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Motivation letter
To the CEO of Sea Tecnologia Company
Bizerte, October 15 th 2016
Dear Mr Leandro Petter ,
I am currently studying in the last year of a three-year engineering degree course at The Higher School
of Applied Sciences and Management in Tunisia. My Computer Science Engineering course includes a
seven-month internship (between February2016- august2017) with the objective of carrying out an
engineering project.
I had the opportunity to spend my last internship as an information technology leadership program
global intern of Sea Tecnologia Company in Brazil within the ITO information technology team . In fact,
as your company is involved in Digital design services that generate large-scale impact and transform the
lives of millions of people, well I would be glad to do my graduation internship in Al Financial Technlogy
Limited Brazil, in order to apply for this project.
During my training, I was able to acquire solid scientific and technical knowledge in the field of
computing. The universe of computing demand rigor, methodology and professionalism and an attention
of every moment. My internships allowed me to have a good view of this environment and put my
knowledge into practice. Community life has allowed me to work in teams and take leadership positions
and apply rigorous methods to manage the projects.
I am familiar with programming in C/C++, JAVA,J2EE,Android,PHP5, Xamarin, HTML5, CSS3, JS5,ASP and I
am also familiar with relational databases (Oracle 10, MySL).
If you find my request of interest, I would be delighted to hear from you and discuss my application
Yours faithfully,


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