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2017 Lens Airshow

             2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015...

Further to the large success of the ‘Fetes de l’Air’ that respectively welcomed 22,000, 30,000, 53,000, 64,000 and 70,000 visitors on the last four
editions, the next Lens Air show will take place on the weekend of September 10, 2017. The theme chosen for this air show is the Centenary of
the Battle of Vimy and the capture of ‘La Cote 70’ (i.e. Vimy Ridge 70) at Loos-en-Gohelle.
Those victories won through the sacrifice of 60,000 Canadian soldiers allowed Canada to access the rank of Nation. Vimy’s Memorial, inaugurated
in 1936, as well as ‘La Cote 70’ monument that will officially open in 2017 in Loos-en-Gohelle, are the strongest symbols of the friendship that
unites our two countries.

This important event that will host airplanes from those two friend countries and from Belgium is organised with the support of the
‘Communauté d’Agglomération de Lens Lievin’, the Department and the Region, along with many private partners and sponsors.
Its exemplary organisation and the quality of the offered show rank Lens Air show among the top European air shows and its free admission
allows to keep the doors open and provide access to the largest amount of vistors.
The ‘Fetes de l’Air de Lens Benifontaine’ has become a real long-awaited event by the general public but also by the biggest aviation fans.

The ‘Fetes de l’Air de Lens Benifontaine’ spread over 2 days.
Saturday, September 9 will be fully reserved for the aerial rehearsals as well as for media and spotters, including a Charity day for children
and disabled people. The day will culminate with a Sunset fly-past, featuring a sound and light show at Givenchy, facing Vimy’s Memorial.

Sunday, September 10 will be time for the air show above the airfield of Lens – Benifontaine. The visitors will attend over 7 hours of aerial

demonstrations, featuring civilian and military aircraft, Vintage and Warbirds collection airplanes, jets, aerobatics and team displays. All this
will be free of charge.
Many animations and exhibitions will take place on the airfield during the day from very early in the morning.

The organisation

The organisation of such an event requires 18 months’ work and is supported by 180 volunteers, all aviation lovers, happy to offer the

public this major free spectacle.
Managing crews and pilots along with the public always bearing security in mind are what we mainly focus on. Our volunteers are well
experienced and participate in other airshows across the country to share their experience. We are very thankful to them as they are our
best asset and main key of our success.

To set up such an event, and offer a total free admission to the general public, we can rely on the financial help from local,

departmental and regional institutions and administrations, but also on the material support from the Lens neighbouring towns. A second
part of the budget is mainly due to sponsorship and partnership from national and local companies, investing in the services we provide,
offering them a large visibility and communication channel during the weekend.

The reputation from the ‘Meeting Aérien de Lens-Benifontaine’ travels far beyond our borders, and a specialized public coming from far
away now joins people with no aviation technical background. The choice and diversity of our display teams is made to meet the
expectations of the largest possible public. During one weekend modern jets or older airplanes share the sky with prestigious display
teams and high aerobatic performer pilots. One of the main assets of Lens Air Show is the proximity of aircraft and runways to the
public, and the synchronisation of all of them is well-managed by our experienced flight directors.

The organisation

The Lens Airfield is not equipped with a paved runway, therefore the Lille-Lesquin international airport, only 15 miles away from Lens,
offers their staff and material support free of charge in order to re-create a temporary military air base on one of their parking lots. This
enables us to welcome military jets and planes, and jet teams. The French Air Force and Navy secure the site and see to the logistics
during the necessary 4 days of military presence for the air show.

On the Saturday, Children and disabled people can attend all flights rehearsals as VIP, and meet with the pilots, the day being exclusively

reserved for them.
This unforgettable experience both for children and crews, who offer time to them, is supported by a few local companies offering them a
nice ‘hangar party time’, organizing transport from their centres to the field. A personalized welcome is also planned on the Sunday show
for disabled people and their families.

Lens Air Show is the first Air Show in France to have organized a Sunset Air show with Pyro displays and plane demos. This time, to

commemorate the Centenary of Vimy’s Battle, we will relocate our Sunset fly-past above Vimy’s Memorial on the Saturday evening, in the
presence of officials from both countries and more particularly of a veteran Pilot, who flew on a P51 Mustang, based in France during


A free Air Show of that size can not be organized without the support and financial help of partners that need to find an interest and have a
high return in terms of image and communication. Consequently we developed a list of services that helps them build a good Public Relation
operation adapted to their budgets. This starts from a basic VIP entrance to a full private tent restricted area including parking spaces.

Ours partners
Villes de Bénifontaine, Lens, Givenchy-en-Gohelle / Communauté d’Agglomération de Lens Liévin / Le Département du Pas-de-Calais /
Région Hauts-de-France / Composante Air belge / Armée de l’Air / Marine Nationale / Armée de Terre / Police Nationale / Gendarmerie
Nationale / SDIS Pas-de-Calais / MBDA / Airbus Group / Dassault Aviation / Thalès / Breitling / Aéroport de Lille / Total / Warter Aviation /
Aréna Stade Couvert / Office de Tourisme Lens Liévin / SBM Sécurité / CORA / Lens 2 / Blondeau / JML / SEMIT / Nicollin / Hurricane Bar /
Events Telecom / Nordnet / Redskins / Brasserie Castelain / Sensas Friteries / Somon Olivier / Lézier transports frigorifiques / Autobus Jules
Benoit / Bus TADAO / Azurial / Abondance / Buffalo Grill Liévin / CPSA Protection Incendie / La Croix Blanche / Kiloutou / T.T.Plast /
I.Switch / Prodjekt sonorisation / Shop‘in Lens / Rotary Lens / Groupe Prévoir Lens / Magazine Piloter / France 3 Nord-Pas-de-CalaisPicardie / France Bleu Nord / Radio Plus / Télé Gohelle / La Voix du Nord / Nord Éclair / Le Carnet Vert / Groupe Prévoir Lens / Crédit du
Nord / Assurances SERVYR / Broutin TP / Dhaisne Houdart / PCS / Transports Courcelle / Dometrans / Leroy Merlin / Saim Lease / Made In
V / Agir Pour Lens / Acadie Lille / Champagne Devenoge / VEOLIA Eaux d'Artois / Car Premium Groupe Lempereur / Côte d’ /
Les clubs aéronautiques de l’aérodrome de Lens.


Association « Fêtes de l’Air Lens-Bénifontaine » 62 Bis, rue Pasteur F-62410 BÉNIFONTAINE (33) (0)6 09 50 31 52
Courriel :

Site : Facebook :

Régis Grébent Partnership / Organisation (33) (0)6 84 69 23 97
Jean-Marc Oscari Organisation (33) (0)7 82 90 21 79
Christophe Lenglain International contact (48) 728 667 103

Tarifs des prestations sur simple demande et sans engagement, par courriel ou par Poste.

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