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Who to contact in case of medical emergency?
You have a medical emergency, wherever you are,
you should contact at first

‘‘141’’ is the single free-phone number

You are at the conference site at Bab Ighli, contact
Prof. Hicham NEJMI

+212 661 10 90 21

You are at your hotel, contact
Dr. Moustain ALAOUI

+212 661 32 19 28

You are at the Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca,
Dr. Mohamed MOUSSIF

+212 662 11 67 95

You are at the Menara Airport in Marrakech, contact
Dr. Mohamed BELLOUTE

+212 661 24 94 94

Other useful numbers :
• Poison Control and
Pharmacovigilance Centre in Rabat :
• Pasteur Institute in Casablanca

08 01 00 01 80

: +212 (0)522 43 44 50

• National Hygiene Institute in Rabat : +212 (0)537 77 19 02
• Fire-fighters



• Police



• Royal Mounted Police (Gendarmerie) :


• Assistance number, from a mobile
phone only


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27/10/16 16:24

coverage of the
COP 22 ... in brief
Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco
COP 22 is held from November 7th to 18th 2016 in Marrakech.
The COP 22 event takes place during 12 days, at Bab IGHLI,

Health entry visa to Morocco
Vaccinations and health recommendations for travellers before
a medium stay in Morocco :
• Under the new International Health Regulations, WHO notes
that no vaccination is required for travellers to Morocco and no
precautions are needed before, during and after the travel,
• Travellers to Morocco are not, therefore, exposed to any
health risk.

The city of Marrakech
• Located at the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains,
1,300,000 inhabitants,
• Cadi Ayad University: 01
• Mohammed VI University Hospital: 01
• Hospitals forming part of the Mohammed VI University Hospital: 05,
• Multidisciplinary Regional Hospital Centre (CHR): 01,
• Hospitals within the CHR: 02
• Private clinics: 28,
• Cardiology centers: 04
• Hospital beds: 3,121 (including 2,093 in public hospitals, 701
in private clinics and 327 in the military hospital).

Organization and Coordination Committee
Responsible of medical and health coverage
Prof. EL Houssaine LOUARDI
Health Minister

The Ministry of Health provides free
medical care 
Health coverage, provided by general practitioners at hospitals,
who are Moroccan “profiles” trained to European standards,

All the “COP 22” event benefits from medical
coverage :
• Continuity of care and first aid are available throughout the
chain links of urgent extra-hospital medical care, covering the
whole “COP 22” event;
• Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SAMU-04) is the
coordinator of extra-hospital interventions;
• First aid is provided on-site at the fixed or mobile medical
centres located in the Blue Zone and the Green Zone in Bab
Ighli, at the accommodation sites and also during tours in
Marrakech or to other cities;
• Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SAMU) can
be contacted for transport to hospital for a check-up or
• 40 ambulances SMUR and 2 SMUR helicopters are available
to respond to medical emergencies;
• Mobilization of hospitals for admissions to hospital services
offering multidisciplinary care that complies with university
centers of health care standards;
• Hospitals with means enabling to combine round-the-clock
medical-surgical services with interventional cardiology and
medical imaging capabilities;
• A special COP 22 Epidemic Intelligence Unit is dedicated to
the daily monitoring and data analysis to prevent and detect
public health emergencies.

+212 661 12 12 70

National coordination and supervision
Prof. Abderrahmane MAAROUFI
Director of Epidemiology and
Diseases Control

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+212 661 29 82 30

27/10/16 16:24

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