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Experimental Jetset
Vinkenstraat 39
1013 JL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 4686036
Premier contact :
liste des projets les uns après les autres

Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 7m
1018 RA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 207 791 180
Premier contact :
phrase introductive de presentation + projets les uns a la suite des autres

Our Polite Society
Jim Thorpepad 3
1034WK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)6 16199076
Premier contact :
Présentation des projets

Adriaan Mellegers
Zamenhofstraat 150 / unit 226,
1022 AG, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 624 628 063
Premier contact :
nom du studio
projet n°1 (transition automatique)

Ruysdaelhof 9D
5642 JM Eindhoven
The Netherlands
T +31 40 750 76 01
Premier contact :
combinaison de deux adjectifs (reprise du logo) + phrase introductive de presentation

Jekerstraat 86-2
1078 MG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 20 785 5007
Premier contact :
nom du studio
projet n°1 (transition automatique)

Ruben Doornweerd
T +31 (0)6 40559064
Premier contact :
présentation des projets

T +31 (0)6 28 25 29 81
Premier contact :
présentation des projets

2_a BOOK
Catalogue : The Best Dutch Book Designs
_2015 : Irma Bloom
_2014 : Haller Brun
Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken
Herengracht 166
NL-1016 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 20 626 4971



_Astrid Vorstermans
Gebouw Het Sieraad
Studio K34-K36
Postjesweg 1
NL-1057 DT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31-20-6764144
Valiz is a young company that was established to respond to developments in contemporary art,
photography, architecture and design in a broad-based and imaginative way.
Valiz was founded by Astrid Vorstermans. She is an art historian and worked in various jobs as a
publisher, editor, and bookseller, as well as in international book distribution.

2_c BOOK
Dutch Design Book
_Adam Design
Strasbourg – France
T 06 60 15 03 24


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Carolien Glazenburg
_ conservatrice au Musée Stedelijk - pôle Graphic Design
Museumplein 10
1071 DJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 5732 911

3_b Bookstore
Het Spui – Amsterdam bookshop scene
Het Spui is the small street and the square at the back of Kalverstraat, directly at the Begijnhof, full
of bookshops and literary cafés, is central to the Amsterdam book lovers’ scene.
Book market on the Spui, a small square just in front of the ABC American bookshop, opens
throughout the whole year. Specialty: Art and photography books, popular prints, Judaica, Dutch
literature, English and German books.
Plaza de Spui (Het Spui)
1012 Amsterdam,
The Netherlands


Mail Type

from :
to :
subject : interview application
Dear Mr. Marieke Stolk, Mr. Erwin Brinkers, Mr. Danny van den Dunge
I’m writing to enquire about a short appointment with one of you.
I’m a student, currently in my third year of a four-year higher degree in graphic design at Martinière
Diderot in Lyon in France.
I will be coming to Amsterdam from the 14th to the 18th November. In this context, one of my
friend and I are working about the links beetwen language, messages and graphic design. We
have decided to focus this questionning around the first contact, like the home page of a website,
or the cover of a book for instance. We wondering especially about how the choice of font influences the message. This questioning seems quite interesting to me, particulary in a multilingual
country such as the Netherlands.
Your work around typography, Helvetica, and the radical way you use it corresponds exactly to the
angle with which I would like to approach the subject. In this framework, i would like to be able to
talk with you about your work, your vision of Dutch graphic design, about my subject and about
anything you would be prepared to talk about.
I know that your time is precious and I would be really gratefull if you could grant me some of it.
Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for the
Sylvain Dartois

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