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Wattbaan 31-49
3439 ML Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
T +33 6 60 86 12 23
F +33 1 47 03 93 65


EU Athletes is the federation of Player Associations / Sports Trade Unions in Europe
( representing more than 35 players associations in 13 different EU Member
States. We are also affiliated to UNI WORLD ATHLETES, the international federation of players’ union
EU Atheltes is an establish stakeholder in the sport sector, cooperating with the EU institutions
(various EU Expert groups, PE Sport Intergroup) and the Council of Europe (EPAS Consultative
Committee member).
Since 2013, we have implemented multiple EU-funded project on topic such as integrity in sport, dual
career of athletes and gender equality.
Within the frame of our recently accepted ERASMUS+ project “SWAFE” (Supporting Women Athletes
From Europe), EU Athletes is looking for an intern to support the project team implementing the
project in the field of gender equality. The work will consist mainly in research, data management and
daily administrative tasks related to the management of the project. The internship will also include
advocacy and policy work in relation to EU institutions.
The position will provide an excellent opportunity to gain paid work experience in the professional
sport sector, working for independent organization representing European athletes from different

EU Athletes (Brussels Office)
Rue Joseph II – 40
1000 Brussels

Profile of the intern
Last year student / Master’s degree in management, administration of EU projects, political science,
law or similar.
Duration of the internship: 5-6 months
Beginning of the internship: 15/01/2017
Remuneration: 500€/month, possibility to apply for Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships
Location of the internship: Paris and/or Bruxelles, possible travels within the EU.

Passionate about sport and gender equality;
Methodology and management of European projects;
Excellent writing, summarizing and reporting;
Strong organizational skills;
Computer skills;
Fluent in English
The interest in the professional sports environment is a plus, as well as a sensitivity in (sports) trade
unionism and the rights of athletes. Finally, a reflection/knowledge on the impact of the Lisbon Treaty
in professional sports sector would be highly appreciated.
To apply, send a CV (2 pages max.) and cover letter (1 page max.) in English to the contact below
before the 25th of November. The interviews will take place at the beginning of December.
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Paulina TOMCZYK (Policy officer)
tel : (+32) 04 84 59 63 08

EU Athletes (Brussels Office)
Rue Joseph II – 40
1000 Brussels

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