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Aperçu du document is a one-stop solution for your puja related religious
items. Our product range includes havan items, deity idols, rudraksha,
yantras, gemstones, items for offerings deities, pooja utensils, puja
clothes, incense, dhotis and chunris. We also specialise in individual and
personalised poojas, Yagnas & homam. At Vedic Vaani, we strive to
serve our customers with best product quality matched with best service
level giving them high level of satisfaction and purchasing experience.
We were highlighted in leading newspapers of India, Know more .

Puja Items & Pooja Services :
Online Pooja accessories offered at Vedic Vaani are not only authentic, but are
handpicked by us, so that you get the best quality.

Vedic Accessories :
When it comes to gathering accessories for any Puja, Yagna or any other ritual,
there are some accessories which you just cannot do without. These are Dhoops,
Agarbatti, Garlands, Deity Idols, Rosaries or praying beads and many more.
Besides these, some accessories such as Vedic Dhotis and Chunri, Meditation
Kusha Mats and Asans are also required for the ritual to become perfect.

Deity Idols & Pictures :
Get bestowed upon by your God with Vedic Vaani’s Deity idols!

You might get deity idol anywhere in India. However, if you are looking for
authentic deity idols and idols pictures, then Vedic Vaani is the right place. While
Puja or Yagna, it is necessary to have authentic or ‘Shastra Shuddha’ deity idols
and pictures. Otherwise the Puja won’t be successful.


Contact Us
Vedic Vaani
8/1, First Floor, Om Sainath Vijay Nagar Building, RHB Road,
Mulund (W), Mumbai- 400080,
Maharashtra, India.
Contact No.: +91-9820697944 / +91-22-25602276

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