentation of findings of the recent study on international and highspeed
rail security, discussion (Carlos Mestre, Head of Unit Security, DG MOVE)
4. Rail Governance issues
o Update on implementation of the Single European Railway Area
Directive 2012/34/EU (Elisabeth Hochhold, DG MOVE)
o Update on the practical arrangements for applying the provisions of
Directive 882/2016 amending Annex VI of TDD on language
requirements" (Mihaela Williams, DG MOVE, Olaf Mette, EUAR)
o Update on the delegated act on timetabling (Frank Jost, DG MOVE )
o Progress on elimination of national rules (Jens Engelmann, EUAR)
o Railway System Report (Jens Engelmann, EUAR)
o Follow-up of the Sector Statement and Ministerial Declaration to boost
the rail freight in Europe, presented during the TEN-T Days in
Rotterdam (Julie Buy, DG MOVE)
Coffee Break
5. Upcoming Road initiatives (Eddy Liegeois, Head of Unit Land Transport, DG
6. Other updates/AOB:
o PRIME (Annika Kroon, DG MOVE)
o Update on noise (Marcin Wojcik, DG MOVE)
o Declaration on the establishment of the TAP TSI Services
Governance Association (TSGA) (DB, SNCF, FSI)

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