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Mytaxi is one of the well-recognized rental car service providers in Assam involved in providing
the best quality cab booking service to our valuable clients. We offer luxury as well as
economical cars with A/c on simplified hourly basis.
We offer almost all types of cars, as per client's demand. The cars supplied are well maintained,
road worthy condition, assuring customers with a comfortable riding experience. We are also
proud to provide an on-time service, planned pickup, courteous driver, and even
complementary newspaper.

Mytaxi team also provides its customers with unique pick up & pick up facility. With our Mytaxi,
you can tour at comfort as well as simplicity since our drivers are local experts.

Standard Fare - (6am to 8pm)
Rs. 18/- per kilometer ( pick up point to Destination )- 6.00am to 8.00pm.
First 15 Minutes Free Waiting- No Charge.
Any Road, Railway or Airport Parking charge - Customer has to pay

Normal Waiting Charge- Rs.100/- per Hour ( 30 min-Rs-50/-, 15 minsRs.25/- )
Early Morning & Night Charge( 8pm-6am ) - Rs.22/- per Km

Whole Day Booking - ( inside Guwahati City )

4 Hrs. 8 Hrs. -

Rs.1200/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm ).
Rs.1400/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm )( Hajo, Chaygaon, Rangia, Sonapur,
Byrnihat, Baihata 4ali ).
Rs.1800/- ( +200/- if continues after 10 pm )

Contact Us
36, Ajanta Path Bye lane-1
Survey Beltola, Guwahati, Assam – 781028

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