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Gabriel Dalmasso
Sound Designer & Music Composer
Date of Birth: 31/07/1978 - French-Brazilian
Skype: gabidalmass
31 Allées Léon Gambetta  92110 Clichy  France  (+33 6) 17 55 46 38
Portfolio  SoundCloud  Linkedin

Work Experience_________________________________________________________________
July 2016

 Sound Editor at Xilam Animation – Paris (internship)
Responsible for editing and designing sound for « Zig & Sharko » and « Rolling with the Ronks » animated series.

Since Dec. 2015  Sound Designer for the puzzle-game Kyub released on 2016 for Xbox One – Paris (freelance)
Responsible for the outsourcing and music composition, working with three other sound designers
Nov. 2015

 Sound Designer and Music composer for the play 48h dans la Tête d'un Homme – Paris (internship)
Responsible for recording and editing voices, creating music, sounds and triggering them on stage

August 2015

 Sound Designer for the film Faeryland directed by Magà Ettori – Paris (internship)
Responsible for editing, mixing and designing sound

May 2015

 Musical arranger and Artistic Producer for the singer Guillaume Norbert – Paris (freelance)
Responsible for recording his performance in duo with Sharon Laloum (from The Voice TV show)

Oct. 2014

 Sound Designer at Polynotes – Torcy – France (internship)
Responsible for creating sounds (outsourcing) for the mobile car racing game Traffic Clash

Jan. 2014

 Music composer for the library Beat on Beat – Paris/New York (composer agreement)
Responsible for writing, recording and mixing in association with the musician Philippe Baden Powell


 Music composer for the play Noce Divine – Paris (voluntary work)
Personal project:

 Get Progressive (music & video) – present time:
Electronic-progressive music for 3D animated films

Education & training______________________________________________________________
2014 - 2016

 Music & Sound Design – ISART Digital – Paris:
Sound design (film, animation, game), foley, sound editing and mixing, audio/game engines, sound synthesis,
interactive music ...
Best Special Effects Movie Award for « Paris Rouge »

2004 - 2010

 Musical Arrangement for Brazilian Folk Music - UNIRIO University – Rio de Janeiro

1999 - 2010

 Piano, harmony, music theory – Brazilian Music Conservatory, CMAA and private lessons


 Sound Technician - Estacio de Sa University – Rio de Janeiro


 Baccalaureate diploma, French high school - Rio de Janeiro (Lycée Molière)


 DAW & plugins: Logic Pro, Protools, Cubase, Native Instruments, Arturia and Waves
 Audio & game engines: Fmod, Wwise, Fabric, Unity 3D and Unreal 4
 Musical notation: Logic X, MuseScore and Sibelius


 Field and studio recording, sound editing and mixing


 Computer music: synthesizers, MIDI and multi-track devices
 Theory: reading music, harmony, arrangement and composition
 Instrument: piano, keyboards and drums


 French, Portuguese and Spanish

 Cinema: animated films and thrillers
 Video games: Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus, Remember Me, Heavy Rain, Ni No Kuni, Tomb Raider (2013), Castlevania...
 Cooking: listening to music, it's better!
 Travel: Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA, England, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Czech
Republic and Turkey.
 Gym

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