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The organisation

The organisation of such an event requires 18 months’ work and is supported by 180 volunteers, all aviation lovers, happy to offer the

public this major free spectacle.
Managing crews and pilots along with the public always bearing security in mind are what we mainly focus on. Our volunteers are well
experienced and participate in other airshows across the country to share their experience. We are very thankful to them as they are our
best asset and main key of our success.

To set up such an event, and offer a total free admission to the general public, we can rely on the financial help from local,

departmental and regional institutions and administrations, but also on the material support from the Lens neighbouring towns. A second
part of the budget is mainly due to sponsorship and partnership from national and local companies, investing in the services we provide,
offering them a large visibility and communication channel during the weekend.

The reputation from the ‘Meeting Aérien de Lens-Benifontaine’ travels far beyond our borders, and a specialized public coming from far
away now joins people with no aviation technical background. The choice and diversity of our display teams is made to meet the
expectations of the largest possible public. During one weekend modern jets or older airplanes share the sky with prestigious display
teams and high aerobatic performer pilots. One of the main assets of Lens Air Show is the proximity of aircraft and runways to the
public, and the synchronisation of all of them is well-managed by our experienced flight directors.