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Directorate C - Land
C.3 - Single European Rail Area

10th SERAC WG on Rail Freight Corridors
Brussels - Conference Centre Albert Borschette,
(meeting room AB-4A)
16 November 2015, 10:00 - 17:30

1) Adoption of the agenda
2) Adoption of the minutes of the 9th meeting

3) Study "Design features for support programmes for investments in last-mile infrastructure":
presentation (PWC)
4) Towards an integrated interface for Rail Freight in Europe: presentation (RNE)
5) Capacity allocation in 2016: presentation (RFCs)
6) Results of the Customer satisfaction surveys: presentation (RNE)
7) TTR Project: state of play (RNE)

Information points from DG MOVE:
8) Planning of works ("Review of Annex VII"): debrief
9) Pilot project on Deployment Fund to support ERTMS deployment: presentation
10) a) Practical arrangements and interpretation guidelines for Directive 2016/882 (language
requirements): state of play
b) Evaluation of the Train Drivers Directive: short update
11) Draft Implementing Act on access to service facilities and rail related services: short update
12) Evaluation of the Regulation: short update

Follow-up of the Rotterdam Ministerial Declaration and Sector Statement / RFD Preparation:
13) Creation of the Network of Executive Boards and updated harmonized FCA
14) a) Discussion on the follow-up process and preparation of the RFD Strategy Session
b) KPIs
c) Pilot project "Train status information and estimated time of arrival"

15) AOB

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