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BMW M3 E93 Convertible - Drift Sponsring

1) Why to support BENJAMIN BOULBES?
• Benjamin, a GT RADIAL strong icone and Ambassador
• Presentation and history of Benjamin
2) Genesis
• Project Birth (impulsion from MATTER MOTORSPORT)
• Power and originality of the M3 E93 Convertible.
• Presentation of the associated partners.
3) Quotation
4) Request


1) Why to support BENJAMIN BOULBES
Benjamin, a GT RADIAL strong icone and Ambassador
Since 2010, Benjamin and his Team cross Europe under
GT RADIAL colors on many Drift Championships and events
Thanks to Benjamin GT RADIAL has been represented in not
less than 18 countries through of Europe and beyond.
For four years now, we see Benjamin and GT RADIAL in all
main medias, TV broadcasts and social networks.
Many actions were carried out in addition to the competitions
to promote GT RADIAL brand.
Professionalism, investment and Benjamin’s ambitions to
GT RADIAL portends great projects and great years ahead for
this partnership.

Benjamin and GT RADIAL around Europe
Since 2010, Benjamin and GT RADIAL have covered a very large part
of EUROPE for Drifting competitions.


1) Why to support BENJAMIN BOULBES
Presentation and history of Benjamin


Benjamin Boulbes
GT RADIAL drift driver since 2010
3 Times French Drift Champion
King Of Europe Vice Champion 2013
King Of Europe Team Champion 2014
King Of Europe 2014 (3rd Place)


Benjamin’s previous drift car
BMW M3 E36
Powered by Chevrolet LSX 454
650 HP


Season 2014 – French Drift Championship
Round 1 and 2 : Bordeaux (33)
Round 3 : Croix en Ternois (62)
Round 4 : Tours (37)
Round 5 : Essay (61)
Round 6 : Chamrousse (38)
Round 7 (Final) : Lédenon (30)
Amazing season for the Team with
7 podiums on 7 rounds and 5 rounds won


French Championship – Média
Motors TV
Each Round broadcasted 12 times
on French and European TV.
At least about 500 bilboard

FACEBOOK Audience:
10 000 Fan


Season 2014 - King Of Europe
Round 1 : Greinbach (Austria)
Round 2 : Pontedera (Italy)
Round 3 : Zandvoort (Netherlands)
Round 4 : Lydden Hill (England)
Round 5 : Belapatfalva (Hungary)
Round 6 : Budapest (Hungary)
Round 7 : Bordeaux (France)
Round 8 Final : Valencia (Spain)
King Of Kings : Malta


King Of Europe – Média
Audience for TV SHOW :
72 Millions of people

FACEBOOK Audience :
King Of Europe manages the biggest
Facebook Fan Page of any Drift Series
in the world.
1 196 000 Fans
EVENTS Audience :
120 000 people have attented King Of Europe this year.

Sales promotion
For four years already, GT RADIAL use Benjamin’s image to promote
sales of GT RADIAL tyres.


24h Of Le Mans trucks 2014 – Drift Show
24h of le Mans is the biggest meeting of Race Truck.
About 45 000 persons come to see this spectacular show.
Benjamin has done a beautiful drift demonstration in front of thousands


24h Of Le Mans trucks 2014 – Benjamin’s sucess
Benjamin passed all the event on GT RADIAL Village.
His succes was incredible, many people crowded around the stand
to see him, his car and reach an autograph.

Click here to see official
video of the event !

72th Albi Grand Prix – Drift Show
We have been selected this year for the 72th Grand Prix of Albi track to make
drift demos in front of thousands of spectators and many French celebrities.


Mondial de l’Automobile 2016 - Paris
Our new car have been selected for « Mondial de l’Automobile » 2016 in Paris
(Paris Motorshow), the most frequented auto saloon in the world, with more
than 1,3 million of visitors during 16 days, it was a unique and amazing
experience for all the Team. It was also the best exposure ever for all our
sponsors and partners.

Alain Prost,
4 times Formula 1 World

Dominique Chapatte,
French celeb
TV auto presentator

Ari Vatanen,
World Rally Champion


Mondial de l’Automobile 2016 - Paris
During the « Mondial de l’Automobile » we have been interviewed by the
main French TV channel named « TF1 » to introduce the driving simulator


French Drift Championship and FFSA
Since 2014, the French Drift Championship is officially
recognized by the French Federation Of Auto Sport (FFSA).
This gratitude is a real opportunity for the Drift in France.
A good point for development and mediatisation.

