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1546 painting doc 2
Here’s the 1546 painting… A surrealist copy of Giorgione’s Adoration of Shepherds (1505-1510).

The surrealist logic is very simple: rocks are draw in form of faces. There’s a very complex architecture
of theses rocks to create over 30 different double images. I can only underline about haft of them with
digital pictures. You can only truly experience this painting with a real observation, where the eye
makes precise focus on each individual double image.

Here’s the most important section where the brook have been replace by a triangular shape burial.

See unnatural and strange fragmentation of rock, they are like this because these fragments built
different doubles images. Last thing I will say here: to do a good observation job you should always
compare the original and the copy, the differences will lead to doubles images. Now I let simply the
images speak for themselves and hope the surrealist project will be understood. Let yourself go and
always aks you the why the double images that I underline are not in the original Giorgione… because
the copyist put them there

JF David
1 (418) 523-2348

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