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An American soldier killed in Afghanistan
On Tuesday, October 4th an American soldier had been killed in Afghanistan during an US.-Afghan
patrol in Nangarhar Province, more precisely in Achin District.

A map that shows where the province is.

His name was Adam S. Thomas, he was 31 and was killed by an Improvised Explosive Device
(IED*) during a dismounted operation. He was assigned to the Company B, 2nd Battalion of the
Army’s 10th Special Forces Group based in Fort Carson, the Pentagon said. He entered the Army in
April 2008, just some months before Uzbin ambush where France lost 10 troops on 18th August (8
from the 8th MIPR (Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment), 1 of the 2nd FPR (Foreign Parachute
Regiment) and another one from the RMT “Régiment de Marche du Tchad”) at that time, French
people discovered that their country was in a true war.
Thomas had deployed to Iraq in 2008 and to Afghanistan for two tours, the first was 2011 and
another in June. He was highly decorated, he received a Bronze Star (awarded for “Heroic or
meritorious achievement of service”), Purple Heart (awarded for “Being wounded or killed in any
action against enemy of the United States”), some Commendation medals and the National Defense
Service Medal (awarded for “Military service during periods of national emergency or any other
periods designated by the Secretary of Defense”).
The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for an explosion that killed a U.S. service member
and two Afghan soldier in Afghanistan on Tuesday, Reuters reports. Thomas was in Afghanistan for
the Operation Freedom’s Sentinel that began on January 1st 2015 after the Operation Enduring
Freedom launched after the September 11th 2001. This operation had been launched to keep helping
Afghan troops. The “War of Afghanistan” from the October 7th 2001 to December 31th cost the 3 487
lives and more than 33 369 wounded in the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF). Mainly
were American (2 357 dead and more than 20 000 wounded). We can see that after all of that lives,
peace in Afghanistan still not being practicable.
Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said “This was a combat situation”, “Clearly this
was a service member who faced risk alongside Afghan partners and we offer our condolences to the
We decided to don’t show the face of Adam S. Thomas in respect for his family and friends.

Sources : The Washington Post and Denver Post found by Edouard LAGASSE
Writer : Benjamin OLAYA

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