Sébastien Ogier ,
WRC World Champion 2013 and 2014
Jean Todt, FIA President
Benjamin, 1st FFSA French Drift


Season 2016 - French Drift Championship
Planning :
Round 1 : Nogaro (32)
Round 2 : Le Castellet (83)
Round 3 : Croix en Ternois (62)
Round 4 : Tours « Speedway » (37)
Round 5 : Chamrousse (38)
Round 6 : Albi (81)

Benjmin decided to compete again on the French Drift
Championship for many good reasons :
FFSA label
Each Round broadcasted on Motors TV
Live streaming
Telemetry system with smartphone application

2) Why this project?
Birth of the project (impulsion from MATTER MOTORSPORT)


MATTER Motorsport Company – Birth of Project
MATTER Motorsport is certainly the reference in France and
Europe on the rollcage fabrication for sports cars.
On competition car area, everybody knows MATTER.
We have been contacted by Matter to make a new project with
them for 2016!
Its products are renowned in all races categories :
Rally (WRC, IRC, VHC…)
Rally Raid (Dakar..)
Track (FFSA GT Tour, ETCC..)

Peugeot 207 S2000

Peugeot 207 S2000
MATTER rollcage


MATTER Motorsport Company – Benjamin
MATTER would like to settle in the Drift, rising championship in France and
To this end, Guy Counil (MATTER Director) proposed to work together on a
new project and realise a special rollcage for 2016 Benjamin’s drift car.
After few days of reflexion, Benjamin found a great idea as project… a
unique project on drifting scene, something different and show Matter’s
job. The answer is the last BMW M3 CONVERTIBLE (E93)
A MATTER rollcage on convertible car.


2) Why this project?
Power and originality of the M3 E93 Convertible.

Rarity of the convertible, it will be the only convertible drift
car in Europe.
Visual impact of the project, the main goal, attracting the
attention of all the medias.
Refresh the image of the tandem GT Radial/ Benjamin with a
very recent super car.


2) Why this project?
Presentation of the associated partners.

Many famous professionals would like to follow us in the preparation
and development of this new project.
Each of which is highly qualified and reputed in his field.


Many Professionals on each part of the project
A lot of professionals want to work with us on this awesome project, for e
ach part of the car we have a strong professionals in charge:
Car base body: MFG (France)
Rollcage: Matter Motorsport (France)
Suspensions: KW Automotive (Germany)
Chassis: Wisefab Lock kit (Estonia)
Engine: Performance Redline (Canada)
Bodykit and Painting: Secteur Sept (France)

Virtual view of the Project

Quotation of the Project
Car base body: MFG (France)

Quotation of the Project
Rollcage: Matter Motorsport (France)

Quotation of the Project
Suspensions: KW Automotive (Germany)

Quotation of the Project
Chassis: Wisefab Lock kit (Estonia)

Quotation of the Project
Engine: Performance Redline (Canada)
LSX 376 supercharged:
This set up will produce around 850Hp at the rear wheels and 1600Nm of

Quotation of the Project

38.957 CAD

Quotation of the Project
Bodykit and Painting: Secteur Sept (France)

Quotation of the Project – Resume

Total quotation of the project:
Car base body: 7 900€
Rollcage: 8 220€
Suspensions: 7 009€
Chassis: 3 444€
Engine: 37 000€
Bodykit and Painting: 10 100€

Total: 73 673€

Quotation of 2017 Season
French Drift Championship:

King Of Europe:

- 6 rounds all over France

- 8 rounds all around Europe

Registration: 200€/round = 1200€

Registration: 250€/round = 2000€

Travelling expenses (gasoline, toll,
hotel) : 1000€/round = 5000€

Travelling expenses (gasoline, toll,
hotel) : 1300€/round = 9400€

Fuel and parts for competition car
during the season: 2000€

Fuel and parts for competition car
during the season: 2000€

Media video (1 official video/round):
200€x6= 1200€

Media video (1 official video/round):
200€x6= 1200€

TOTAL: 9400€

TOTAL: 14600€

4) Request
It ’s been five years now that GITI Tire Europe, GT Radial France
and his french exclusive importer DPI (Doumerc Pneus International)
support financially Benjamin during all his seasons.

It seemed obvious to associate a strong compagny like
Red Bull in this new project and for next season.

Thats why we are soliciting you.

Benjamin Boulbes
GSM : 06 16 19 39 19 / Mail : benjamin.boulbes@netc.fr

Benjamin Boulbes
GSM : +33 6 16 19 39 19
Mail : benjamin.boulbes@netc.fr


Thanks for your attention and cooperation!

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