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3rd quarter 2016
No 49

« LOOS »

L’Écho des tranchées
From the President
In this issue :

- From the President
- Association news
- Homage to David YATES


This third term in the year 2016 has been marked by three events. First was the report from
the National Tourist Office who had sent an expert – incognito – to find out whether we could be
included among the Museums of France. The reply was negative for three reasons : we are
upstairs and we are not handicapped accessible; importantly we have no reception room; and
finally a certain lack in signposting our museum.
We are already working with the town hall to solve this problem.
During the Patrimony Days we received the extraordinary visit of Mme Courtin, the great
niece of Just Evrard who was Emilienne Moreau’s husband. Gilles Payen welcomed her and
describes this event.
Also during the Patrimony Days, our museum acquired two candlesticks and a crucifix
mounted on a shell top, what wonderful trench art !
We are now preparing the 2017 exhibitions to commemorate the battle of Ridge 70.
Finally, our congratulations to our secretary Jean-Louis Delattre on his election to the
presidency of the 561st section of the “ Médaillés Militaires” of Liévin and surrounding districts.


Crucifix and candlesticks given by M. Milleville. On the crucifix, there
are engraved emblems ; maybe a reader can enlighten us ?

You can download this magazine on the Association website : http://loos1915.pagepersoorange.fr/ click : Echo des Tranchées – Also you will find all details on our activities, the battles of
Loos, the war cemeteries, the Loos heros, the walks, a forum, etc … as well as all practicalities.

« Chemins de Mémoire »

Place de la République
62750 Loos en Gohelle

Téléphone : 06 09 46 48 65
Télécopie : 03 21 69 88 79
Messagerie : a.villedieu@wanadoo.fr


L’Écho des tranchées

3rd quarter 2016

Page 2

No 49

1. Association news
Visits to the museum
Because of the holiday, as usual, we had few visitors. Also, the unusual sunshine and heat during three months encouraged other
leisure activities rather than visiting a museum. In spite of that our guides are always available and have catered to people from
various parts as seen in the photos.

University of New Brunswick

English visitors

Australians visitors

Visitors from Dunkirk and Saint-Omer

Visitors from Scotland

In addition to the visits on must think of the next generation; thus Frédo
Duparcq and Jean-Louis Delattre started training Joël, Yves, Roger and Henri.
More sessions will follow of course, it takes time to learn how to recount the
battles of Loos and to know the thousands of items on display in the museum.
However, without any doubt, our pupils will soon be ready.

Discovery of an unusual sap
A farmer and
member of our
Christophe Dumont,
discovered this sap
when he was working
in his wheat field; the
sap has unusual

Christophe Dumont at
the bottom of the sap.

Indeed it measures 12 metres in length, is 3 metres wide, 2 to 4 metres
deep and ends in a 1.5m dia. well. A few metres away, there is water. After
one hundred years the war is not over for the soil.



L’Écho des tranchées

3rd quarter 2016

Page 3

No 49

European Patrimony Days
As usual, the association took part in the European Patrimony Days, on September 19th and 20th. This was a great success. More
than 100 people visited the museum, of which some 50 were British.

The Alexandre de Villedieu museum was open during those
two days. All our members were on hand to welcome, then give
explanations about the battles of Loos, concerning the thousands
of items found in the digs, the tunnels, or mostly given by the
local farmers, insisting less on the war exploits than on the
human aspect.
A notice in the museum says :
« Visiteurs, souviens-toi que derrière
chaque objet, il y avait un homme ».


Among the visitors, we had the surprise of meeting the great
niece of Just Evrard. Just Evrard was deputy of Lens, but also
married to Emilienne Moreau, the 1915 heroine of Loos. The lady
was very moved by Emilienne Moreau’s story. So the family’s
visit had to be completed by a visit to Emilienne Moreau’s
See on the left, the photos of the memorial and of the CourtinEvrard family
Gilles PAYEN


L’Écho des tranchées

Page 4

3rd quarter 2016

No 49

101 years later

For over 20 years the Young family has been
present on the soil of Artois. On 25th September
2016, after the whistle was blown at 8.30 am, a
small remembrance ceremony took place at the foot
of the Lone Tree to honour the sacrifice of the young
soldiers killed at the 1915 battle of Loos.
Gilles PAYEN

About the Canadian monument

As mentioned in issues 47 and 48 of the Echo des Tranchées,
“Hill 70”, the Canadian foundation, is going to build a monument
in Loos-en-Gohelle. The work was delayed for financial reasons,
but is should start during October.
The unveiling should take place on August 15 th, 2017;
however the foundation hopes to have the monument finished
towards the end of March so that it will attract those who will
attend the centenary of the battle of Vimy, on April 9 th.

Edmond Gruchociak has left us

We were very sad to hear the death of our friend and supporter, Edmond
Gruchociak. For many years, Edmond took part in our general assemblies and helped
us financially. We attended his funeral and respectfully paid the last honours after the
The whole team share the pain of his family and offer their deepest condolences
to his widow, Jeannine.
His son, Patrick, too, is a member of the association.

2. Hommage to David William Henderson YATES


David William Henderson Yates was
born 31st May, 1892, in Scotland. He
attended his local school in Larkhall.


Before the First World War he
worked as a miner in the coal pit. Then
he joined the army, The 6th Cameronians
(Scottish Rifles), B Company, so as to
escape the miner’s life hardship.
He enlisted on August 29, 1914 in the
King’s Own Scottish Borderers, serving
with the British Expeditionary Force which arrived in Loos on
September 30th, 1915. Shot in the right shoulder, he was
invalidated and returned to UK, to a hospital near Brighton; he
was demobilized on May 11th, 1916.
David remained near Brighton and worked at the National
Diamond Factory (Bernard Oppenheimer) Ltd. from December
16th, 1918 till October 8th, 1921. It is during that time that he met his future wife, Irene Hale Martin, who was a domestic employee.
They returned to Scotland at the end of 1921, where they married on March 13 th, 1922.
He became a postman, and retired in 1952. He returned to England where his wife's family were living. The couple had five
children. David YATES died in 1973.


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